Bopp Matte Film

  • Best dimensional stability and flatness
  • Excellent machinability
  • Transparent with high haze and low gloss
  • Water and pollution-resistant
  • Low electrostatic charge
  • High tensile strength
  • Eco-friendly (Non-toxic)
  • Excellent ink and coating adhesion

Matt BOPP film generally refers to the co-extruded biaxially oriented polypropylene film with a matt effect on one side and transparent on the other. Or, it is also available on both sides matt. 

These films are well-known for their barrier properties, whiteness, and opacity. Matt polypropylene film possesses heat-sealing properties. Furthermore, the film surface may be corona or flame treated either on one or both sides.

This property allows us to use it as matte lamination film or for printing purposes. The polypropylene matt films are used for flower packing, reverse printing, lamination, textbook covering, foodstuff packaging, etc.

You may also use it as BOPP label matt film. Retailers prefer using BOPP matt labels for promoting their brands and products. 

Kingchuan offers various kinds of matt film rolls. Additionally, we provide discounted offers on bulk orders. You can contact us for further information or to place your order.

Properties Test Methods Unit Typical Data
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength MD ASTM D882 N/mm2 ≥120
TD ≥240
Elongation at break MD ASTM D882 % ≤200
TD ≤75
Physical Properties
Coefficient of friction ASTM D1894 / ≤0.8
Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 0.83-0.88
Gloss Matte Side ASTM D2457 % ≤15
Haze ASTM D1003 % ≥70
Thermal Properties
Heat Shrinkage MD ASTM D1204
% ≤3.5
TD ≤2.0
Other Properties
Surface tension Corona Side ASTM D2578 Dyne ≥38
Good Matted surface
High Tensile strength
Surface treatment: One side or both sides treatment
Standard thickness:15、18、20um
Material: Bopp Matt Film Type: Stretch Film
Usage: Packaging Film Feature: Moisture Proof
Hardness: Soft Processing Type: Multiple Extrusion
Transparency: Translucent Thickness: 10 to 38 micron
Corona Treatment: One Side / Both Sides Quality: A Grade
Length: 2000m-18000m  Width: 200mm-1800mm

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You can get numerous packaging products at Kingchuan. Kingchuan is one of the best suppliers of BOPP matte films. We supply BOPP films that are suitable for packaging food, healthcare products, medicine, cosmetics, stationery, daily necessities, tea, and cigarettes.

We design matt films that are great for environmental protection as well. Kingchuan’s BOPP matt film roll is non-toxic, and doesn’t emit toxic gases during the heat-sealing process.

Kingchuan also supplies transparent matt film. These films are ideal for food packaging. The thickness of bi-oriented polypropylene matt film varies in different kinds. Usually, it ranges from 12 to 25 microns. 

BOPP matt film features excellent transparency, moisture-proof, lightweight, sound clarity, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, UV-resistant, excellent acid, and scuff resistance.

BOPP Matte Film – An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Is BOPP Matte Film?

BOPP Matte film is polymer film prepared by extrusion followed by biaxial orientation. These are multi-layered films consisting of a polypropylene core and tie layers.

The matte film presents excellent mechanical properties in both directions because of its orientation in two perpendicular directions.

BOPP matte films are usually prepared by two processes, namely the Tubular process and Tenter frame process. The outer surfaces of matte films are manufactured by co-extrusion with a skin copolymer layer either on one or both sides.

These copolymers are usually ethylene-propylene and ethylene-butane-propylene. The film layers might comprise a mixture of polymers and functional additives. Middle layers are usually manufactured from isostatic polypropylene.  

This structure helps achieve a matte appearance low gloss PP-based film that still exhibits typical BOPP films with significantly lower haze than conventional flat films. The film surface is corona treated.

The BOPP matte film is available in different sizes. It is coated with non-toxic chemicals that provide better adhesion to printing inks. It is also treated with laminating adhesives. You can avail this film of your desired size for packing different materials.

Bopp Matte Film

Bopp Matte Film

Q2, What Is the Difference between One Side Matt Protective Film and Both Sides Matt Protective Film?

Kingchuan’s two-sided matte drafting film has an identical matte write-on coating on both sides. At the same time, our one-sided matte drafting film has a matte coating on one side and a gloss coating on the other.

Both side matte film

Both Sides Matte Film

The matte finish enhances the luxury look of your product by reducing the transparency of the plastic film. One sided matte films are suitable for printing. Their smoother glossy side gives precise printing results.

one side matte film

One Side Matte Film

Q3, What Are White Matte Polypropylene Films Used for?

We can use this film for the following purposes:

  • It is used for wrapping and sealing food. Due to its food-grade properties, these films are used worldwide for packing cookies, nuts, pulses, candies, etc.
  • Standard BOPP matte films can be used for electrical applications and lamination.
  • Other uses include extrusion coating, flower packing, and reverse printing.
  • You can conveniently use these films in packaging machines or for manual packaging.
  • They can also be used as adhesive tapes and pressure-sensitive tapes.
  • White matte polypropylene films are ideal for printing. They are globally used for label making.
  • The matte side of the film has low seal properties. However, the one-sided matte films are suitable for sealing purposes.