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Cling Film

Cling film is a plastic film. It is so thin that you can stick it to any item about which it is wrapped. Polyethylene and Polyvinylidene are the polymers that are most commonly used to prepare cling films. Cling films are free from any taste and odor. Moreover, these are commonly used to cover and preserve foodstuffs.


PE Cling Film

Qingdao Kingchuan: Highly Recognized PE Cling Film Manufacturer Kingchuan enthusiastically indulges in manufacturing, wholesaler, exporter, trader, and supplier of biodegradable China PE cling film. This


PVC Cling Film

High-Ranking PVC Cling Film Manufacturer in China We are highly recognized PVC cling film manufacturers in China for our achievements with more than 29 years

Why Choose Cling Film for Food Protection?

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Excellent Transparency and High Gloss

Kingchuan’s cling films possess high optical transparency and glossiness. This transparency provides see-through packaging of food items.

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We manufacture cling films from FDA-approved safe materials. These films do not contain any plasticizers, chlorine content, stabilizers, or other harmful chemicals that could affect human health.

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Excellent Sticking Properties

Cling films can strongly stick to the wrapped item and protect it from dust. Our cling films possess smooth surface texture. Therefore, these films are soft in touch.

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High Heat Durability

These films have high heat durability. You can use these films in the microwave. These films do not release any toxic chemicals into wrapped food items when heated in the microwave. These can withstand temperature range -60°C – +160°C.

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Stretch cling film is very versatile. It is adaptable to the product to be wrapped. Its high tensile strength and tear-resistant property enhance the integrity of the package. Cling film wrapper films are specifically developed for proficient use in commercial kitchens, supermarkets, and restaurants as an overwrap to cover food trays. These films keep your food warm and fresh for a longer period.

Polyethylene and PVC cling films are available in transparent form or in different colors. These types of cling films are designed for food wrapping. All these food items remain fresh in cling films. Cling films protect food from contamination.  These films extend the shelf life of the product. Furthermore, cling film made from Polyethylene is 100% recyclable.

PE cling films to ensure the freshness of wrapped food items through their excellent transparent property. You can preserve your food from the kitchen to your fridge by utilizing these astonishing cling films. Moreover, plastic cling film prevents your food from getting cold.


Top-Rated PVC Cling Film Manufacturer in China: Qingdao Kingchuan

Established in the year 1992, we are engaged in manufacturing and exporting high-quality industrial cling film. We have gained a high position in the domestic market as the best food wrapper manufacturers. Kingchuan produces premium quality PVDC cling film with all food-grade quality standards.

Kingchuan manufactures cling film by using a particularly engineered combination of food-grade polymers. Kingchuan’s biodegradable cling films are famous for their international standard quality in the global market. Our cling films are available to the customers in varied specifications, including:

  • Printable cling film
  • Frosted cling film
  • Non-PVC cling film
  • Perforated cling film

Our cling film roll is manufactured using first-class plastics and other materials. These materials are checked before the manufacturing stage. Kingchuan’s quality analysts further check the cling film foil during production to minimize any possible manufacturing defect.

We have a team of qualified R&D professionals for updating the technology used for manufacture. These professionals have an in-depth knowledge of market developments and trends. We offer our shrink wrap film on the global front on time with the help of our broad distribution network facility. We also provide high-quality cheap cling film all over the world.

Kingchuan manufactures cling films in several widths and thicknesses and different colors on your demand. Our production and research potential enable us to customize cling film properties such as tackiness, physical properties, sealing capacity, and packaging for the most enchanting end-user experience.


Get Your Business to Next Level with Kingchuan’s Transparent Clingfilm

If you are working as a retailer or wholesaler of packaging films and want to boost your business, you can get help from Kingchuan. By offering Kingchuan’s cling films you will get a good response due to the quality of our films.

Being a famous cling film manufacturer and catering cling film supplier, we provide our customers with a wide variety of protective cling films, including:

  • PVC cling film
  • PE cling film
  • Static cling window film
  • Stained glass static cling window film
  • Static cling forested film
  • Saran plastic wrap
  • Stretch cling film

At Kingchuan you can get all these films at reasonable prices. The wide range of quality products enables us to cater to the ever-increasing requirements of our clients.

Kingchuan’s forms cling films in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic operations. Cling films have an outstanding glossiness. Also, these films have fog resistant properties. Kingchuan’s high-grade cling films can efficiently wrap your food like meat, seafood, poultry, vegetables, and fruits. We provide outstanding services to our customers by offering customized products and delivering them within the committed time.


An Exemplary Cling Film Supplier

Kingchuan is highly renowned as the best cling films supplier. Our cling films are known for their stronger fabrication, superior barrier properties, excellent printability, attractive finish, and longer lifespan.

We offer a wide range of cling films for the following purposes:

  • Cling film for cooking
  • Cling film for wrapping furniture
  • Cling film for packaging
  • Cling film for luggage
  • Cling film on hair dye
  • Cling film for food

Our heat resistant cling film is suitable to use for cooking. It can also be used in the microwave. Our cling films act as an excellent barrier to oxygen. In this way, they protect the food from spoilage. These films ensure a prolonged shelf life for wrapped food items.

Kingchuan’s cling films are available in different colors, i.e., blue cling film and black cling film. You will get satisfactory results by employing our cling films.

Plastic Cling Film – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Is a Cling Film?

Cling film is a thin, flexible, and transparent plastic sheet. It is ideal for wrapping and covering food items as it adheres to the surface and to itself too.

You might think,

  • How does the film adhere to itself?
  • What is cling film made of?

Cling film is a plastic wrap that is either made from low-density Polyethylene (PE) or PVC. Cling film thickness is roughly 0.0005 inches (12.7 μm). Furthermore, the melting point of cling film is 220 to 250 degrees.

Cling film is a good insulator and it adheres to another insulator (glass) due to the electrostatic charge. However, it will not stick to a conductor (metal).


Plastic Cling Film

Q2, What Is the Difference between PVC and PE Cling Film?

PVC cling film is made from Polyvinylidene chloride polymer, while PE clings film is made from low-density Polyethylene.

The major difference between both films is that PVC cling film has better weather resistance and a longer life span than PE cling film. 


PVC Cling Film

Another difference is that the PVC cling film is suitable for almost all food types unlike PE films.

Moreover, the cling properties are better in PVC cling films as compared to the PE ones.


PE Cling Film

Q3, What Is Cling Film Used for?

Cling film is used for various purposes:

  • It is most widely used to wrap food items like meat, chicken, vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • Cling film protects the banana from over-ripening by wrapping this film around the stem of the banana.
  • It is used to remove stubborn stickers.
  • Cling film is suitable to fix drafty windows.
  • You can use cling film to pack or store cutlery.
  • Cling film can be used to prevent painting tools from drying out.
  • Most people usually cover the shelves of the fridge with cling film. In case of any spill, it is easy to remove the film. Thus cling films can keep fridge shelves clean.
  • Cling films can be used to keep flowers fresh.
  • You can wrap your phone in cling film to prevent screen smudges.