Food Grade Aluminum Foil

  • Strong and even thickness
  • Durable finish standards
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly durable
  • High tensile strength
  • Moisture resistance
  • Excellent chemical and gas barrier
  • Superheat resistance
  • Hygiene to use

Food Grade aluminum foil has a higher thickness as compared to other aluminum foils. It is a durable aluminum foil. It can withstand wear and tear. Due to its high tear and puncture resistance, it is the best cover for foil steam table pans, as the pans will flex when carried.

Heavy duty grill aluminum foil is a stronger, thicker foil that is perfect for grilling that requires high-quality performance. Heavy duty foil tackles even the heartiest of meals with ease. Commercial grade aluminum foil is best for lining roasting pans, grilling meats, and protecting against high heat or cold.

With Kingchuan’s heavy duty aluminum foil jumbo roll, you can prepare safe foil packets for easy and delicious meals.

You can wrap up the leftovers in heavy duty foil paper to keep them fresh. Heavy duty aluminum foil paper features higher tensile strength and resilience. That’s why it is suitable for extreme household usage. Commercial aluminum foil roll also provides better coverage and heat retention. Withstanding high heat and better coverage, catering foil roll helps lock the flavor and keep food moist.

Food grade heavy duty aluminum foil is pure and food-safe. It has passed all the food safety requirements tests. It is free of any hazardous chemicals. So baking with aluminum foil is safe. Furthermore, BBQ aluminum foil keeps your barbecue supple and moist while it cooks.

Kingchuan’s heavy duty foil, made in China, offers extra protection against high heat and cold. Our heavy duty foil is perfect for use on the grill, covering or lining larger roasting pans, or making larger foils packets.

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Chart-Topping Food Grade Aluminum Foil Manufacturer

Incorporated in 1992, Kingchuan is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters firms operating actively to bring forth a premium range of China food grade aluminum foil. The responsibility and compliance to business ethics make us develop a wide range of high quality restaurant foil paper.

From the first day of our start, we have manufactured the best quality of heavy duty foil paper at cost-effective prices. For a state-of-the-art and strong infrastructure, we have modern tools, including cutting-edge technologies, in our manufacturing unit. Kingchuan’s aluminum foil paper is continuously evolving and being upgraded due to the technological advancements in the industry.

Designed as per the defined quality standards, our food grade material aluminum foil jumbo roll is also subject to customization as per the specifications laid down by you. You can contact our highly experienced sales manager to purchase heavy duty aluminum foil of your desired thickness.


Get High Quality Grill Aluminum Foil for Your Kitchen from Kingchuan

If you are tired of using fragile foils for baking and food packaging, you must get rid of them. You must give a try to Kingchuan’s aluminum foil for food packaging. As our customers are one of the essential elements for expansion, Kingchuan makes sure to cater to their every requirement with utmost diligence.

By preserving a client-centric approach towards client satisfaction, we can attain a reliable market position. Our offered commercial grade aluminum foil is available in various dimensions, sizes, and designs under the demands and instructions given by the customers.

Kingchuan’s aluminum foil paper is checked on several parameters to ensure excellence. Our offered BBQ aluminum foil is accessible in standard and customized specifications as per the demand of customers. Also it is widely demanded in various sectors. Our clients widely appreciate us for the prompt deliveries and accuracy of our products.


The Best Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Supplier

Kingchuan is well known as the supplier of high quality foodservice aluminum foil. Our offered heavy duty aluminum foils are best for:

  • Making foil packets to lock in flavor and moisture
  • Grilling meats
  • Freezing meals and storing leftovers
  • Lining roasting pans and grill grates

Our heavy duty aluminum foil is used for packaging as it is highly malleable. Aluminum foil paper acts as a total barrier to light, oxygen, odors and flavors, moistness, and germs. It is used broadly in food and pharmaceutical packaging.

Our heavy duty foil is widely used for radiation shields, heat exchangers, and cable liners. Our respected clients highly acknowledge our foils for their various features. These features are moisture-proof, resistant to dust and abrasion, and maintain the packed product’s freshness. These catering foil rolls are manufactured by using high-grade material.

Food Grade Aluminum Foil- An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Is Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil?

Heavy duty aluminum foil is thicker than regular foils. Due to its increased thickness, it is more robust and durable than others.

You may use Kingchuan’s aluminum foil rolls for cooking, baking, freezing, and carrying heavy food items.

The question arises, how thick is heavy duty aluminum foil?

Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Thickness:

Usually, the thickness of foils is commonly measured in thousandths of an inch or mils.  The thickness of the standard household foil is usually 0.016 mm (0.63 mils). At the same time, heavy duty household foil is usually 0.024 mm (0.94 mils) thick.


Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Roll

Q2, What Is the Difference between Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil and Regular Aluminum Foil?

Heavy duty aluminum foils VS regular aluminum foils:

Both aluminum foils are prepared from the same materials, but there is a difference in their thickness.

Regular aluminum foil is thinner and less expensive. It cannot withstand high heat cooking on the grill.  It is used for kitchen tasks like covering dishes in the fridge, lining baking sheets, and wrapping sandwiches.

Regular Aluminum Foil

Regular Aluminum Foil

Heavy duty aluminum foil is thicker and sturdier than regular foil. It is slightly expensive than the regular one. It can hold up high heat, heavy food items, and long-term storage in the fridge.


Heavy Duty Foil

Q3, What Are the Applications of Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil?
  • It is used for wrapping food contents. It maintains freshness and protects the food when out of the home.
  • It is used for cooking purposes. You can use it as a complete cover to allow food to cook in its juices. You can use it simply as a cover to avoid splatters.
  • It is used for food storage. It helps to keep food fresh and lock in odors.

When it comes to food contact, the question arises, is food grade aluminum foil safe?

Various researches suggest that aluminum foil should not be used for cooking at extremely high temperature.

Although not for long periods, it is safe to wrap cold food in foil, as food has a shelf life. Aluminum in the foil will begin to leach into the food, especially acidic or hot food.