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BOPA stands for Biaxially Oriented Polyamide film. BOPA film is also known as biaxially oriented nylon film. These biaxial nylon films are produced with a flat cast die process and a state-of-the-art three-layer co-extrusion method. This procedure is combined with a two-step tenter frame orientation.


Bopa Laminating Film

Kingchuan: Supplier of the Supreme Quality Laminating Nylon Films Kingchuan is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and wholesalers of laminating nylon films. Our


Bopa Film For Printing

Landmark of Superb BOPA Printing Films Kingchuan is one of the largest nylon film for printing manufacturers in the world. The company allows the production


One Step Bopa Film

Who Is the Manufacturer of Supreme Quality Simultaneous BOPA Films? Kingchuan operates worldwide with leading packaging technologies in three business areas: BOPA/BOPP Film BOPP film

Why Choose Kingchuan’s Polyamide Plastic Film?

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Dimensional Stability

Our nylon films have superb mechanical properties and dimensional stability in all directions. These properties allow optimum performance on both packaging and converting equipment. These films are puncture and burst-resistance. 

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Printing, Laminating, and Metalizing

Our BOPA films provide an ideal surface for the most intricate print registration requirement. Kingchuan can corona-treat both sides of our films when needed. This treatment can offer our films tremendous surface energy for excellent lamination, metal, and ink adhesion.

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Chemical Resistance

We offer commercial-grade nylon films with excellent chemical resistance to various organic solvents. These nylon wrapping films also protect materials from harmful fertilizers and many other industrial and commercial chemicals. 

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High Abrasion and Flex-Crack Resistance

BOPA films offer more excellent protection against pin-holing and a resultant loss of barrier as compared to single-layer nylon film. Kingchuan’s BOPA films are the perfect choice for packaging purposes from freezing to steam sterilization due to their inherited high abrasion resistance and flex-crack resistance. 

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These nylon packaging films have excellent characteristics and can be utilized for a wide variety of high-quality packaging. Polyamide plastic film has a very high tensile strength, excellent flexibility, anti-puncture strength, and resistance. This polyamide film has high gas and aroma barrier properties.

Polyamide film roll has good transparency and gloss. Nylon wrapping film has excellent printability. High-temperature Nylon films have a broad operating temperature range. Nylon film food packaging is usually employed to packaging perishable foods, cooked and frozen foods, agricultural products, and vegetables.

Aluminized nylon film can be used to packaging aquatic products, electronic products, and medical equipment. One of the famous types of nylon films is metalized film. It is suitable to use metalized nylon film for balloons because it is recommended to be used in greeting helium balloons. Heat-resistant nylon film fits application to high-temperature retort pouches.

Polyamide vacuum film is also suitable for delicate high-speed printing. Commercial grade nylon film meets almost all expectations of current and future first-rate applications. Being a leading nylon film supplier, Kingchuan offers a wide variety of these BOPA films. Our films can be used in many applications.


Kingchuan: The Well-Known Nylon Film Manufacturer

Kingchuan has been working as a professional manufacturer and distributor of superior quality biaxial nylon films for the last three decades.

We offer a wide range of BOPA films, including:

  • Semi-transparent nylon film
  • Heavy-gauge nylon film
  • Polyamide polyethylene film
  • Nylon 6 film
  • Perforated nylon film
  • Polyamide film tape
  • One step nylon film
  • Polyamide vacuum film siliconized paper
  • Nylon films for printing

Kingchuan offers premium quality nylon laminating films and ensures the availability of high-quality BOPA films 24/7. We have stable and trusted shipping partners for delivering orders in bulk or small MOQs.

You can contact us to get nylon film with your desired properties. You are always welcomed at Kingchuan to place your order.


Elevate Your Market Value with Kingchuan’s Nylon Wrapping Film

Kingchuan always gives preference to the requirements of valuable customers. We bring customized solutions because we care for you. We provide up-to-date and high-quality nylon films to our customers.

If you want to boost your plastic films business either as a wholesaler, converter, or retailer you can get help from Kingchuan Company. When you will contact Kingchuan they will support you at every step.

Kingchuan offers a vast variety of nylon films to clients. Our company provides in-time delivery at your doorstep. Our delivery time is short and prompt for satisfying the customer’s request which can keep the customer free of concern for the delay. We try to ensure that our customers contentedly recommend our heat transfer vinyl film to everyone.

You can also get your bespoke nylon films. Kingchuan is always there to provide customized solutions for your business. Kingchuan provides high-quality heat-resistant nylon films at reasonable prices. You can seek guidance from this company if you want to gain a good position in the industry of packaging materials.


The Best BOPA Films Distributor

Kingchuan supplies high-quality, biodegradable, and recyclable BOPA films. The thin and lightweight films are environmentally friendly, release less carbon dioxide, and possess outstanding sealing and barrier properties.

Furthermore, our food-grade films enhance the shelf life of the edibles preventing the food from wastage. Our Nylon films have excellent dimensional stability and high processability.

Kingchuan is equipped with high standard and advanced machinery to produce these premium quality films. Kingchuan never compromises on the quality of the products. For this purpose, we have a qualified quality control team.

This team keenly observes the manufacturing procedure of these nylon films. 100% inspection of the manufacturing process by Kingchuan’s QC team diminishes the chances of a minute manufacturing defect. Our films are certified for use in food packaging. That’s why Kingchuan is known as the supplier of the best quality polyamide films.

Nylon Film - An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Is Polyamide?

Polyamide is a synthetic material that is made from nylon chips. That’s why it is also known as nylon. Polyamide is durable, stretchy, and shape-retaining material.

You can always blend it with other valuable materials. To increase its stretchiness, it is combined with other materials like spandex. For manufacturing polyamide, nylon chips are melted and then turned into great fibers.

These fibers can then be dyed and woven into fabric. Polyamide is a highly popular material due to its quality, appearance, and low maintenance. Polyamide material is very strong, and it is water and stain-resistant. The polyamide melting point is 223°C.


Polyamide Resins

Polyamide Properties

  • It has high abrasion resistance. It possesses higher resistance to wear by mechanical action.
  • It has good thermal resistance. A special grade of nylon can have a melting point of almost 300°C.
  • It offers good fatigue resistance. This property makes it perfect for components in constant cyclic motion like gears.
  • Polyamide is a very effective noise dampener.
  • It has high machinability. For example, Cast billets can be machined into a variety of components that would be too expensive to cast into intricate shapes.
Q2, Is Polyamide Safe?

Nylon (Polyamide) is a family of plastics prepared from petroleum. Polyamide is a silky material that can be melted into films, fibers, and shapes.

It is known as the most useful synthetic material due to its versatility. However, Polyamide is not considered to be a toxic material. It offers excellent oxygen barrier properties.


Non-Toxic Polyamide Film

Q3, What Are the Advantages of BOPA Films?

BOPA film advantages:

  • This film is eco-friendly, which is necessary for today’s climate.
  • It is a lightweight film that provides perfect packaging.
  • It protects materials from wet weather and keeps them dry.
  • This film protects the substances from toxic chemicals.
  • It is resistant to oil and grease. It is difficult to puncture.
  • It gives stunning finishing to products due to its high gloss and transparency.
  • It is a recyclable film.
  • It is a wrinkle and shrink-free film.
  • The barrier properties of nylon films are excellent.


Wrinkle-Free BOPA Film

Q4, What Are the Applications of BOPA Films?

Typical applications of nylon films include:

  • Food packaging
  • Toothbrushes, wear pads, and gloves
  • Wheels, gears, tents
  • Guitar strings, tennis racket strings
  • Medical implants
  • Electrical connectors
  • Fishing line


Food Packaging Application