One Step Bopa Film

  • Even thickness
  • High gas barrier
  • Good mechanical and physical strengths
  • High chemical resistance
  • Alkali and acid resistance
  • High transparency
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Puncture resistance
  • No permeability to oxygen

The BOPA film manufacture landscape is diverse and continually evolving with the enhancement of the packaging industry. Sequential and simultaneous stretching processes are used for manufacturing BOPA nylon films. One step BOPA film is prepared by the simultaneous stretching method. Therefore it is also known as simultaneous BOPA film.

In this process, the film is restrained in the tenter clips. Meanwhile, it is suspended in the air and being stretched in both the machine and transverse direction. This process improves the optical and mechanical properties of the nylon films. Simultaneous nylon films are widely used in food packaging and barrier functions. This film possesses superior protection properties like loss from the aroma, increased shelf-life, water permeation, and maintaining taste.

Sustainable BOPA film is used for various end-use industries, including food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, balloon, and other commercial packaging purposes.

You may use these films in the food and pharmaceutical market due to their superior mechanical strength, chemical resistance, higher transparency, and outstanding gas barrier properties compared to other packaging films.

Single layered nylon film has good resistance to oils, greases, solvents, and alkalis, as well as freezer suitability. Therefore, these films are increasingly in demand for the packaging of fatty and oily food, agricultural, distilled goods, or medical products. One step nylon film is ideal for packing quickly deteriorating foods, such as frozen or cooked food and vegetables, etc.

Kingchuan provides high-quality simultaneous nylon films. You can use these films to keep your product safe from harmful chemicals and moisture. Furthermore, these films ensure a prolonged shelf life for your products.

Technical Data Sheet on BOPA Film
Inspection Item Technical Index Unit Typical Value
Thickness μm  15
Thickness Tolerance GB/T 6672-2001 % ±3.0
Tensile Strength MD GB/T 1040.1-2006 MPa 230
TD 260
Elongation MD GB/T 1040.1-2006 % 110-150
TD 90-130
Tensile Modulus MD GB/T 1040.1-2006 MPa 2000
TD 1550
Tearing Strength MD GB/T 16578.2-2009 mN 110
TD 100
Anti-puncture Strength GB/T10004-2008 N 12
Shrinkage(160ºC,5min) MD GB/T 12027-2004 % ≤1.5
TD ≤1.5
*Friction Coefficient(dynamic/static) untreated/untreated GB 10006-1988 _ 0.2/0.3
Surface Tension(single side treated) treated GB/T 14216-2008 mN/m 54
untreated 39
Surface Tension(double sides treated) inner GB/T 14216-2008 mN/m 54
outter 50
Haze GB/T 2410-2008  % 4
Gloss(45°degree)   ASTM D 2457   % 100-110
OTR(23ºC,50%RH)   ASTM D 3985    Cc/(.day.atm)  <50
WVTR(38ºC,90%RH)   ASTM F 1249   g/(.day)   260

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Who Is the Manufacturer of Supreme Quality Simultaneous BOPA Films?

Kingchuan operates worldwide with leading packaging technologies in three business areas:

  • BOPA/BOPP Film
  • BOPP film plastic additives
  • Flexible packaging of film color printing

Kingchuan was founded in 1992. Our company still pursues the high quality and integrity-based business philosophy. We are committed to serving an excellent price single layered BOPA nylon film while maintaining high product quality.

We want to create value for our customers and our consumers. We promise to provide the most satisfactory brand services, increase the positive impact on sustainability, and help the global packaging industry be more efficient with an aggressive growth plan.

Kingchuan is the biggest simultaneous BOPA film manufacturer in China. It has the worldwide pioneer base of production capability, product range, and professional producing function. Feel free to contact us to place your order.


Get In Touch with World’s Leading Single Layered Nylon film Distributor

You can enhance your market value by offering Kingchuan’s simultaneous BOPA films in the domestic market. Kingchuan believes in top-notch and uncompromised products and services. Our team can go beyond limits to give you the best quality products.

We aim to develop a long-term relationship with our precious customers with honest and transparent dealing. We offer effective after-sales services. Kingchuan always gives more importance to the needs of our customers.

At Kingchuan, you will get high-quality films at competitive prices. The company has an excellent R&D team. This team can flexibly and effectively design product structure and product formula according to different product packaging requirements. We provide complete pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services.


The Supplier of the Finest Biaxially Oriented Nylon Film

Kingchuan is the best supplier of premium quality recyclable nylon films. We have advanced machinery for manufacturing these films. Our hard-working staff does their best to provide simultaneous BOPA nylon film with the best features.

We offer:

  • Proven sequential and simultaneous BOPA technology
  • Special features such as online shrink adjustment 
  • Superb production efficiency

Our one-step nylon film has a variety of exceptional properties, such as puncture, impact, burst, and tear resistance. These films fulfill the challenging packaging demands.

Kingchuan nylon films can widely meet the functional packaging requirements of food, medicine, medical equipment, national defense, textile, light industry, chemical industry, and other fields.

Sustainable Nylon Film - An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Is a One Step Nylon Film?

One step nylon film is a BOPA film with excellent optical and mechanical properties. It is prepared by the simultaneous stretching method that consists of just one step. That’s why this film is also known as simultaneous nylon film. However, these films are costly as compared to other films prepared by sequential stretching methods.

It requires proper maintenance. But these films are preferred due to their astonishing features in food packaging and other applications.

One Step BOPA Films

One Step BOPA Films

Q2, What Is Sustainable Nylon Film Used for?

Sustainable nylon film finds its applications in various fields.

  • Sustainable nylon resins are used in food packaging (seafood, frozen or cooked food, fruits, and vegetables).
  • It is also used in the packaging of processed meat (sausage, bacon), smoked fish, cheese, other dairy products, and semi-finished microwavable meals.
  • Furthermore, these films are suitable for the packaging of medicines, cosmetics, and some other industrial packaging.
  • This film can be employed in car components close to the engine.
  • You may use simultaneous nylon film for making toys and plastic utilities.
  • This film is suitable for making swimwear due to its waterproof nature.
  • It is also utilized in the manufacturing of ropes, tents, tires, and other military supplies.

Food Packaging Application

Food Packaging Application

Q3, What Are the Advantages of Single Layered Nylon Film?

Single layered simultaneous film advantages:

  • It has excellent abrasion and wears resistance.
  • It has high tensile and compressive strength.
  • This film is known for its low coefficient of friction.
  • It is a lightweight option that’s 1/7th the weight of conventional materials.
  • It makes for easy machining.
  • It is resistant to stains, UV rays, heat, and chemicals.
  • This film is resistant to mold and mildew.
  • It dries quickly.