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Shrink Film

Shrink film is a type of plastic film wrap that tightens around a product to produce a seal. The heat source is applied for this purpose. The apparatus required to shrink wrap an object include a heat sealer and source of heat. A heat sealer is used to seal the open ends of the film. The heat source is employed to shrink the film into place.


PET Shrink Film

A PET Shrink Film Manufacturer You Are Looking for Established in 1992, Kingchuan is eagerly indulged in manufacturing, wholesaler, exporter, trader, and Supplier of China

PVC Shrink Film (1)

PVC Shrink Film

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PE Shrink Film

Grow with the Top-rated PE Shrink Film Manufacturer We, Kingchuan, established in 1992, have experience in manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of China PE


POF Shrink Film

Qingdao Kingchuan: Professional Polyolefin Shrink Film Manufacturer Our team started to work in the industry of packaging films in 1992. We have more than 28

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There are numerous ways to shrink wrap.  A shrink wrap bag is used for holding smaller items. Similarly, shrink wrap tubing is used for different sized objects. It is adjustable in length. Shrink wrap machines are used by facilities that regularly shrink wrap larger loads. These machines can wrap, heat, and seal all simultaneously.

Clear shrink film possesses high holding force, fast packaging speeds, good tear resistance, high tensile strength, and good impact resistance. Plastic shrink wrap enhances the visual appearance of the packaging products. Clear heat shrink film offers high gloss surface packaging. Printed shrink film has great transparency for reverse printing.

Shrink packaging film is mostly used for transportation and storage of various products like bundle packaging of food, beverages, electronics, home appliances, toys, sporting goods, etc. Heat shrink film comes in different types, each made from a different polymer. Every type of shrink film roll is used in different applications.

PVC heat shrink packaging film is used for DVD and CD cases, gaming discs, and non-food-related items. POF heat activated shrink film is used for baked goods, frozen food items, small toys, candies, etc. You may use PE shrink film plastic for wrapping beverage multipacks, pallet wrapping, etc. The cross linked shrink film is often used in high output operations. Also, it is used for packing heavy items.

At Kingchuan, we offer clear shrink wrap film with several different thicknesses and widths. We also provide different types and styles of heat shrink plastic wrap.


Predominant Shrink Film Manufacturers: Qingdao Kingchuan

Incorporated in 1992, Kingchuan has been working as a manufacturer, supplier, trader, exporter, and wholesaler of high-quality shrink film. With the experience of over three decades, we have earned a great position in the domestic market as a top-rated heat shrink film manufacturers and shrink bundling film manufacturer.

We have achieved this milestone with the efforts of our employees. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who have detailed knowledge about heat shrink films. These professionals remain in touch with the domestic market to know about the trending products.

Kingchuan never compromises on the quality of the products. We have a quality control unit at our premises. The members of this unit strictly observe the manufacturing process to ensure the reduction of manufacturing defects.

To deal with bulk orders, we have assorted a large number of advanced machinery. We prepare our ink jet shrink film following international standards. Besides China, our plastic shrink film sheets are also in demand in other countries.

We export our shrink label films with the help of our honest shipping partners. We ensure the availability of perforated shrink film 24/7. You can contact our sales manager to get information about our shrink packaging films or place your order.


Fulfill Your Packaging Needs with Kingchuan’s Clear Shrink Wrap Film

Kingchuan strives to meet the requirements of customers. We offer a wide variety of plastic shrink wrap to our customers, including:

  • POF shrink film
  • PE shrink film
  • PVC shrink film
  • PET shrink film
  • Centerfold polyolefin shrink film
  • Shrink clear BOPP film
  • Vinyl shrink film
  • Cryovac shrink film
  • BOPA shrink film

So you can get any of the shrink mentioned above films from Kingchuan with your desired width and thickness. Kingchuan prepares all these shrink films from high-quality raw materials. We purchase these materials from well-known vendors. These vendors ensure the durability and quality of raw materials. 

Our customer service team always remains in contact with the customers to fulfill the requirements of our customers. We ensure the fastest delivery of our shrink films. We also offer wholesale shrink film.

So if you are a wholesaler, then you can get high-quality heat shrink film at reasonable prices. You can boost your market value by offering our shrink films in the market.


Hub of Exemplary Shrink Film Suppliers

Kingchuan is regarded as the best heat shrink plastic film supplier and shrinks clear BOPP film supplier. We also provide a platform where international manufacturers and suppliers can display their products.

Our customers highly admire our plastic shrink films due to their unique features like excellent puncture and tear resistance, high sealing property, and super barrier properties. Our shrink films are used in various applications, including:

  • Heat shrink film for model planes
  • Shrink film jewelry
  • Pizza shrink wrap film
  • Shrink film for food
  • Shrink film for laser printer
  • Meatpacking shrink film
  • Patio door shrink film
  • Heat shrink mirror film

Besides these applications you can use Kingchuan’s shrink film for the packaging of almost every kind of product. Our shrink films are suitable for the preservation of food items.

Plastic shrink film is FDA-approved for food contact. Kingchuan also provides different colored shrink wrap films like black shrink film and white shrink film.

Heat Shrink Covering Film - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Is Shrink Film?

As the name reveals, Shrink film tightly shrinks on the product when heat is applied to it. Hence it covers the product completely.

Plastic polymers are used to manufacture heat shrink plastic film. You may apply heat with a heat gun, or the product may pass through a heat tunnel to wrap the film around the packaging.

How to Use Shrink Film?

Shrink films can be utilized in many areas. You can use it to shrinkwrap objects of all sizes, from small parcels to helicopters and pallets. You can also use it in the building industry.

You can use shrink films for the winter storage of boats to protect them from the rigors of winter since shrinkage is generated by heat.

Similarly, you can use window shrink film in summer to keep your rooms cooler. This film has excellent insulation properties. It can keep the heat out of the room.0


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Q2, What Kind of Film Is Suitable for Shrink Wrap Food?

You can utilize polyolefin shrink film for the packaging of thousands of different kinds of food items. FDA approves it for food contact.

POF shrink film is employed for almost all types of food, including baked goods to meat slices of bread, fish, poultry, etc.