Bopa Film For Printing

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • High transparency and gloss
  • Good aroma barrier
  • Wide temperature use range
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • High printability
  • The excellent ink adhesion property
  • Excellent gas barrier

The printing grade BOPA film consists of two surface layers surrounding a core layer. One layer is corona treated, while the other layer has adhesive properties for printing inks. Various other coatings are very strong on this layer.

It features high transparency and outstanding mechanical features. It also acts as an efficient barrier to oil and oxygen contamination.

Moreover, nylon film for printing possesses a consistently low level of electrostatic activity. It is generally produced in various thicknesses range. Also, it is extensively used in lamination and bag manufacture.

This printable BOPA film is not suitable for shallow screen printing. These nylon films for printing are designed for the most excellent results in printing and lamination procedures.

Kingchuan’s valuable customers like to use these films for bag and pouch production due to their dimensional characteristics. From the packaging perspective, printable BOPA films are appropriate for high speed printing with optimum printing performance.

To boost the usage of BOPA films, various inks have been developed to print these special films. Numerous versions of these films are available, i.e., corona treated, chemical treated, high oxygen barrier coating, etc.

Kingchuan’s white clear printable plastic packaging nylon film has excellent ink and coating adhesion, low electrostatic performance, and exceptional flatness. Kingchuan printable BOPA films can be extensively employed in food packing, stationery packaging, cosmetic industry, undergarment industry, and others.

Kingchuan offers a wide variety of high-quality BOPA films for printing. At Kingchuan, particular customized production specifications outside of the usual characteristics are also possible.

Typical Physical Properties:
Items Test Methods Units Typical Value
Thickness GB 6672 μm 15 15 15
Density GB 1033 g/cm3 1.14 1.14 1.14
Tensile Strength (MD/TD) GB 13022 MPa 230/235 230/265 235/300
Elongation at Break (MD/TD) GB 13022 % 95/85 128/85 125/90
Heat Shrinkage    (MD/TD) GB 12026 % 1.3/0.8 1.0/1.2 1.3/1.6
(1600C × 5min)
Surface Tension GB/T 14216 mN/m 60 60 58
Haze GB 2410 % 1 2.8 2.8
Oxygen Permeability GB 1038 cm3/(m2 .24h.atm) 30 30 30

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Landmark of Superb BOPA Printing Films

Kingchuan is one of the largest nylon film for printing manufacturers in the world. The company allows the production of a new generation of specialty BOPA films.

Kingchuan produces BOPA Printable films with superior mechanical properties compared to other films, making them suitable for a wider range of applications. We are committed to serving a very good price printing BOPA nylon film while maintaining high product quality. The certificates our product granted include FDA, EC, and CER, and so on.

Our quality control team keeps a close vigil on the complete production process to diminish the negligible chances of manufacturing defects. With the help of the latest technology and comprehensive quality control policies, we can ensure flawless and cost-effective products for our clients.

If you need premium quality Printing BOPA films, please feel free to contact us for more information. We are glad to help you in providing high-quality printable BOPA films all over the world. We offer a full professional solution for your products’ packaging.


Approach World’s Best Printable Nylon Film Supplier to Boost Your Business

You can seek guidance from highly experienced team members of Kingchuan to enhance your market value. We aim to satisfy our customers and develop a long-term relationship with them. We provide our reliable quality BOPA film for printing, reasonable prices, a wide product range with fast delivery, and especially honest dealing.

Kingchuan aims to deliver optimum quality nylon film for printing to clients. We can boast of the quality standard of our food packaging nylon printing films as we have manufactured these by using premium quality raw materials.


The Distributor of Best Nylon Printing Films

These BOPA films enhance the value of finished items by giving a beautiful appearance to them. These films increase the shelf life of products due to their excellent barrier properties. At Kingchuan, you have a wide range of these films to choose from.

You can get a wide range of the best nylon printing films at Kingchuan. Our printing BOPA films are tested on the following parameters:

  • Plasticity
  • Dimensions
  • Tolerance
  • Printability
  • Clarity
  • Seal -ability
  • Thickness

Our BOPA films have excellent printability due to their high ink adhesion property. These films have perfect dimensional stability, high plasticity, and sealability. Our films possess outstanding tolerance against harmful chemicals. These films can be used for flexible packaging, food packaging, and bags and pouches.

Polyamide Printing Films - An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, Is Nylon Safe To Print?

Nylon is a semi-flexible and tough material. It offers excellent impact and abrasion resistance. Nylon film is a perfect choice for printing durable parts.

Nylon is a famous material in the plastics industry. It is known for its flexibility and toughness. Nylon filaments usually need extruder temperatures up to 250 ºC. Though, few brands permit printing at temperatures below 220 ºC because of their chemical composition. Numerous printers do not embrace a hotel that can securely achieve 250 ºC.

Thus these lower-temperature versions can be helpful and potentially protect you from needing to advance your hot-end. One huge challenge with polyamide films is that these filaments are hygroscopic. They can eagerly soak up moisture from their surroundings.

Printing nylon after it has been immersed with moisture will cause many print quality problems. So the filament storage becomes very significant and requires particular attention.


Nylon Film Printing

Q2, What Are the Characteristics of BOPA Printing Film?

A printable BOPA film must have the following features:

Adhesive Performance

This film has excellent ink and coating adhesion. It can properly absorb the printing inks. It can easily be coated with chemicals and other useful ingredients.

Barrier Performance

It acts as an excellent barrier against oxygen, oil, grease, aroma, and other harmful substances. Transparency

This film possesses superb transparency and high gloss. It gives a shiny appearance to products. It has excellent flatness.

Mechanical and Electrostatic Performance

It presents low electrostatic performance to avoid any mishap during printing. It has excellent mechanical properties. It is easy to process.


Printed BOPA Film

Q3, What Are the Applications of Printable BOPA Films?

The basic applications of BOPA films are following:

Food package

  • It is used in vacuum and vacuums refrigeration retort package for packaging ham, sausage, chicken, and other fresh food.
  • It is also used for spice, salty food (pickles) packaging. These films can also pack sea plant food, vegetable, tea, and flavor.

Non-food package

  • Disinfected medical appliance, cosmetics, scour, and shampoo
  • Integrated circuit and some other instrument