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PVDC Coated Film

PVDC stands for Polyvinylidene chloride. It is a flexible and clear synthetic thermoplastic manufactured by the polymerization of vinylidene chloride. PVDC coated films are prepared by applying a thin layer of PVDC over other cheap base films like PET, OPP, or BOPP

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Why Choose Kingchuna’s Polyvinylidene Chloride Films?

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Higher Chemical Resistance

PVDC plastic is resistant to alkalis and acids. It is insoluble in oils and various organic solvents. Due to these properties, it is suitable for use in applications concerning exposure to harmful chemicals.

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Exceptionally Low Moisture Regains

The film with PVDC coating has a moisture regain of less than 0.1%. The physical properties of PVDC films are almost entirely unaffected by absorbed water. Films with water based PVDC coating are well-suited for use underwater and undersea applications.

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Freedom from Bacteria and Mold Damage

Plastic film coating with PVDC makes it nearly impervious to bacteria, mold, and insects. So its properties are not ruined in extremely humid environments or mud.

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Excellent Gloss and Fast Color

PVDC wrap displays bright color with outstanding colorfastness, maintaining its luster and translucence even with exposure to weather and sunlight. 

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PVDC is usually combined with other low-cost plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon due to its higher cost. Kingchuan generally applies PVDC as a laminate or thin coating. It is coextruded with some other resins to construct a multilayer sheet or film to improve the barrier properties of the cheaper base film. These films are optically clear with a high degree of gloss. PVDC films possess exceptional moisture and oxygen barrier properties as compared to metalized films.

You may ideally use PVDC films for household wrap and food, pharmaceutical, and medical packaging due to their barrier properties. Moreover, PVDC packaging films resist wrinkling and creasing with an elastic recovery of about 95%. These films increase the shelf life of products. PVDC coated films are also greatly resistant to various harmful chemicals, including oil and grease.

Saran PVDC is a polymer film that comprises about 85 percent vinylidene chloride and 15 percent vinyl chloride. PVDC films can be easily laminated and extruded. These films are also microwavable and printable utilizing common ink systems. PVDC films are suitable for many packaging applications due to their high chemical resistance, low odor, and inertness. Though PVDC is recyclable, most PVDC coated films are not recycled because PVDC is frequently utilized as a very thin coating that cannot be easily extracted.

Kingchuan offers a wide range of PVDC coated films with outstanding barrier properties against oxygen, water vapor, oils, and flavors. Our PVDC films are particularly suitable for processed meat, pastries, cheese, seafood, and ready meals.


Grow with Qingdao Kingchuan

Kingchuan has been serving as the best PVDC coating manufacturer for the last three decades. Our manufacturing and exporting facilities enable us to manufacture a range of high-quality PVDC content products.

Being able PVDC film manufacturer in China and having expertise in manufacturing these films, we are all time supported by an able team of efficient professionals.

Due to the efforts of our experienced and skilled teams of professionals, we have earned a good reputation in the sector of manufacturing and supplying the superior quality of films.

The latest manufacturing facilities and sophisticated machinery enable us to manufacture PVDC food wrap film according to international standards. We are a quality-conscious organization and are managed professionally to deliver maximum satisfaction to our clients by our films.

Our PVDC film is appreciated for its quality and hygiene-controlled processing and is manufactured using the finest quality raw materials obtained from registered vendors in the market.

Our team of professionals makes use of these premium quality materials using cutting-edge technology. Our films are tested on well-defined parameters to ensure superior quality and dustproof. We serve globally. You can contact us from any region of the world to get a high-quality PVDC coated film.


Get Premium Quality PVDC Coated Films and Boost Your Market Value

You can enhance your market value by offering Kingchuan’s PVDC films in the domestic market. To suit the varied demands of our valued clients, we offer these films in a wide variety of specifications.

Our products can easily be customized as per the requirements and specifications of the clients as we have a special team who constantly with them to incorporate their suggestions and demands.

Our team of qualified and trained professionals strives hard to achieve the various goals and targets of the organization in the specified time frame. We follow ethical and legal business policies and transparent transactions, which has gained us the trust of our esteemed clients.

Our clients widely applaud our offered Saran PVDC films due to their incomparable features. Our precious clients can avail of these products from us at market-leading prices. We are an organization working on a client-centric approach.


Rising among the Best PVDC Suppliers

Kingchuan is well-known due to its premium quality PVDC packaging films. We are manufacturers and exporters of Specialize PVDC films, including:

  • PVDC coated PET film
  • PVDC coated OPP
  • PVDC coated BOPP film
  • PVDC coated PVC film
  • PVC PE PVDC Film
  • Laminating PVDC
  • Oxygen Permeable PVDC
  • Pharmaceutical PVDC Film

These products are widely acknowledged for their optimum finish standards, water-resistant finish, lightweight and competitive prices.

Our products are high in demand due to their different patterns. Furthermore, we ensure to timely deliver these products to our clients, through this we have gained a huge clients base in the market.

Polyvinylidene Chloride - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Is the Difference between PVDC and PVC?

The term PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. Its repeating unit has one C-Cl bond and its monomer is chloroethene. These are low-cost films but have poor barrier properties. It is used in:

  • Production of pipes
  • Electric cables
  • Useful in construction purposes
  • PVC Fabric production
  • Flexible healthcare containers


PVC Film

The term PVDC stands for Polyvinylidene chloride. Its repeating unit contains two C-Cl bonds. Its monomer is vinylidene chloride. This is expensive and has excellent barrier properties. It is used as:

  • Packaging material
  • Water-based coating to other films
  • PVDC tape



Q3, Is PVDC Heat Sealable?

Polyvinylidene chloride is an addition polymer of vinylidene chloride. PVDC is heat-sealable. It serves as an excellent barrier to oxygen, water vapor, odors, and flavors. The PVDC copolymer can be heat-sealed.

Q3, What Are the Applications of PVDC Packaging Film?

This film is used in packaging applications for the following purposes.

For Moisture-Proofing

  • Dried products
  • Dried sweet potatoes
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Food boiled in soy sauce

For Pinhole Resistance

  • Sausages
  • Rice cake
  • Confectionery packaging
  • Semi-dried noodles

For Liquid Packaging

  • Liquid soap
  • Individually packed seasoning
  • Miso
  • Rice


Packaging Applications

Q4, Is PVDC Compostable?

PVDC is a kind of plastic that leads to pollution. Biodegradable packaging films like PHBV provide high mechanical performance during their lifetime similar to original PVDC films and are entirely bio-degradable after the end-of-life.