Bopa Laminating Film

  • High Puncture and tear resistance
  • Curl free (Lay Flat)
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Highly printable and Heat-sealable
  • Leakage resistance and High moisture proof
  • Flexible and soft and stable film
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Food grade safe for cooking
  • Excellent optical properties

BOPA laminating film is also known as lay flat or nylon laminating film. Nylon lay flat laminating film is designed to help minimize the curl in the single-sided laminating application. You can use it with most commercial laminators or single-sided laminating systems.

It is perfect for high-speed lamination of single-sided prints or documents. It utilizes a low melt copolymer adhesive. This adhesive provides excellent clarity. It also provides a strong bond between print and film. 

Most prints that are laminated on one side can curl in the presence of high humidity. Lay flat nylon laminating films use a substance that can alter in relative humidity. Thus it results in marvelously finished prints that lie flat. These films can accept foil stamping, UV spot coating, and animal or synthetic-based glues.

Nylon digital lay flat laminating film is commonly used to produce perfect bound posters, book covers, maps, and dusk jackets. BOPA laminating film is also used in packaging products due to its stable and non-curling properties. 

Furthermore, nylon lamination film is heat resistant. It does not expand or stretch on exposure to heat during the lamination process. 

Kingchuan offers a wide range of premium quality laminating films. Our BOPA laminating film provides excellent abrasion resistance. It is preferred due to its exceptional optical properties. Moreover, it has high gloss and clarity. 

It also protects and enhances the look of books, packages, and other printed materials due to its scuff-resistance and very soft feel.

Technical Parameter of  25mic BOPA Film
     Item Units Test standard Standard value Average
    Thickness um GB/T 6672-2001 24.90~25.08 25.01
Tesile strength MD Mpa GB/T 13022-1991 ≥180 219.2
TD GB/T 13022-1991 ≥180 315.5
Elongation at  Break MD % GB/T 13022-1991 ≤180 152.1
TD GB/T 13022-1991 ≤180 93.3
Modulus of  Elasticity MD Mpa GB/T 13022-1991 ≥2000 3328.9
TD GB/T 13022-1991 ≥1300 2667.3
Thermal shrinkage MD % GB/T 12027-2004 ≤3.0 1.36
TD ≤3.0 1.32
Tear force MD mN GB/T 11999-1989 ≥60 148.5
TD ≥60 98.1
Coefficient of Friction(non/non) ST GB/T 10006-1988 ≤0.6 0.326
KI ≤0.6 0.308
Treated side(treated/non-terated) mN/m GB/T 14216-1993 ≥50 56
Haze % GB/T 2410-1980 <7.0 5.3
Gloss % GB/T 2410-1980 >150 175
Clarity % GB/T 2410-1980 >90 90
Water vapor transmission(40ºC 90%RH) g/m²/24h  GB1037-88 <150 129
Oxygen transmission(20ºC100%RH) cm³/m² GB-1038 <50 29
/24h /atm

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You can enhance your market value by presenting Kingchuan’s laminating BOPA films in the domestic market. We can always be able to meet your requirements to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for a superior quality nylon laminating film, you must go for Kingchuan’s BOPA film. At Kingchuan, you can also get customized films of good quality. These films can give utmost protection to your products. We value your needs and demands. Whether it is a quality product or a customized solution, you may contact Kingchuan. Reveal the details of your requirement.

Kingchuan ensures to bring innovative, up-to-date, and high-quality solutions for you. We try to provide a wide range of lamination films to our customers.


Choose the Best Laminating Nylon Film from Kingchuan for Your Product

Kingchuan provides the best nylon lamination films with unique qualities. These films are scratch-resistant and waterproof. These can improve the quality of printing.

When choosing a laminating film from Kingchuan, you must consider the following things to get the best packaging results:


The laminating film will be directly exposed to the environment (Sun, heat, chemical) in the finished product, whether it is the laminate paper cover or an adhesive lamination for a package. So you must select that lamination film that fits your environment.

Quality of the film:

You must focus on the quality of the film without considering its price. If you buy a cheap laminating film, it will damage your product instead of protecting it.

You may tell your requirements to the sales manager of Kingchuan’s team. Our team will surely help you buy a nylon laminating film that would be a perfect fit for your product.

BOPA Lamination Film - An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Are the Advantages and Storage Guides of Laminating BOPA Film?
  • These films have excellent strength, puncture resistance, and impact resistance.
  • They have a wide end-use temperature range of -60 to 150 degrees Celsius.
  • They offer good processability and printability.
  • These films provide high transparency and luster.
  • Nylon laminating film possesses easy thermal formability.
  • This film has low bowing and good flexibility.
  • They have outstanding resistance to oxygen, gas, oil, and greases.

Due to these outstanding advantages of nylon laminating, films are used in food packaging, book covering, and other industrial packaging.


Book Covering

Storage Guide

  • Avoid direct sunlight or drenching.
  • Avoid impact.
  • You must store these films below 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Keep them at humidity below 65% H.

Nylon Laminate Film Food Packaging

Nylon laminating films are ideal for applications that need one-sided lamination. The primary purpose of these films is to provide barrier properties to the packed food.

These moisture-proof films are ideal for printing brand details on pouches, wraps, and bags. You may also get custom-made laminating films at Kingchuan.

Q2, What Are the Different Types of Nylon Laminating Film?

The three basic types of nylon laminating films are given below:

Burst-Able Films

These nylon laminating films are designed for use in combination with a lamination system equipped with bursting abilities. These have excellent tearing properties.

This film allows the print to separate during the lamination process easily. These are available with a super stick and copolymer adhesives.

Light Films

These films are 1.3 mils thick. It offers a clear and durable finish for applications like dust jackets and book covers.

Standard Films

This film is 1.5 mils thick. These are used by book manufactures that are looking for a gloss finish.

Standard Nylon Laminating Film

Standard Nylon Laminating Film