PVC Shrink Film

  • Excellent transparency
  • High shrinking capability at lower temperatures
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Puncture and tear resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Resistance to moisture and oil
  • Excellent printability
  • Outstanding electrical insulation properties
  • High impact strength

PVC shrink film is a kind of shrink film that is manufactured from Polyvinyl Chloride. Polyvinyl chloride has been a common polymer utilized for years in the packaging industry and other sectors. PVC shrink film rolls are more affordable as compared to polyolefin shrink wrap.

To improve the versatility of PVC heat shrink film, it is combined with a wide range of additives. The plasticizer is the most commonly used additive in this regard. It enhances the barrier properties of PVC shrink wrap film. The PVC heat shrink film with more plasticizer offers excellent stretch properties and clings.

PVC shrink films are extensively used in the packaging industry because of their flame retardancy, relatively low cost, water resistance, and high output. These films possess the characteristics of non-toxic and environmental protection. PVC shrinkwrap has high transparency, good heat-sealing performance, high shrinkage, high surface gloss, and good toughness. It is ideal for fully automatic high-speed packaging due to increased tear resistance and uniform heat shrinkage.

Super shrink PVC shrink film offers utmost protection to packaging products from tampering and exterior elements. PVC shrink tubing film protects the packaged goods against dust, pollen, and moisture. Heat shrink PVC film has excellent shrinking and sealing properties. These PVC shrink film rolls have a shrink rate of up to a 40%. This film requires a low temperature to shrink.

Kingchuan produces a wide range of PVC shrink films with unique characteristics. This film is suitable for the packaging of food, medicine, alcohol, beverage, electrical products, toys, electronic products, and various other products. It is an ideal choice for collective packaging due to its excellent shrinkage property.

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The House of Premium Quality PVC Shrink Wrap Film: Qingdao Kingchuan

Kingchuan is known as the leading PVC shrink film manufacturer with experience of over three decades. We manufacture functional and sustainable packaging products for the benefit of society. From the beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to growth, innovation, and victory. Our vision is to be the number one PVC shrink film manufacturer worldwide. Our heat shrink PVC films are designed with high precision.

These are manufactured using high-quality raw material and innovative technology following the set industry standards.  Kingchuan is committed with:

  • The quality of our products
  • Innovation and environmental protection
  • Excellence in execution and production

Our super shrink PVC shrink film undergoes strict quality tests under the supervision of experts to deliver flawless packaging film. Backed by our knowledge, technologically advanced machinery, and industrial experience, we can design, manufacture high-quality PVC printable shrink film sheets for our customers.

Kingchuan is facilitated by the state-of-the-art infrastructure, which serves as an efficient tool in strengthening our manufacturing capabilities. We have incorporated the implementation of the latest technology and methods for the development and testing of products. The vigorous support of our skilled workforce and highly developed manufacturing unit has helped us significantly meet our client’s requirements.

Our products undergo quality checks throughout the manufacturing process till the final delivery of the product. The hard work, quality control, and innovations make Kingchuan the best PVC shrink film supplier in China. Feel free to contact us to get information about our PVC shrink film roll or place your order.


Get Packaging Films from Highly Professional PVC Shrink Film Manufacturer

You can get a wide range of high-quality packaging products from Kingchuan at reasonable prices. We offer the maximum guarantees in all our packaging films. We also provide solutions to any special requirement that our clients need. We give our customers all the support they need.

Kingchuan is a quality centralized organization. We are devoted to supplying an unmatchable range of products to our reputed consumers. Our customers highly demand our heat shrink PVC films due to their unique features. We have developed a state of art infrastructure facility at our organization to manufacture these films. We have assorted all the advanced tools and machines at our manufacturing unit. By providing this praiseworthy range of PVC shrink films, we have gained many customers across the nation. 

Kingchuan is known as the supplier of high-quality PVC shrink films. Our PVC films are widely used in various industries. These PVC films are enormously admired in the industry due to their low prices and excellent machinability. These PVC shrink Films are recognized for their high clarity & gloss, high transparency, water-resistant, high shrinkage, and best-sticking property. We offer premium quality PVC printable shrink film sheets. We have an advanced PVC shrink film making machine to produce these films. Our PVC films are also suitable for hand packaging and mechanical packaging. These films work well at low temperatures.

China PVC Shrink Film – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Is the Difference between PVC and Cryovac Shrink Film?

Cryovac shrink film is a polyolefin shrink film that the sealed air corporation manufactures. It is a perfect film to help preserve and protect delicate food items for retail sale or storage.

PVC shrink wrap is also known as polyvinyl chloride shrink wrap. It is widely used in packaging boxes, CD and DVD packaging, small canisters, software, and other non-edible products.

Q2, What Are the Applications of PVC Shrink Film?
  • It is used in the food and beverage industries for the packaging of mineral water, liquors, soft drinks, pickles, jams, jellies, tea, coffee, fruit juices, spices, ghee, and edible oils, etc.
  • It is employed in the printing and packaging industries.
  • This film is utilized in cosmetic and toiletry industries for powder, hair oil, shampoo, perfume packaging.
  • It is also used in the pharmaceutical, electrical, and stationery, and writing instrument industries.