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The Most Advanced, Multi-Function BOPP Films Including Heat Sealable, Pearlized, Thermal Lamination, Glossy, Matt, And Printable Film. Manufactured With The Highest Standards Of Quality And Designed For Superior Performance, Our Excellent Quality BOPP Plastic Films Are Suitable For A Variety Of Applications.

Slitting Maching (3)

Metalized BOPP Film

Kingchuan: Leading Metalized BOPP Film Manufacturer Since our establishment in 1992, we have been engaged in offering our clients a comprehensive range of metalized BOPP

Bopp Anti Fog Film (2)

BOPP Anti Fog Film

World’s Outstanding BOPP Anti-Fog Film Manufacturer: Kingchuan Kingchuan was incorporated in the year 1992. We, “Kingchuan Packaging,” are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of an optimum quality array of China anti-fog


Bopp Holographic Film

Qingdao Kingchuan: One of the Leading Holographic BOPP Film Suppliers Qingdao Kingchuan is one of the top BOPP holographic film manufacturers in China. Kingchuan has

Bopp film for printing

Printable BOPP Film

Qingdao Kingchuan: Trending Among the World’s Best Printable BOPP Film Suppliers After a long journey of untiring hard work, Kingchuan is listed among China’s leading


Bopp Matte Film

Qingdao Kingchuan: Highly Renowned World’s Best Matt BOPP Film Manufacturer Kingchuan packaging is one of the leading suppliers of recyclable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly plastic films.


Heat Sealable Bopp Film

Qingdao Kingchuan: Trending among the World’s Best BOPP Heat Sealable Film Suppliers Kingchuan has been performing remarkably for the past three decades. We bring innovations

Glossy Pearl White Surface

Bopp Pearlized Film

Qingdao Kingchuan: Your Go-to Pearlized BOPP Film Manufacturer in China Thirty years of excellent products and services are at Kingchuan’s credit. We ensure to give


Bopp Thermal Lamination Film

Qingdao Kingchuan: One of the Leading BOPP Thermal Lamination Film Suppliers in China Kingchuan has been working in China with pride since 1992. We are


Bopp Tape Film

Qingdao Kingchuan: One of the Leading BOPP Packing Tape Manufacturers in China The expert team at Kingchuan gathers and supplies the best plastic packaging material

Why Choose Bopp As Your Food Packaging Film?

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BOPP film packaging is completely non-toxic and free of all types of allergens, also good for the environment as it helps preserve our precious natural resources.

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Exceptional Mechanical Properties

BOPP films are renowned for their exceptional mechanical properties, moisture durability, sealing properties, and superior oxygen characteristics. 

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Bopp films have high transparency and an incredible gloss for a stunning finish, and it is highly resistant to wrinkles and shrinkage when it comes to aesthetic appeal.

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Although Bopp film is thin and lightweight, it can prevent product damage during transit and high resistance against wet weather keeps the products safe and dry.

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As one of the world’s leading BOPP film suppliers, Kingchuan Packaging offers the most cutting-edge, high-quality BOPP films along with the best customer service in the industry. We have managed to achieve this through our flexible cost structure, state-of-art technology, and proven processes. So, if you are looking for biaxially oriented polypropylene film manufacturers, look no further. The entire range of BOPP products we offer at Kingchuan Packaging is unrivaled in innovation and value.

BOPP Film (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film) is a plastic film. As the name suggests, two-dimensional stress is put, on polypropylene, during its manufacturing process. So, this double-sided pressure (machine direction and transverse direction) makes the film firm, glossy, and tensile. It is one of the most commonly used packaging materials. For example, various industries utilize BOPP plastic film as wrappers, poly bags, zip-lock bags, labels, etc.

You can find these films in various types at King Chuan. So, get the one that best suits your business need. Moreover, King Chuan Packaging offers fantastic deals and discounted prices on bulk orders.

BOPP film is excellent for packaging food, health care products, medicine, cosmetics, stationery, daily necessities, tea, cigarettes, and chewing gum, among others. It is great for environmental protection as well. They are non-toxic, and they don’t emit toxic gases during the heat sealing process.

Isotactic Polypropylene is the main material used to produce a BOPP film. It is essentially a thermoplastic ad semi-crystalline material. For outer layers, several polymers are used including ethylene-butane-propylene and ethylene-propylene.

The thickness of bioriented polypropylene film varies in different types. Truly, it ranges from 9 – 65 microns. There are mainly three layers of a BOPP plastic film. The middle layer is generally the thickest of all. Also, it possesses the primary mechanical characteristics of the film.

Whereas the outer two layers possess qualities like heat-sealing properties, etc. So, BOPP film manufacturers use isotactic polypropylene for the middle layer and ethylene-propylene for the outer layers.


China’s Leading and the Most Trusted BOPP Film Supplier and Manufacturer

Kingchuan BOPP films are among the finest quality products that are manufactured by the top polypropylene film manufacturers of the industry. More than three decades of experience, in-depth knowledge of markets and materials, and long-lasting collaborations with our clients has enabled us to offer innovative BOPP Films that not only meet but surpass our clients’ expectations.

At Kingchuan Packing, we specialize in top-quality Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films suitable for a variety of purposes including packaging, technical applications, labels, and tobacco among others.

Our intelligent, tailor-made solutions are designed to fit the needs of our global customers. As the most reliable polypropylene film suppliers for packaging, we make sure that our products are easy to use and are designed to make your brand stand out.


We Are the BOPP Film Supplier You Can Count On

The Widest Range Of Top Quality, Exceptionally Durable Material Polypropylene Film Manufactured Using State Of The Art Technology. China’s #1 Superior Bopp Films Designed For Exceptional Clarity and Bonding For The Most Demanding Applications.

As one of the most trusted BOPP film suppliers and manufacturers in the region, we are known for providing exceptional quality and durable films, fast turnaround times, and excellent customer service.

At Kingchuan Packaging, we offer a huge variety of Bopp films, including Bopp glossy Film, Matte Film, Printable film, Tape film, BOPP thermal lamination film, Pearlized film, Heat sealable film, Anti-fog film, Tobacco film, and Metalized BOPP film. Our films are recognized for their excellent mechanical and electrical properties. These films are also highly resistant to moisture and chemicals.

We have an extensive portfolio that includes BOPP films, BOPET Films, BOPA films, CPP films, PE films, PVDC, Aluminum foils, among others.

In all of our services, we aim for the highest industry standards. Over the years, we’ve made many strategic investments in our quality control processes that have allowed us to continuously monitor our products at every stage and check them for even the most subtle defects.

Furthermore, thanks to our extensive experience and expertise in this industry, we can make your business future-ready with our products. We will be glad to work closely with you to create tailor-made packaging solutions that will suit your creative or brand ambitions precisely.

BOPP Film – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, How PP, OPP, CPP, and BOPP Films Are Distinct?

Before getting started, let us know what BOPP stands for. It abbreviates Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film.

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer that is derived from oil. It is usually built into several bottles and containers. These bottles assist in using it in the automotive industry, specifically for several parts of the vehicles.

Figure 3 Polypropylene

When it comes to OPP, it stands for Oriented Polypropylene, and it is always stretched in one direction.

Moving forward, CPP condenses for Cast Polypropylene, and it has a significant impact resistance to BOPP.

Moreover, CPP is softer and is mainly used as an inner web when it comes to lamination. It is suitable for applications where resistance to higher temperatures is necessary.

Compared to every other film, BOPP film manufacturing process inclines to stretch the film in two directions, i.e., machine and transverse. 

Q2, What Is the Difference Between BOPP Film and PET Film?

BOPP is a Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene film that is possibly the most extensively used film for a variety of purposes including packaging material in the food industry.

It is highly durable and has excellent transparency. It is available in glossy or matte texture and is great for laminating and metalizing using other polymer films.

PET stands for polyethylene Terephthalate or, more commonly, polyester. Similar to BOPP films, PET films are FDA-approved.

It means they are food safe and are suitable for food packaging. Moreover, polyester films are widely used for making labels, zip-lock bags, wrappers, and masking applications like polypropylene films.

As compared to BOPP plastic films, PET is less resistant to moisture and oxidation.  Furthermore, polypropylene has a higher melting point than polyester. Consequently, BOPP has higher heat resistance than PET.

Q3, What Is the Market Demand for Biaxially oriented Polypropylene Film?

BOPP films are the future of the packaging industry. Globally, the market size for BOPP films is over USD 25.2 billion and it is projected to increase to more than 31 billion by 2015.

The market size for the BOPP films has also increased because of the growth of other industries especially the packaging industry. BOPP films are increasingly replacing conventional packaging methods like cartons and metal cans.

There are several factors responsible for this shift.

  • They are replacing foil paper, cellophane, and waxing paper, rapidly.
  • Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene films are more flexible.
  • These films facilitate you with faster packaging.
  • BOPP plastic provides you with advanced sealing properties.
  • In addition, they are food-grade.
  • Cost-effectiveness makes BOPP stand out among others.

All these and many other reasons make BOPP plastic film packaging best-loved. Therefore, retailers, manufacturers, and consumers prefer using polypropylene films. Consequently, increasing the market demand for BOPP films.