PET Heat Transfer Film

  • Attractive design and fine finishing
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent chemical and dimensional stability
  • High reflectivity and transparency
  • Electrical insulation
  • Waterproof and corrosion resistance
  • Realistic patterns
  • Strong covering power
  • Good adhesion

The heat transfer film is a new technique of making a preprinting on PET Sheets. Heat transfer film has become more trendy nowadays, as it is more efficient than the traditional printing system (silkscreen). Its printing quality is much better.

The printing process comprises only one stamping process. There will be no need for a UV or drying process in this method, which reduces the cost, saves delivery time, and provides environmental protection.

The heat transfer film is prepared without using any spray adhesive. The heat transfer printing film utilizes a particular type of heat transfer reaction material. This film makes the products look bright and attractive. It efficiently brings the products with added value.

It can have a marble stone, wood grain, wallpaper colors, and a wide range of other latest designs on the surface of the wall panel. For home decorations, mainly these films are used with a marble design, wood grain, and paper color design.

It can replace the use of wooden boards and wall bricks etc. The heat transfer films can be used with a heat transfer machine to decorate numerous types of Plastic items like cosmetics, houseware, stationery, kitchenware, buckets, furniture, etc.

Kingchuan offers most of the popular heat transfer film designs to meet different customers’ requests. We can produce high-quality heat transfer film, and heat transfer film can be printed on the PET, PP, PC, and Acrylic material.

Property Unit Typical values Test methods
Thickness μm 30 DIN 53370
Tensile strength(MD/TD) MPa 190/220 ASTM D 882
Elongation at break(MD/TD) % 160/110 ASTM D 882
Elastic modulus(MD/TD) MPa 3600/4100 ASTM D 882
Heat shrinkage(MD/TD)150℃,30min % 1.6 ASTM D 1204
Heat seal strength N/15mm 5 ASTM F 2029
————Performance characteristics:
(1) Sealing performance without coating and lamination.
(2) High tensile strength, good transparency, high barrier.

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We have carved a niche among the most trusted names in this business, engaged in contributing an inclusive range of heat press transfer films. Kingchuan was founded in 1992 and has been dedicated to manufacturing and developing high-quality transparent heat transfer film. 

We aim to assist the clients and to develop sustainable operations to tend diversification expansion. Our company is equipped with the latest printing machines to accept multicolor requirements. We also have a high-quality automatic cutting machine which can offer a custom cutting service. Feel free to contact us for quotations.


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Being a business owner, retailer, or wholesaler, you can increase your demand in the domestic market by Kingchuan’s transparent holographic heat transfer film. At Kingchuan, you can get polyester heat transfer film with your desired pattern and color. We also offer skateboard heat transfer film wholesale for our customers.

We insist on taking strict inspection management for offering our customers exceptional quality PVC heat transfer film.  This Insistence decreases the subsequent processing loss and increases the product competition in the worldwide market. Our delivery time is short and prompt for satisfying the customer’s request, keeping the customer free of concern for the delay. We try to ensure that our customers contentedly recommend our heat transfer vinyl film to everyone.


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Kingchuan is regarded as the best supplier of heat transfer printing film for plastic products, heat transfer vinyl masking film, heat transfer film for semiconductors, heat transfer films for t-shirts, heat transfer film for skateboard, heat transfer printing film, laser-cut heat transfer film, and heat transfer film for hard surfaces.

You can also get your desired heat transfer film thickness at our company. We offer heat transfer film printing with multicolor, high resolution, and increased adhesive features. It is required for various products like stationery, commodity, electric application, toiletry, toy, and a plastic bucket.

PET Transfer Film- An Ultimate Guide

Q1, What Is the Difference between Heat Transfer Film and Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is a unique polymer that creates designs and promotional products on specific materials and fabrics. This film comes in a sheet or roll form with an adhesive backing. It can be weeded, cut, and placed on a substrate for heat application.

You can utilize heat transfer vinyl to create special effects with its flocked, glitter, holographic, 3D puff, and glow-in-the-dark options. The layering of these types of heat transfer vinyl film is dependent on the kind of vinyl used.

Heat transfer vinyl must last the product’s lifetime if it is attached to the specific substrate according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Heat transfer vinyl is conventionally placed on textile products, nylon, and leather.

Heat Transfer Vinyl Film

Heat Transfer Vinyl Film

What Is Heat Transfer Film?

The heat transfer film is a new type of surface finishing material that is prepared without using spray adhesive. It does not need any curing and drying process.

These films are suitable for:

  • Most plastics such as ABS, PC, PS, PMMA, PP PE
  • Wooden products
  • Glass products
  • Metal surface covered with varnish
Q2, What Is Film Temperature in Heat Transfer?

The film temperature is referred to as the temperature of the heated surface inside a heater. If this film temperature exceeds the recommended substrate’s maximum film temperature, the substrate will become overheated. It leads to the thermal cracking of the substrate. The film temperature used for PET heat transfer films is 170-180 degrees Centigrade.

Q3, What Is Heat Transfer Printing Used For?

It is a method of printing that permits you to print a design onto an object. Heat transfer printing utilizes the procedure of heat to transfer an image created in wax to an entity. This printing technique is well-matched with pre-painted images on a wax sheet. You can use it to create an image by layering wax dye onto a substrate.

Benefits of Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing is extensively utilized to create durable, adhesive, heat resistant, and waterproof designs. Moreover, the colors formed in the image are high resolution with bold and bright colors.

Heat Transfer Printing Film

Heat Transfer Printing Film