10 Best BOPET Film Applications in the Science Field

You will be surprised to know that the use of BOPET Film is not confined to the packaging industry. This film is also widely employed in the science and medical field.

BOPET film is a specialized film manufactured from stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It has numerous uses and is much required due to its comparatively high tensile strength, electrical insulation, outstanding stability and transparency, and excellent reflectivity.  

This polyester plastic film is traded globally under several specific brand names; a few famous brands include Mylar and Melinex. 

Recently scientists are making extensive use of BOPET due to its unique features. Here, you will read about the surprising benefits of oriented polyester film in the science field. 

BOPET Film Applications in the Science Field

BOPET film is used for the following purposes in the science field:

1.  Amateur and Specialized Visual & Telescopic Solar Filters

Biaxially oriented polyester film is frequently annealed to a glass element to advance thermal conductivity. Another purpose of using BOPET film is to guarantee the essential flat surface required for smooth telescopic solar surveillance. 

In amateur and specialized visual and telescopic solar filters, the manufacturers typically use BOPET films with thicknesses ranging from 280 to 500 micrometers (0.011–0.020 in) to provide the films with enhanced flexibility. 

BOPET film with a thickness of 250-micrometer (0.0098 in) is generally preferred for naked-eye solar observation during eclipses. This film is also coated with a heavy aluminum coating to ensure excellent observations.

2.  Spherical Mirrors

BOPET Films are also used in spherical mirrors. For this purpose, films in annular ring mounts on gas-tight cells will readily deform into spherical mirrors. 

Photomultiplier cosmic-ray observatories frequently employ these mirrors for low-cost giant (1.0 m and above), lightweight mirror surfaces for sky-sector small, and average energy cosmic ray research.

3.  Hypersonic Shock and Expansion Tube Facilities

BOPET film is also used as a light diaphragm material in hypersonic shock and expansion tube facilities. It is mainly used for separating gases in these tubes. 

4.  Fourier Transforms Infrared Spectroscopy

Fourier transforms infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) is utilized to attain the infrared spectrum of absorption, emission, and photoconductivity of liquid, solid, and gas. It is employed to notice different functional groups in PHB.

Polyester plastic film is also used in Fourier transforms infrared spectroscopy, usually with laser applications. It is used as a Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) beam splitter. FTIR spectrum is recorded among 4000 and 400 cm−1. 

BOPET Film thicknesses preferred for this technique are frequently in the 500-micrometer range.

5.  Hematocrit Tubes

Red blood cells transport oxygen all over your body. A Hematocrit test is used to measure the ratio of red blood cells in your blood. If these tests indicate too few or too many red blood cells in your blood, then it means that you are suffering from certain diseases.

BOPET film is used for coating around Hematocrit tubes. Mostly BOPET Films with the brand name Mylar are used to wrap Hematocrit tubes.


Hematocrit Tubes

6.  Cryocooler Radiation Shield

BOPET Films are used in the cryocooler radiation shield. Films are generally utilized as Insulating material in such cases. BOPET film ensures the appropriate absorption or emission of radiations in such guards. 

7.  Nuclear Physics

Nuclear physics also makes use of polyester plastic films. Polyester films are used as window material in detectors and targets in atomic physics. In such sensors, BOPET film confines the gas accurately. BOPET films with thicknesses of 280–500 micrometers are frequently used in nuclear physics.

8.  CT Scanners

BOPET is also frequently used in CT scanners. CT scanners function as a physical barrier among the X-ray tube, detector ring, and the patient. 

The BOPET film allows negligible attenuation of the X-ray beam when active during scanning. It ensures that the machine accurately scans your body parts on the CT scan report. 


PET in CT Scanner

9.  Spacecraft

The usage of Spacecrafts has been increasing day by day with the progress in the science field. Spacecrafts are insulated with a BOPET film. Particularly metalized BOPET films are used for this purpose.

Metalized BOPET film emergency blankets preserve a shock victim’s body heat. BOPET films covering also help in the regulation of temperature. Approximately Five layers of metalized BOPET film in NASA’s spacesuits make them radiation-resistant.

10.  The Descent Stage of Apollo’s Lunar Module

The Descent stage of Apollo’s lunar module is enclosed in BOPET. The primary job of the descent stage was to support a powered landing and surface extravehicular activity.

The excursion was used as the launchpad for the ascent stage when the excursion was ended.  

As BOPET film is lightweight, it ensured the inside of the descent stage (where a significant amount of aperture was stored) was standard. 


Apollo’s Lunar Module

Benefits of Using BOPET Film in the Science Field

The Demand for BOPET film is increasing in the science field over time. BOPET Film favored over other thermoplastics due to the following attribute:

  • BOPET films present a Specific gravity that enables their usage in spacecraft. 
  • Polyester plastic films have high melting points. The general melting point of BOPET film is 260 C. This film can survive high temperatures in various nuclear physics reactions due to the high-temperature range. 
  • This film has superior tensile strength and tears strength. It ensures a prolonged use of film in various scientific applications.
  • It has lower Oxygen permeability and Water vapor transmission rate. 
  • Due to its outstanding insulation properties, this film is widely used as insulating material in several applications in the science field.
  • It exhibits remarkable dimensional stability. 


BOPET Film in Science Field

Final Verdict

If you are a scientist looking for such packaging film with high tensile strength or the best insulating properties, then BOPET film is the best choice. 

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