PVC Cling Film

  • Strong tensile strength
  • Crack resistance
  • Excellent sticking properties
  • High puncture resistance
  • Excellent self-sealing
  • High transparency
  • Super toughness
  • Fog resistance

PVC cling film is a plastic wrap manufactured by using polyvinyl chloride polymer. PVC cling films are used mainly in hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, household food preservation, open-air markets, etc. You may use these films mainly for the packaging of fresh materials.

PVC cling films are very tight and do not disperse quickly. These films are self-sticking and challenging to open. Due to their excellent gloss and clarity, these films enhance the cleanness of the products. These films possess outstanding cold resistance and remain soft even under freezing.

PVC plastic wrap maintains the freshness of food due to its excellent moisture retention and high transmission rate of oxygen and carbon dioxide. These films meet the requirement of the FDA and JHP. So these are suitable for packaging foods like fruits, vegetables, and meat.

PVC cling film has the property of super toughness. These films are not easy to scratch.  PVC wraps are highly durable. Kingchuan’s PVC cling films are less expensive and significantly reduce your cost expenditures. Food wrap PVC cling film has a range of specifications to choose from.

This film is the best choice for packaging in businesses, kitchens, and fruit shops. PVC cling film has excellent stretching properties. That’s why it is widely used to wrap food to achieve outstanding food presentation on the shelf.

Kingchuan cling film can cling well with numerous surfaces. Kingchuan offers PVC cling film in a wide range of thicknesses, widths, and specifications. Our PVC cling films are generally used for sealing food items in containers to keep them fresh for a prolonged period.

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We are highly recognized PVC cling film manufacturers in China for our achievements with more than 29 years of experience in the sector and in-depth knowledge of the packaging market. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who have experience in the packaging sector.

Our main goal is a commitment to the customer and offering them the best service. We are equipped with the latest machinery to prepare these static cling PVC films. For manufacturing our cling classic PVC film roll, we utilize premium quality raw materials that offer the utmost guarantees and the best outcomes.

Due to our well-established working units, we are very competitive. We can offer a premium service to all our customers. We export our PVC cling films to many countries with the help of our trusted and responsible shipping partner.

We ensure the availability of our products 24/7. So you can contact us any time from every part of the world to get benefited from our best quality PVC cling films.


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You can get a wide variety of high-quality packaging products from Kingchuan at reasonable prices. We offer the maximum guarantees in all our packaging films. We also provide solutions to any special requirement that our clients need. We give our customers all the support they need.

Kingchuan is a quality centralized organization. We are devoted to supplying an unmatchable range of products to our reputed consumers. Our customers highly demand our PVC wrap films due to their rugged construction, flawless finishing, and accurate dimensions.

We have developed a state of the art infrastructure facility at our organization to manufacture these films. We have assorted all the advanced tools and machines at our manufacturing unit. By providing this praiseworthy range of PVC films, we have gained many customers across the nation.


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Kingchuan is regarded as the supplier of high-quality PVC cling films. Our PVC films are widely used in the kitchen and various industries. These PVC films are enormously admired in the industry due to their unique features and low prices. We offer premium quality food wrap PVC cling films. These PVC cling films are recognized for their high clarity & gloss, high transparency, and best-sticking property.

Kingchuan’s PVC cling films are highly recommended in the food industry. These food wrap films keep the food fresh by preventing fogging. You may use PVC cling films in supermarkets and stores to package vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat, and other foods. Our PVC films are also suitable for hand packaging and mechanical packaging.

These films are appropriate for normal temperature and cold storage. Kingchuan provides PVC cling film with punched holes for packing mushrooms.

Static PVC Cling Film – An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Is PVC and non-PVC Cling Film?

PVC Cling Film:

PVC cling film is a thin plastic film. It is frequently used to seal and protect food items in containers. These films are usually made of polyvinyl chloride polymer that FDA approves for food contact.

You can purchase these top-notch PVC food wraps cling films in individual rolls or a box with a cutting edge on it.


PVC Cling Film (cnlyrpacking.com)

Non-PVC Cling Film

Non PVC cling film is mostly used for wrapping and covering all kinds of food. It keeps the food fresh and odor-free for a prolonged period.  Before wrapping the food items with this packaging film, always permit food and dishes to cool completely.


Non-PVC Cling Film (alltableware.en.made-in-china.com)

Q2, Is PVC Cling Film Safe?

Yes, PVC cling film is safe. There is no evidence of the harmful impact of PVC food wrap. However, keeping the PVC wrap at least 2cm from food items is better to avoid maximum contact.

Regarding the environmental effect you might think, is non-PVC cling film biodegradable?

Yes, non-PVC cling film is 100 % degradable. It is safe and environmentally efficient.

Q3, What Are the Advantages of Using PVC Cling Film?
  • This film has a remarkable anti-fog effect.
  • It maintains the transparency and clarity of food.
  • It is suitable for vegetable, fruit, and meat packaging. 
  • It keeps the food fresh and does not allow water to escape. 
  • Due to its exceptional elasticity, it provides superior product protection.
  • It reduces the breakage rate in distribution.
  • It can efficiently prevent odor interference between foods.
  • PVC cling film is soft and translucent.
  • It is not easy to break, so it saves your time and effort.

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