PE Stretch Film

  • Better cling and smooth surface
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • High performance
  • Excellent printability
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and highly flexible
  • Eco-friendly
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Versatility
  • Enhanced stretch-ability

PE stretch film is the most commonly used type of stretch film made from polyethylene material. These films are very clear and transparent. Stretch PE film possesses an excellent stretch rate. Similarly, PE stretch film has high puncture resistance. Several companies use Kingchuan’s stretch PE films for packaging and transporting a wide range of items.

You can use PE stretch film for the packaging of fragile items and irregular objects. Polyethylene stretch films are highly known due to their unique characteristics like moisture and dust resistance. This film is touch-proof and gives a transparent display. PE stretch film enhances the visual appearance of the packaged products. Consequently, this film can substitute a wide range of cartons.

Kingchuan prepares PE stretch wrap with anti-rust, anti-static, and anti-ultraviolet features. PE stretch film possesses good tensile properties, outstanding self-adhesive lap performance, and first-class transverse tear resistance. You may extensively utilize PE wrapping films in logistics packaging, industrial packaging, transportation packaging, and other industrial sectors.

You can get PE stretch film in various colors like black or blue. Moreover, PE stretch film is eco-friendly. This film is made from non-toxic and tasteless materials, so you can use it for direct food packaging. It is highly resistant to acids and alkalis. PE stretch film can be recycled and reused. Hence, it meets the requirements of FDA and international health standards.

Kingchuan produces a wide range of PE stretch films. Our PE stretch film can be employed with all kinds of stretch wrapping machines. PE stretch film is highly demanded for laminating purposes of various products.  You can use stretch PE film for packaging or protecting different products like individual items of large overall dimensions or loads bundles on pallets.

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Qingdao Kingchuan: The Manufacturer of Supreme Quality Polyethylene Stretch Films

Kingchuan has been an established manufacturer and exporter who deals with a diverse range of PE stretch films. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals employ top-quality materials and modern machines to manufacture these films with the following quality norms.

Kingchuan was founded in 1992. Our company still pursues the top quality and integrity-based business philosophy. We are committed to serving a perfect price PE stretch wrap film while maintaining high product quality.

Our company wants to create value for our customers. Being a highly famous PE stretch films manufacturer, we promise to provide the most satisfactory brand services. We strive to increase the positive impact on sustainability and help the global packaging industry be more efficient with an aggressive growth plan.

Kingchuan is the biggest polyethylene wrap manufacturer in China. It has the worldwide pioneer base of product range, production capability, and professional producing function.

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You can enhance your market value by offering Kingchuan’s PE stretch films in the domestic market. Kingchuan’s team works effortlessly to provide you with uncompromised products and services. Kingchuan team can go beyond limits to give the best quality products to you. We aim to develop a strong relationship with our precious clients with honest and transparent dealing. For your convenience, we offer efficient after-sales services.

Kingchuan always gives more importance to the needs of our customers. At Kingchuan, you will get high-quality PE stretch wrap films at reasonable prices. The company has an excellent R&D team. This team can flexibly and effectively design product structure and product formula according to different requirements of product packaging, help customers solve problems in use. Furthermore, Kingchuan provides you with complete pre- and after-sales services.


A Bona Fide Polyethylene Stretch Wrap Supplier

Kingchuan is the top supplier of premium quality recyclable PE stretch films. We are equipped with advanced machinery for manufacturing these films. Our hard-working staff does their best to provide you with polyethylene plastic wrap with the best features.

Kingchuan’s PE stretch film has a variety of exceptional properties such as puncture, impact, burst, and tear resistance. These films fulfill the tough packaging demands. Our experts check stretch PE films on various parameters before providing them to you. PE stretch wrap can widely meet the functional packaging requirements of food, medicine, medical equipment, textile, light industry, transport, chemical industry, and other fields.

Kingchuan’s PE films are known for their long service life, simple usability, sturdy design, smooth finishing, and high efficiency. We provide top-notch PE stretch wraps at reasonable prices and within the assured time frame.

Polyethylene Stretch Wrap - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Are the Advantages of Using PE Stretch Film?
  • PE stretch films possess excellent barrier properties. This film can protect your products from moisture, dust, dirt, UV rays, and harmful gases.
  • This film is environmentally friendly. It is highly recyclable. This film is prepared from non-toxic raw materials. So disposing of these films will not pose a threat to the environment.
  • This film has high transparency and gloss, so it enhances the visual appearance of the products.
  • It is highly waterproof. So this film protects the packaged products from getting wet during raining.
  • This film is moisture-proof, so it maintains the freshness of the food items.


PE Stretch Film

Q2, What Are the Applications of Polyethylene Stretch Film?
  • PE stretch film is widely used to wrap. It is perfect for unitizing and bundling a large number of small, individual items, irregular-shaped products.
  • Transparent PE stretch films give great clarity for scanning labels.
  • PE stretch films can tightly bind the products. It is widely used for wrapping products on pallets.
  • Colored PE stretch films are widely utilized for differentiating, identifying, and color-coding items during shipping or storage.
  • PE stretch film can be used for food packaging. FDA approves it for safe food contact.


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