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Company Overview

Kingchuan Enterprise Alliance 30 Years and Counting

Our History

It all started in 1992. Kingchuan was established and got known by serving the domestic market with plastic films. Consistency, innovations, and hard work paved the way for Kingchuan to become the leading plastic film manufacturer and supplier in China.

For your convenience, now, Kingchuan works as a trading company for our overseas customers. Numerous countries in the significant continents get benefits from Kingchuan’s plastic films.

Our Services

Amazingly, in the major continents of the world, Kingchuan supplies high-grade products to uncountable stable clients. Our main products include BOPP and BOPET films. At Kingchuan, you may also get BOPA, PE, and CPP films from the world’s leading flexible packaging material manufacturers. 

Kingchuan facilitates you with the slitting and rewinding of your jumbo plastic film rolls into the desired sizes. Moreover, you may get technical services at Kingchuan when it comes to composite film printing.

Our Team

Our Vision

Kingchuan aims high and strives to achieve the goals. Our vision is to keep striving and bringing innovative solutions for our valuable customers. We aim to complete a long-term developmental program by the year 2049. With this program, Kingchuan will be able to run an advanced and updated manufacturing facility.

Kingchuan will strive to maintain the excellence and high standards that we are known for. Our priority is our customers. For you, we seek, and for you, we live!


Qingdao Kingchuan We Survive for your Satisfaction

We strive to exceed expectations and be the best that we can be, maintaining the highest level of quality and service.

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Our Values


Kingchuan brings innovative and original products from the world’s leading plastic film manufacturers. We value your needs and demands. Whether it is a standard product or a customized solution, you may contact Kingchuan. Reveal the details of your requirement. Kingchuan ensures to bring innovative, up-to-date, and high-quality solutions for you.


Customers Orientation

Kingchuan always puts the needs of our customers before our business needs. We offer products and services that best suit your requirements. Your goals are Kingchuan’s goals. Get competitive prices, high-quality plastic films, and efficient delivery services at Kingchuan. To top it all, you may also enjoy after-sales benefits. For Kingchuan, our relationship with you matters more than anything else.



Kingchuan supplies high-quality, recyclable, and biodegradable BOPP and BOPET films. The thin and lightweight films are eco-friendly, emit less carbon dioxide, and bear excellent sealing and barrier properties. Furthermore, these food-grade films increase the shelf life of the edibles preventing the food from wastage.

Customers Orientation


For Kingchuan, integrity is the core to success. Kingchuan knows that honest and truthful relationships with business partners and clients play a vital role in running a sustainable business. Your satisfaction is the first thing Kingchuan cares for. You may trust Kingchuan for the products, the prices and the services we offer.  


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