PP Stretch Film

  • High transparency and gloss
  • Even thickness and smooth finish
  • Scratch proof
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • High stretchability
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Versatility
  • Highly durable

PP stretch film is a type of stretch film manufactured from polypropylene polymer. Polypropylene is considered the most versatile polymer that can be used in various applications. Polypropylene stretch film is a low-cost packaging film. It has high clarity and good tensile strength. The melting point of PP stretch wrap is higher than PE (polyethylene). This property makes it appropriate for applications that need sterilization at high temperatures.

Kingchuan’s polypropylene stretch film also possesses less haze and higher gloss. Moreover, it can be metalized, which enhances its gas barrier properties. PP stretch films are perfect for a wide range of consumer, industrial, and automotive applications. This film can be used for such applications where extended product shelf life is significant.

Polypropylene film is entirely recyclable. It can be easily reprocessed into several other products for various applications. PP stretch film is not biodegradable, but the plus point of this film is that PP waste does not generate harmful or toxic by-products.

Furthermore, PP stretch film has been progressively becoming an outstanding choice in various traditional flexible packaging and non-packaging applications due to its beneficial properties. You can customize the properties of PP stretch film to meet special packaging, processing, and performance requirements. Generally, these films possess superior impact and tear resistance. This film offers excellent cold temperature performance and heat-sealing properties.

PP stretch films are used to diminish the risks of damage to dynamic load shifting. This film prevents pilferage. It protects products from moisture, dirt, and dust. PP stretch films are easy to wrap and remove. Kingchuan produces a wide range of high-quality PP stretch films. Our polypropylene films are extensively utilized in industries like printing & packaging, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, electrical, sports goods, etc.

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Top-Selling Polypropylene Stretch Film Manufacturer: Qingdao Kingchuan

Kingchuan is well-known as the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of PP stretch wrap. We can offer premium quality stretch polypropylene films due to our fully automated infrastructure and advanced manufacturing facilities. Being a competent stretch PP wrap manufacturer and having expertise in manufacturing these films, we are always supported by a talented team of efficient professionals.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals gathered knowledge on the manufacturing process to offer custom-made solutions. Our innovative approach helps us to be noticeable in the competition. The exceptional quality of our PP stretch film is comparable with overseas brands and is being proved for its uniqueness. We specialize in the complete production process of these films.

We can speedily develop, generate, and supply new customized packaging films. Quality and consistency are the basis of our product lines. We constantly work with our raw material vendors to keep up-to-date with resin technology and development.

Kingchuan manufactures these PP stretch wraps as per the set industry norms. Our close vendor relationships facilitate us to bring these innovations to market for you.

Contact us today or request a quote to talk to one of our product development engineers and lab technicians about your unique requirements.


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Kingchuan is a quality-conscious organization. We manage professionally to deliver utmost gratification to our clients by our PP Stretch film rolls. We provide these PP stretch films in diverse specifications to achieve the absolute satisfaction of the customers.

Kingchuan has constantly introduced innovative packaging solutions to satisfy the most demanding and quality-conscious clients. For finding new product solutions, the Kingchuan product development marketing team is working closely with their customers.

Continuous quality control is used to check and measure the properties of stretch polypropylene wraps. Being a famous PP stretch film distributor, we can meet the bulk requirements of our clients within a fixed time frame. Owing to our ethical business practices and transparency in our business dealings have enabled us to cater in the domestic as well as in the international arena.


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Kingchuan is considered the best supplier of high-quality PP stretch films. Our films meet the packaging needs of various industrial sectors like pharmaceuticals, dairy, food & beverage, confectionery, nonfood, personal care, and FMCG through technological advancement and constant determination.

These films are developed from top-notch raw materials. These are delivered with guaranteed features of scratch-proof finish, sturdy fabrication, and more excellent resistance to moisture, outstanding printability.

Ensuring supreme manufacturing standards, our offered stretch PP film rolls comply with the food safety standards and are tested by highly trained professionals to serve customized solutions following the application needs.

Our offered product range is generally appreciated among our respected customers for its features like optimum durability, easy-to-fit design, flawless finish, and high strength.

PP Stretch Wrap - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Are the Advantages of Using PP Stretch Film?
  • PP stretch film enhances the visual appearance of the packaged products due to its high transparency and gloss.
  • PP stretch film is prepared from non-toxic raw materials.
  • FDA approves it for safe food packaging.
  • It enhances the shelf life of the products due to their moisture resistance.
  • It provides utmost protection to the effects due to its outstanding barrier properties.
  • PP stretch film possesses low odor, inertness, and excellent chemical resistance.
Q2, What Are the Applications of Polypropylene Stretch Film?

PP stretch film is used in a wide range of applications.

  • PP stretch film is utilized for various packaging applications like cigarettes, snack, candy, food wraps.
  • This film can also be employed in medical applications.
  • PP stretch film can also be used in transportation applications for storage or shipping due to its excellent stretchability.
  • PP stretch films are suitable for food packaging applications as per FDA regulations.