Best 4 Custom BOPP Matte Film Packaging Ideas

BOPP Matte film is frequently used for printing and bag making. So far, it has been a favorite choice for upright-oriented food packaging such as chips packaging.

 Its impressive features like high tensile strength, capability to keep oil from permeating, and ink and extra coat adhesion abilities make it ideal for customized packaging applications. 

The matt properties of the film are very sturdy, and this film is available in a wide range of standard sizes, including 10, 12, 15, and 18mic. Kingchuan also offers custom sizes.

This article discusses a few ideas about customized BOPP matte film packaging. These will be helpful for you. Let’s discuss these ideas.

BOPP Matte Film for Customized Packaging

You can use BOPP matte film in the following forms for customized packaging:

  1. BOPP matte film bags
  2. Matte BOPP film pouches
  3. BOPP Matte labels
  4. Matte polypropylene film sleeves

1.  BOPP Matte Film Bags

A BOPP bag is a sack woven and laminated with organic materials during the manufacturing procedure. BOPP bags are exceptionally durable as they are prepared with high-quality packaging materials. BOPP matte film is mainly used for some expensive bags.

The several layers of these bags permit the transport of heavy materials. These layers do not cause an issue as they are thin but highly durable. You can use these types of bags for packaging and transporting any product. These bags are generally easy to design. These bags can be designed to advertise your business brands.

BOPP bags are preferred for customized packaging due to the following qualities:

  • These can undergo the printing and laminating process. You can print the logo of your brand on these bags.
  • These bags hold up against scratches and rips.
  • BOPP matte bags are highly resistant to water.
  • These bags come with convenient handles.
  • You can use these bags for hot or cold products.
  • These bags are easily transported.
  • Another best thing about these bags is that they are recyclable.

Applications of BOPP Bags

You can use Matte BOPP bags for packaging:

  • Pet and animal feed
  • Chemicals and resins
  • Fertilizers and pesticides
  • Construction materials
  • Grasses and seed
  • Any food packaging products of various weights

BOPP Matte Film Bags

BOPP Matte Film Bag

2.  Matte BOPP Film Pouches

These days BOPP matte film is also used for manufacturing pouches by using the modern pouch-making machine. BOPP matte film pouches are perfect to be used for safely packing different items and making them ready to transport and sell. 

You can print these pouches with your brand’s information and details of packaged items. Printed BOPP matte film Pouches come in different sizes, shapes, and prints to make them perfect for various packaging industries.

The standup pouches are the most widely used BOPP film pouches. They are perfect for packaging food items. These are used in many applications in most industries. 

Usage of Pouches

BOPP Matte pouches are used in many industries for different packaging products, including:

  • Medical and pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial items
  • Food products
  • Gardening products

Benefits of BOPP Matte Pouches

Flexible packaging manufacturers can make pouches of any shape and size to match your product requirements. These pouches are best for customized packaging due to the following advantages:

  1. Logos Can Be Printed on the Pouches:

You can have transparent logos and brand tags printed on the pouches with the advent of rotogravure printing. It is possible to make pouches with Dark and clear prints.

  1. Standup Pouches Have Gusseted Bottom:

 The pouches have the gusseted bottom feature that is helpful for the manufacturers who prepare liquid food. You can pour the sauces or any liquid into it. 

  1. Food Is Safe Inside Flexible Pouches:

BOPP matte Pouches are manufactured using food-grade materials approved by the FDA. Food product manufacturers can request pouch manufacturers add an extra layer of ultraviolet protection to protect the food from radiation. You can easily recycle these pouches.

BOPP Standup Pouches

BOPP Standup Pouches

4.      BOPP Matte Labels

BOPP is a famous label material prepared from plastic. BOPP matte film is used for making custom labels. A film can be used for making labels if it is easy to print on, resistant to water and chemicals, and either transparent or opaque, depending on your requirements. 

BOPP Matte film is suitable for making labels of your brand on your products due to the following features:

·   Clarity

It allows brands to attain the “no-label” look due to its high clarity.

·  Water, UV, and Chemical Resistance

These properties make BOPP matte film appropriate for even the most acidic products and moist environments.

·   Excellent Printability

Due to its excellent printability, it is best for making customized labels. 

Types of BOPP Matte Film Labels

BOPP matte film labels are of the following types:

  • White BOPP labels
  • Metalized (silver & gold) labels
  • Clear labels (for the ‘no label look’)
  • Squeezable labels (for tubes and other non-rigid applications)


Matte BOPP Film Labels

5.      Matte Polypropylene Film Sleeves

These sleeves are widely used for wrapping gifts and flowers. BOPP matte film is also used for making different shaped sleeves. These sleeves come with lots of lovely colors, patterns, and designs. 

Do you require packaging for your single roses for Valentine’s Day? 

If yes, you can use printed heart single rose BOPP sleeves for this purpose. Due to the excellent printability of BOPP Matte film, sleeves manufacturers can print objects on these sleeves as per customers’ demands. 


BOPP Flower Sleeves


You are looking for a plastic film that you use for customized packaging?

BOPP matte film is the best choice for you. Kingchuan can customize it in various shapes and designs. You can also engrave the logo of your brand on these films. 

For making expensive bags and pouches, you must use a high-quality matte BOPP Film. You can get this premium BOPP matte film at Kingchuan.

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