Heat Sealable Pet Film

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Astonishing printing and metallization property
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Temperature resistance
  • Strong sealing strength and performance
  • Moisture resistance and excellent aroma
  • High abrasion and chemical resistance
  • High clarity
  • High gloss and transparency
  • Excellent barrier to gas & oxygen

Heat sealable PET film is a multi-layered BOPET film (Bi-axially oriented transparent polyester film). Its’ one side possesses heat-sealable property, and another side is with or without corona treatment. These heat sealing PET films have excellent temperature performance (freezer to oven).

So these sealable polyester films are widely used as lidding film or bags for dual oven-able ready meal products. The products sealed with these films can be taken from the freezer and cooked in the microwave or oven.

These films have excellent aroma barriers. So these are the perfect fit for bags for packing toilet fresheners and firelighters etc. These heat sealable Mylar films possess extraordinary printing ability because their corona-treated layer has good ink adhesion properties. These films have excellent dimensional stability at higher temperatures.

Due to their beautiful appearance, printability, and substantial barrier property, they are popular in various industries. Heat seal polyester films are moisture-proof, leak-proof, and anti-counterfeiting.

These films improve the product quality and extend the shelf life. Heat sealable PET film sheets are suitable for various applications. For instance, for metal lamination, food packaging, roasting or cooking bags, and tubes.

Kingchuan produces high-quality heat sealable laminate films. Our metalized film roll heat sealable complies with the relevant FDA directives for food contact applications.

Property Unit Typical values Test methods
Thickness μm 30 DIN 53370
Tensile strength(MD/TD) MPa 190/220 ASTM D 882
Elongation at break(MD/TD) % 160/110 ASTM D 882
Elastic modulus(MD/TD) MPa 3600/4100 ASTM D 882
Heat shrinkage(MD/TD)150℃,30min % 1.6 ASTM D 1204
Heat seal strength N/15mm 5 ASTM F 2029
————Performance characteristics:
(1) Sealing performance without coating and lamination.
(2) High tensile strength, good transparency, high barrier.

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These films are widely used for food packaging, metal lamination, lidding tubes, and bags and provide protective surfaces on glass fiber reinforced sheets.

Heat Sealable Mylar Film - An Ultimate Guide

Q1, What Is Heat Sealable Laminate Film?

Heat sealable films are coextruded polyester films with one side heat sealable surface. The heat sealable surface is designed to seal to itself, CPET, paper, and unsaturated polyesters. These films are transparent in appearance and provide an excellent sealing layer.

Heat sealable films cater to a wide range of requirements, having one or both heat sealable layers and zero to one corona-treated side.

These are used in printing and lamination for the packaging of cassette tapes, tea, snacks, medicines, confectionery items, etc.


  • These films have good printing adhesion.
  • They possess excellent antistatic properties and smoothness.
  • They have good heat-sealing strength.
  • These films have excellent machinability.

Heat Sealable Laminate Film

Heat Sealable Laminate Film

Q2, Which Methods Are Used for Heat Sealing?

There are three basic methods used for heat sealing.

Impulse heat sealing: This method requires a moderate temperature to establish an effective seal. It is used for joining thermoplastic materials like polyurethane and polyethylene.

Constant heat sealing: It is a preferred method as it is readily available at high temperatures. It is used for thermoplastic or poly-coated materials.

Ultrasonic heat sealing: It involves the use of high-frequency vibrations to establish a seal or weld.

Q3, What Is Heat Sealing Temperature?

The calorimetric scanning method is used to analyze the thermal properties of the polyethylene resin as the heat sealing. The optimum range of heat sealing temperature for the PET laminated film is determined to be 110-160°C.

Q4, What Are the Applications of Heat Sealable Films?

Heat sealable films are used for many purposes:

  • These films are dual oven-able and used to heat packed food in microwave oven and conventional hot air oven.
  • These films are used as a lidding film in APET trays for fruits, ready-meals, and vegetables.
  • The laminated heat sealable films are used for extended shelf life requirements like sausages etc.
  • These provide monolayer packaging for garlic bread, Pie wrap, hot sandwiches, etc.
  • They provide aroma protection where required.
  • Single-layer Heat sealable PET bags are used for air freshener, toilet blocks, and car fragrance mats.

Lidding Application

Lidding Application