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Stretch Film

Stretch films are special types of packaging film manufactured from linear low-density polyethylene resins.  Extrusion processes prepare these films. Kingchuan uses the cast extrusion process to manufacture cast stretch films, and the blown extrusion process is employed for producing blown stretch films. 


PP Stretch Film

Top-Selling Polypropylene Stretch Film Manufacturer: Qingdao Kingchuan Kingchuan is well-known as the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of PP stretch wrap. We can offer premium


PE Stretch Film

Qingdao Kingchuan: The Manufacturer of Supreme Quality Polyethylene Stretch Films Kingchuan has been an established manufacturer and exporter who deals with a diverse range of


PVC Stretch Film

Qingdao Kingchuan: Prestigious PVC Stretch Film Manufacturer Kingchuan is a prominent entity engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of PVC stretch films. Incorporated

Why Choose Kingchuan’s Stretch Film?

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Our Stretch films keep the product free of moisture, dust, and dirt. The shipping damages are negligible. Kingchuan’s Ultra Violet Inhibitor stretch films are used to secure the products stored outside from harmful ultra-violet rays.

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High Processability

These films possess excellent processability. These films are lighter and easier for an operator to handle. These films are highly recyclable. These films can perform well at different temperatures. That’s why you can use it for hot and frozen products packaging.

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Stretch films are extremely waterproof. You can use these films to tightly wrap anything you are worried about getting wet to create a barrier from the rain.

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Puncture Resistance

Stretch films possess tear and puncture resistance. This film has a high-energy absorbing ability to resist protrusion under biaxial stress.

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The stretch films produced by the casting line possess uniform thickness, high transparency, etc. These films can be applied to the necessities of high magnification pre-stretching. Stretch film applies uniform and relatively high holding force to a load. Plastic stretch film protects the items from dust and damage.

Stretch film features outstanding optics that allows customers to identify the object while also keeping it clean. Stretch films are less expensive, so these are highly economical films for packaging.

Kingchuan’s stretch films are highly versatile. These films are available in different styles, types, colors, and thicknesses. This film has excellent heat resistance. It can work well at both lower and higher temperatures. Stretch film is crucial for grouping, handling, palletizing, and shipping your products. This film stretches to fit the edges of the products. Stretch film maintains the integrity of the overall load. These films can be used to handle a wide range of items. Stretch film is ideal for use in receiving docks, warehouses, and other storage or shipping areas.

This film is designed mainly to protect items during storage and transportation. Stretch film protects lightweight products and heavy loads on pallets. It can also give a smooth surface to secure documents, shipping labels, and other vital information without damaging the boxes.

This film is highly stable, inexpensive, and recyclable. That’s why it has been utilized in global logistics procedures for several years. Kingchuan offers different types of stretch films in the market to meet the specific requirements of the stretch film wrapping needs based on type, performance, size, and budget. Stretch film is a perfect choice for handling Individually-compiled consignments, Sharp-edged products, Pressure-sensitive products, and Hot and frozen goods.


The Stretch Film Manufacturer You May Rely on

Established in 1992, Kingchuan encompasses a reputation of most promising stretch cling film manufacturers, plastic stretch film manufacturers, and stretch film producers. We are appreciated for manufacturing and supplying a wide assortment of plastic films.

Kingchuan is a highly famous and reliable stretch film manufacturer in China. Our Company has the correct mix of highly experienced professionals and up-to-date resources. This factor is helping us to carry all the assigned projects with extreme perfection. Each of our products is carefully manufactured in our advanced infrastructural facilities.

Our films undergo strict quality checks from conceptualization till the final stage of production. All this procedure ensures that our customers get the best products. We have a dedicated, skilled, and qualified workforce that efficiently produces the best quality products.

All our stretch films have an inevitable appeal and are long-lasting. It is through the unrelenting efforts that we have reached unachievable heights in the industry today. We are exporting our products globally. 


Skyrocket Your Business with Kingchuan’s Stretch Wrapping Films

You can elevate your business by seeking guidance from Kingchuan Company. At Kingchuan, You may get countless options to choose from. Kingchuan facilitates you with the slitting and rewinding of your packaging stretch films into the desired sizes.

Moreover, you may get technical services at Kingchuan when it comes to recycling stretch films. We value your needs and demands. Whether it is a quality product or a customized solution, you may contact Kingchuan.

Our Company creatively uses color, shape, size, material, and functionality to design unique plastic stretch films that delight customers. Kingchuan offers different colored stretch films, including:

  • Black stretch film
  • Blue stretch film

We strive to operate in partnerships with our clients and anticipate their future requirements. We also struggle to maintain our continuity to achieve client satisfaction within the stipulated frame and budget.

Additionally, with constant support from our clients and competitive solutions, we have reached a respectable position in the local and national market today. We manufacture these transparent stretch films using high-grade material. Our stretch film roll has set benchmarks in the domains of durability and performance.

FDA approves our food grade stretch films for food packaging. We also offer stretch film wholesale for our customers. Our stretch films are known for their easy usability, long service life, and strong construction.

Plastic Stretch Film - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Is the Difference between Cast Stretch Film and Blown Stretch Film?

Cast stretch film is prepared by the cast extrusion method. Its features are:

  • High transparency and gloss
  • Uniform thickness
  • the outstanding barrier for moisture, aromas, and gases

Blown Stretch Film is manufactured by the blown extrusion method. Its characteristics are:

  • Greater puncture resistance
  • Generates less manufacturing scrap
  • Highly durable and offers the greatest toughness
  • Less gloss


Cast V.S. Blown Stretch Film (

The blown stretch film possesses less gloss. This property minimizes the extent of reflection under warehouse lighting. It permits easier product identification and scanning. Cast stretch film possesses superior gloss levels. This property results from the quicker cooling process and the types of resin utilized in the production.

Q2, What Is the Application of Stretch Film?
  • Stretch film is used for palletizing and wrapping boxes of various sizes and weights.
  • It is used for wrapping buckets of paint, liquid, and dry goods.
  • Stretch film is a perfect choice for wrapping heavy loads of beverages.
  • It is used for unitizing reels together and to prevent the unwinding of wires.
  • An antistatic stretch film is mostly used for electronics.
  • Bundling stretch film is used for wrapping and unitizing wood bundles.
  • Stretch film is the best option for wrapping palletized or un-palletized tires.
  • Heavy gauge stretch film is used for wrapping bricks and rocks.
  • Medical products and bulk coffee are wrapped with stretch film.


Stretch Film-Palletized Boxes (