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CPP Film

The CPP term is used to illustrate polypropylene-based films in the plastic industry. Kingchuan uses a cast extrusion procedure to produce these films. Cast polypropylene film possesses remarkable transparency and glossy exterior properties.

Retortable CPP Film (2)

Retortable CPP Film (RCPP)

Kingchuan: Leading Retortable CPP Film (RCPP) Manufacturer Since our establishment in 1992, we have offered clients a comprehensive range of retortable CPP films. With the

Anti Fog Cpp Film (2)

CPP Anti Fog Film

Ruling among the Best CPP Anti Fog Film Manufacturers: Kingchuan Kingchuan was incorporated in 1992. We are among the renowned anti fog CPP film suppliers

CPP Film for Tissue (3)

CPP Film for Tissue

Qingdao Kingchuan: Trending among the World’s Best CPP Film for Tissue Suppliers Kingchuan team has been serving the domestic market with plastic films since 1992.


Metalized Cpp Film

The Best Place to Get Aluminized CPP Film Kingchuan is one of the well-known and reputed organizations indulged in offering a premium and comprehensive assortment

Clear Cast Polypropylene Film 3

Clear Cast Polypropylene Film

Let’s Explore the World of Plastic Films with Kingchuan Kingchuan started its business in the year 1992. It is one of the leading transparent CPP

Why Choose CPP As Your Food Packaging Film?

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Highly Resistant

Due to high resistance to alkalis, acids, and oil, CPP film is the best option for laminations and the packaging of bakery products.

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CPP films possess high printability. Due to this characteristic, the final appearance of the film is enhanced after corona treatment.

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Excellent Heat Resistance

The melting point of CPP film is around 266°F (130°C). Due to good heat resistance, these films can be utilized in retort, hot filling, and sterilization applications.

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High Gloss and Excellent Transparency

CPP films are a good choice to consider for packaging films that need high clarity, which permits the product within the package to be seen clearly.

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If you want a packaging film with high gloss and supreme clarity, you must go for CPP films. You can contact Kingchuan to get premium quality CPP film for packaging your product.

However, you may use a few CPP films for hygiene purposes and synthetic paper. The term CPP is generally utilized to refer to excellent clarity films targeting metallization, lamination, and packaging applications. 

A common lamination grade CPP is appropriate for sealant use of packaging of dried snack foods. At the same time, a metalized CPP film with good bonding and adhesion gives outstanding barrier properties against moisture and oxygen. Also, intense heat sealing properties are presented by a retort CPP film. 

CPP film has low-temperature impact performance and superior heat resistance. Due to these properties, CPP plastic film is preferred for the Food and Beverage, and Packaging industries. CPP film is a cost-effective, high-performance, low density, and transparent cast polypropylene film. It is applicable for bread or noodle packaging, retort pouch, dry fruit packaging, meat product packaging, etc. 

CPP film is gaining importance as the substance of choice in both non-packing and traditional flexible packaging applications. The pharmaceutical and health care industries employ CPP films for drugs packaging for prolonged periods because CPP films can shield against contamination.

Kingchuan is known as the best CPP film producer. Kingchuan’s CPP films have high optical clarity, good seal strength, high gloss, and machinability. These films are resistant to tears and punctures. Furthermore, these films possess better heat-sealing properties and cold temperature performance as compared to BOPP films. 


World’s Leading CPP Film Manufacturers: Qingdao Kingchuan

Kingchuan is a professional manufacturer and a supplier of various CPP plastic films. Kingchuan is an industry and trade integrated enterprise with several years of experience in the plastic film trade. 

Being well-known cast polypropylene film manufacturers, we have a professional production team and excellent sales team to manufacture clear polypropylene film. We adhere to the concept of integrity management and the pursuit of excellence. 

We attach importance to customers’ needs, create value for customers. We hope to have win-win cooperation with our customers. Kingchuan passed the system of ISO9001:2015. Our company has the certificate of FDA, REACH, and ROHS, etc. Kingchuan insists on the technological development path of combining research and production.

Kingchuan’s CPP pressed films got an excellent reputation in the global market. Therefore, our company is the leading polypropylene supplier for packaging in China. You can contact us to get the product with your desired qualities. Our team is available round the clock at your service.


Avail Best Customer Service at Kingchuan

Being a famous cast polypropylene film supplier Kingchuan always focuses on the satisfaction of our customers. We continue our strategy of being the leader in our industry with the most innovative products to meet the demands of our worldwide customers. 

While making a continuous effort for metalized CPP film development, Kingchuan insists on maintaining our products’ top quality and providing the best services for customers.

As an experienced packaging and lamination film manufacturer and designer, we have a firm commitment to R&D and sustainability to offer our customers exceptional quality products, uniqueness, and superior customer service during and after-sales.

Besides innovation, Kingchuan primarily focuses on the quality of the products we offer. Our specialized team of quality controllers keeps checking the products from raw material gathering to final packaging.

We continuously upgrade our technology based on our customers’ input with the ultimate goal of being your long-term partner. We have a reputation for excellent quality and prompt, reliable customer service.


The Best Polypropylene Film Manufacturer around Town

Kingchuan is considered the best manufacturer of high-quality CPP films. We offer various types of CPP films like:

  • General CPP
  • Retort grade CPP
  • Metalized CPP
  • Solid white CPP film
  • Opaque CPP

Our CPP film is universally used in packaging products. This film is gaining popularity as an attractive packaging material for various products compared to other packaging films. We utilize FDA-approved resins in the manufacturing of our CPP films. That’s why our CPP films are safe for food packaging.

CPP film is a multilayer PP film with co-polymer and homo-polymer. It is used as a heat seal layer in BOPP or Polyester film and a laminate to pack a variety of products.

At Kingchuan, you can also get a wide variety of PET CPP packaging films. CPP films are more transparent and glossier with higher strength. Also, our CPP films have superior barrier properties and outstanding sealing strength.


Cast Polypropylene Film - An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Are the Properties of CPP Films?

Cast Polypropylene film properties

  • This film has excellent heat seal strength. It possesses high tear and puncture resistance.
  • CPP film offers exceptional packaging integrity at extreme temperatures. This film has high heat resistance.
  • In these films, there is no impact on the coefficient of friction (COF) control.
  • These films have a high yield per unit area and a low specific weight (0.91 g/cm3).
  • CPP Film offers a good moisture barrier.
  • It has high transparency.


CPP Films

Q2, How Is CPP Film Made?

CPP film manufacturing process:

The fusion-mixing method is used to prepare CPP film for food packages. This procedure comprises an elastic base resin containing 68-72 wt% of rubber and a base resin containing 18-22 wt% of rubber.

It is extruding the same afterward, in that way having heat resistance and impact resistance. Therefore, it is possible to solve a problem in PP materials that do not have a low-temperature impact, plus PE materials are vulnerable to heat.


Cast Film Production Line

Q3, What Is the Difference between CPP and BOPP Films?
  • CPP is a soft film similar to polyethylene, while BOPP is a bit rigid and wrinkled.
  • Due to its natural living hinge, CPP film does not dead-fold well, while BOPP possesses better dead-fold properties.
  • It is possible to seal CPP film ultrasonically or thermally without using any particular coatings, while heat sealing of BOPP requires the use of specialty heat seal coatings.
  • BOPP films have superior barrier properties as compared to CPP. CPP film has better barrier properties as compared to other polyethylene films.



Q4, What Are the Applications of CPP Film?

CPP film applications

  • Food wraps or candy and confectionery packaging
  • Lamination
  • Garment bags
  • Stationery packaging
  • Deep freeze application
  • Over wrap
  • Floral wraps
  • Bakery products
  • Retort packaging
  • Vacuum metallization


Applications of CPP Film