PE Shrink Film

  • High sealing-strength
  • Puncture resistance
  • Highly durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • High-tensile strength
  • Good impact resistance
  • Optimal shrinkage
  • High gloss and transparency
  • Tear-resistance

Kingchuan uses polyethylene to manufacture PE shrink film. However, polyethylene is a kind of polyolefin manufactured by adding a single monomer (ethylene) during polymerization. PE shrink film is used in a wide range of protective packaging applications. Polyethylene shrink film is very elastic. It possesses a range of various other benefits like tear-resistance and high tensile strength. 

Polyethylene shrink bundling film is highly durable. Like most other plastics, Shrink PE film is rot resistant. This film maintains its structural integrity over time. PE shrink film scrap offers excellent moisture protection and is puncture-resistant. That’s why this film is a favorite product for wrapping pallets. Polyethylene heat shrink wrap shrinks when heated. So you may use this film in conjunction with a heat source. It has a broad heat seal range. Also, it is environmentally friendly and reduces the need for plastic. It offers excellent clarity and gloss, thus enhancing the visual appearance of the packaging product.

Due to its toughness, it is widely used in transport applications for handling and storage purposes. Furthermore, it is cost-effective and 60-75% less expensive than other packaging materials. Shrinkwrap polyethylene can be used on various products, ranging from cans and jars to the individual wrapping of goods to more industrial wrapping supplies like buildings, boats, etc. Polyethylene shrink wrap is mainly used for packaging heavier products. Polyethylene shrink waterproof film and PE heat shrink film are extensively used in liquor, mineral water, cans, and a wide range of beverages, cloth, and other products.

Kingchuan offers PE shrink film in a choice of widths and thicknesses. Our Polyethylene shrink film roll is the perfect choice to secure both heavy and obscure shaped loads safely.

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We, Kingchuan, established in 1992, have experience in manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of China PE shrink films. Our offered polyethylene shrink bundling films encapsulate our brand image. We have become able to boost our commercial footprints by serving varied industrial terrains due to the forward-thinking approach of our team members.

Our Polyethylene shrinkwraps bulk roll results from rigorous market analysis and finds its applications in various industries. Kingchuan believes in innovative technology. We have established an advanced work setup where we have installed modern coextrusion techniques and machinery. 

We manufacture our products using high-grade raw material and the latest technology. Our entire range of shrink films conforms to international quality standards. We have a team of experienced quality experts, ensuring that the raw materials are procured from trending vendors.  These vendors provide us food grade certified and 100% virgin raw materials. These experts check the whole procedure of production and supply. They ensure the delivery of defect-free PE film for shrink film to our clients.

If you have any questions regarding polyethylene shrink wrap and which material is most suitable for your product and business, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will happily answer your queries and assist in finding a solution that suits you.


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Being a famous PE shrink film manufacturer and supplier, we try our best to solve the packaging problems of our customers. As our customers are one of the essential elements for expansion, Kingchuan makes sure to cater to their every requirement with utmost diligence.

By preserving a client-centric approach towards client satisfaction, we have attained a reliable market position. Our offered polyethylene heat-activated shrink film is available in various widths, thicknesses, and designs under the demands and instructions given by the clients. We provide these films at reasonable prices to our customers.

Kingchuan’s polyethylene shrink film is checked on several parameters to ensure excellence. Our offered shrink film PE is accessible in standard and customized specifications as per the demand of customers and is widely demanded in various sectors. Our clients widely appreciate us for the prompt deliveries and accuracy of our products. We also offer after-sale services.


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Our PE Shrink Film and PE Shrink Wrap are very famous among consumer, retail and industrial manufacturers for packaging edible and non-edible goods. Our PE Shrinkwrap is durable, enables a strong seal, and is a very cost-effective packaging solution.

Sustainability is a significant core value at Kingchuan. Our PE heat shrink film is environment-friendly. Kingchuan’s PE films are specially prepared based on the customer’s needs. Our polyethylene heat shrink wrap is well known among our customers due to its waterproof, fine finish, moisture resistance, excellent strength, optimum quality, and light-weight.

Our offered PE shrink films are demanded in various packaging fields, including:

  • Book packaging, catalogs
  • Cardboard packaging, mailings
  • Automotive industry
  • Food industry
  • Furniture industry

Polyethylene Shrink Bundling Film - An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Is the Difference between Polyolefin and Polyethylene?

Both Polyethylene and Polyolefin are thermoplastic polymer materials. The significant difference between these two polymers is that Polyolefin is made from the polymerization of small alkenes, while the polymerization of ethylene molecules prepares polyethylene polymer.

Kingchuan supplies both POF and PE heat shrink films.

Q2, What Is LDPE Shrink Film?

It is a film made from low-density polyethylene material. LDPE shrink film is frequently used as an overwrap on various packaging, including cartons, boxes, beverage cans, and pallet loads.


LDPE Shrink film (

Q3, What Are the Benefits of Polyethylene Shrink Film?
  • It is a challenging and durable transit film.
  • It is used for collation wrapping.
  • PE shrink film is used for wrapping trays of cans and bottles.
  • It is suitable for overwrapping shipping boxes.
  • This film can be used for wrapping collations of cartons.
  • It is fully recyclable. So it poses no threats to the environment.