Bopp Tape Film

  • Excellent adhesion
  • High tensile strength
  • Transparent/colored/customized
  • Variable sizes and thicknesses
  • Wrinkle and shrink proof
  • Moisture and weather-resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Durable and firm

BOPP packing tape is one of the most commonly used sealing agents in industries. It is also known as PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) tape. 

Plain BOPP plastic films are used as the base material. To make it a self adhesive film, BOPP tape film manufacturers apply water-based adhesives such as acrylic or silicone.

The pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion is applied evenly on the BOPP film to form a layer that ranges from 8µm – 28µm.

These tapes are widely used in the shipping, sealing, and inventory management sectors. Due to their water, heat, and chemical-resistant nature, these adhesive films are ideal for carton packaging.

You may get transparent, customized, or colored packing tape as per your business needs. Transparent tapes are suitable for products that need visibility, for instance, medical or food packaging.

Similarly, colored packing tape helps distinguish different packs in the inventory. Lastly, customized printed BOPP tape serves as promotional tools. You can get your brand name imprinted on the tape.

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Properties Test Methods Unit Typical Data
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength MD ASTM D882 N/mm2 ≥150
TD ≥260
Elongation at break MD ASTM D882 % ≤180
TD ≤65
Physical Properties
Coefficient of friction ASTM D1894 / ≤0.5
Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 0.91
Gloss ASTM D2457 % ≥90
Haze ASTM D1003 % ≤2.0
Thermal Properties
Heat Shrinkage MD ASTM D1204
% ≤3.5
TD ≤2.0
Other Properties
Surface tension Corona Side ASTM D2578 Dyne ≥38
High Tensile strength
High vapor barrier
Surface treatment: One side or both sides treatment
Standard thickness:23、25、28、30、38um
Material: Bopp Tape Film Type: Stretch Film
Usage: Cargo Sealing Feature: Moisture Proof
Hardness: Soft Processing Type: Multiple Extrusion
Transparency: Transparent Thickness: 23 to 40 micron
Corona Treatment: Both Sides/One Side  Heat Sealable: One Side
Length: 2000m-12000m  Width: 220mm-1800mm

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Qingdao Kingchuan: One of the Leading BOPP Packing Tape Manufacturers in China

The expert team at Kingchuan gathers and supplies the best plastic packaging material from the leading BOPP tape manufacturing plants.

Since 1992, Kingchuan has provided you with high-quality, innovative, and customized solutions as per your business requirements.

Our team of experienced and qualified workers understands your requirements and offers customizations in thickness, length, width, and colors.

At Kingchuan, we have a well-established and up-to-date inventory system. We ensure speedy delivery of your bulk orders by having excessive material in the Kingchuan warehouse.


Your Wholesale Supplier of Bopp Tape Film to Cater Variable Industries

No matter to which industry you belong, Kingchuan is always at your back to boost your business.

We provide you with innovative solutions to cater packaging, sealing, shipping, and inventory industries. You can also benefit from these super clear tapes if you are linked to pharmaceutical, food, or logistics sectors.

We give you the flexibility of order. According to your budget and demand, you can have bulk or small MOQ from Kingchuan.


Kingchuan – Your Versatile Wonder BOPP Tape Manufacturer

Kingchuan facilitates you with a wide range of products. You may get a wide range of plastic films like BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, and CPP.

According to your requirements, Kingchuan brings the best films from the trusted BOPP self adhesive tape manufacturers worldwide.

Kingchuan is a one-stop solution for all your flexible packaging needs. At competitive prices, you may get pearlized, metalized, matte, adhesive tapes, heat sealable, and lamination films.

We supply the BOPP tapes that are printable. So, you can get your brand’s name and information on the tape and use the printed BOPP tape as a marketing agent.

Just give us your demand, and we will bring the best quality products for you.

BOPP Tape Film – An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, Why to Use BOPP Film for a PSA Tape?

Kingchuan prefers BOPP plastic film as a substrate for PSA tape because it possesses high tensile strength and thermal stability.

These films are transparent and have high clarity that enables you to see through the tape. Also, BOPP films have excellent mechanical properties.

Furthermore, BOPP plastic film tape possess a long life as the BOPP plastic film is weather-resistant and does not lose its adhesion in extremely low and high temperatures.

So, a good PSA tape has to have an excellent substrate and a high-quality adhesive coating. Undoubtedly, the BOPP film is the best choice for this.

BOPP Tape Films

BOPP Tape Films

Q2, What Is a BOPP Tape?

It is a tape made with one of the finest plastic films named (BOPP) Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film.

Packing tape manufacturers use high-quality water-based adhesives to coat on the BOPP film. These adhesives make the tape appropriate for sealing cartons and other packaging materials.

A wide variety of BOPP tape is available at Kingchuan. You may get the desired tape in your required quantity.

Long-Lasting BOPP Tapes

Long-Lasting BOPP Tapes

Q3, How Many Types of BOPP Tapes Are There?

You can get BOPP tapes in different varieties. It can be transparent, colored, or customized.

Transparent BOPP tapes are used in packaging cartons that need visibility. For example, it is suitable for packing food packages or medical boxes.

Colored BOPP self-adhesive tape is ideal for inventory management. Logistics companies use colored tapes to identify various packages.

Furthermore, customized BOPP tapes are the most in-demand adhesive tapes. These printed BOPP tapes promote your business and serve as a mobile billboard for your company.

Q4, Which Adhesive Is Used in BOPP Tapes?

BOPP packing tape manufacturers use water-based adhesive to make BOPP tape films like acrylic or silicone.

This adhesive makes the tape permanent or removable, UV-resistant, long-lasting, and durable.

Unlike other tapes, BOPP super clear tape works well in high or low temperatures. It does not lose its stickiness even if it is exposed to direct sunlight. Moreover, it has a longer shelf life that may exhibit up to 2 years. 

All these characteristics make BOPP tape films long-lasting and the best among others.

Double-Sided BOPP Tapes

Double-Sided BOPP Tapes

Q5, What Is BOPP Film Tape Used for?

BOPP glossy adhesive film is used in inventory, shipping, and sealing industries. You can conveniently seal cartons, label products, and use it as lamination on variable products.

It is an ideal tape for food packaging as it is FDA-approved and safe for edibles. Due to its low cost and good properties, BOPP self-adhesive film is taking over cellophane films.

Printed BOPP tape is recyclable. For this reason, retailers prefer using BOPP labels on their products.  

Let’s grow together and serve the world with eco-friendly BOPP tape films!

Food-Grade BOPP Tapes

Food-Grade BOPP Tapes