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Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is prepared from an aluminum alloy. This alloy contains 92-99 percent aluminum. Alu foil comes in various widths and strengths for a wide range of applications. Chinese aluminum foil is popular due to its various major advantages. The raw materials used for manufacturing aluminum foil are plentiful.


Laminated Aluminum Foil

Top-Selling Laminated Aluminum Foil Roll Manufacturer Kingchuan is renowned as the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of laminated aluminum foils. We may offer premium quality


Food Grade Aluminum Foil

Chart-Topping Food Grade Aluminum Foil Manufacturer Incorporated in 1992, Kingchuan is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters firms operating actively to bring forth

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Aluminum foil tape is a durable, low-cost, nontoxic, and greaseproof film. Aluminum foil possesses outstanding electrical and non-magnetic shielding. It is a lightweight packaging film and can resist chemical attacks. Laminated Aluminum foil is employed in industries for a wide range of purposes like packaging, transportation, and insulation.

Kingchuan aluminum foils possess outstanding mechanical properties like high tensile strength, crack resistance, and elongation. It is a lightweight film with good ductility. Vacuum aluminum foil is used to wrap and protect delicate foods such as vegetables when grilling them. The heavy-duty aluminum foil acts as an excellent vapor barrier to keep liquids and drippings off pan surfaces. You may utilize alu foil to wrap foods for freezing and cooking.

Heavy duty aluminum foil can be used to reduce the transfer of moisture, odors, and vapor if the product is sealed tightly around the food. Aluminum foil sheets can withstand extensive temperatures. It is used in ovens or grills to protect food areas from over baking. It has excellent reflective properties. Chinese aluminum foil can be employed to line grill trays to keep things tidy. It is also suitable for scrubbing pans or grill grates to remove stubborn stains and residue.

Alu foil usually has a shiny and dull side. The shiny side of the aluminum foil can reflect heat better. So this side must be used to wrap foods to be stored in refrigerated conditions. If you want to keep wrapped food warm, you must wrap the food with the dull side. In this way, the heat reflects off the shiny side and back into the food. 

Kingchuan offers high-quality aluminum foils of various thicknesses. Our films are best for packaging and baking purposes.


Verified Aluminum Foil Manufacturer: Qingdao Kingchuan

Kingchuan is actively engaged in manufacturing Chinese aluminum foil. We work as an exporter, wholesaler, trader, and supplier. We supply an eco-friendly assortment aluminum foil pans, aluminum foil sheets, aluminum foil battery, and aluminum foil pouch, etc.

Kingchuan’s high-quality aluminum foils are produced in tune with global standards. Being an able China aluminum foil supplier and having expertise in manufacturing these products, we are all time supported by an able team of efficient professionals.

Kingchuan is well known in the domestic market as:

  • Supplier of aluminum foil insulation tape for air conditioner duct refrigerator
  • Aluminum foil container lid manufacturer
  • Aluminum foil bags manufacturer

Our large aluminum foils keep the food fresh for a longer duration and protect them from adulteration. To ensure the flawlessness of our offered thick aluminum foil, we stringently examine every product before sending them for delivery. To manufacture the offered aluminum foil heat sealing film, we have established a state of art infrastructure facility at our premise.

We have assorted all the upgraded tools and machines at our manufacturing unit. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals fully support us. By providing this commendable array of products, we have attained a huge number of clients all over the world.

We are one of the leading merchant exporters marching ahead with premium quality aluminum foils of international standards. Feel free to contact us to get your quotations.


Kingchuan’s Goal! The Accomplishment of Customer’s Demands

Kingchuan’s main goal is utmost customer satisfaction at a competitive price. We are a quality-conscious organization and are managed professionally to deliver maximum satisfaction to our clients by our large rolls of aluminum foil. Our happy and stable clients appreciate our products for their quality and hygiene-controlled processing.

Kingchuan strives to build lasting relationships with our clients. Therefore our team works hard to anticipate and cater to the exacting requirements of our huge clientele from diverse industrial sectors. We serve industries like pharmaceutical, oil, chemical, food and beverage, packaging, cosmetics, automotive, and agriculture.

Kingchuan’s experts constantly strive to introduce emerging technologies and collaborate with customers to understand their requirements and help optimize their protection needs. 

Kingchuan also believes in making the customers aware of the latest innovative packaging ideas. Our team provides you with the best possible solutions to be in touch with the innovations in your respective field.

To sum up, Kingchuan helps create value for you by using high-quality innovative packaging solutions.


The Best Aluminum Foil Supplier

Kingchuan is the leading supplier of high quality aluminum foils. We offer a wide range of alu film for various purposes, including:

Kingchuan product range features comprehensive benefits of eco-friendly production, abrasion resistance, superior load-bearing capacity, robust construction, temper resistance, and broad application area.

Furthermore, these products are highly demanded and admired by our valuable customers due to their rugged construction, flawless finishing, and accurate dimensions.

Aluminum Foil - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Are the Properties of Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum foils properties:

  • Foil has high tensile strength and cracks resistance.
  • It possesses excellent chemical resistance.
  • Alu Foil is moisture-proof.
  • It can withstand high and low temperatures.
  • This film possesses light-shielding property.
  • It is eco-friendly and nontoxic.
  • It possesses excellent barrier properties.


Aluminum Foil

Q2, What Are the Applications of Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum foil is used for the following purposes:

  • Heat insulation material
  • Plastic flexible laminates
  • Soap and detergent industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
  • Paper cup industries
  • Multi wallpaper bags industries
  • E. coated paper and paper board with multicolor rotogravure printing
  • Ice cream
  • Protective packaging material


Aluminum Foil Cups

Q3, What Are the Benefits of Using Aluminum Foil in Food Packaging?
  • Aluminum foil is resistant to light, bacteria, moisture, and all harmful gases. Due to its ability to block out moisture and bacteria, it increases the shelf life of packaged food products.
  • Aluminum foil can withstand high temperatures. That’s why it is the best option for wrapping food items that require reheating in the future.
  • Aluminum foil can seal the odor of packaged food items. So it prevents the generation of unbearable smell in the fridge.
Q4, Is Aluminum Foil Recyclable?

It is easy to recycle Aluminum foil if it is free of food residue. It is not preferable to recycle dirty aluminum as food contaminates the recycling. You can rinse the foil to clean it or else, you can throw it in the dustbin.