11 Unique BOPP Laminated PP Bag Ideas

If you search for an economical yet stupendously beneficial packaging solution, BOPP laminated PP bags is your answer.

Today, BOPP laminated bags are widely used in the packaging industry across the globe. These are usually prepared from BOPP lamination film. The parent material of BOPP bags is polypropylene (PP). 

Due to their parent material, these bags show unique properties like resistance to oil, grease, moisture, low temperature, etc. BOPP lamination film used in their preparation has excellent barrier properties against water vapor and oxygen. Due to these characteristics, these bags provide utmost protection to the packaged products.

If you don’t have much information about these bags, then this article will be helpful for you. This article will learn about the types of BOPP laminated bags and their applications.

What Is BOPP Laminated Bag?

It refers to a mixture of woven polypropylene used to manufacture the bags and an additional layer or laminated surface of BOPP lamination film, printed on graphic images.

Types of BOPP Laminated Bags

BOPP laminated bags are of different types. Here we will discuss the most widely used bags. 

1.  Single Side BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags

A Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene film can be printed with photographic quality and then adhered to a woven pp bag forming a 3-layer structure including:

  • Fabric
  • Lamination
  • BOPP film

Single side BOPP laminated PP Woven bags are those PP bags printed with BOPP films on one side while another side is treated with flexographic printing.

2.  Both Sides BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags

These are also BOPP printed PP bags. Compared to Single side, BOPP laminated PP Woven bags. These bags present more remarkable features as both sides are BOPP printed.

3.  BOPP Laminated Bags with Gussets

These bags come with gussets. The sides that fold in represent a gusseted. One of the significant applications for gussets is their capability to adjoin dimension to items with height or width.

Gusset BOPP laminated bags hold considerable quantities of material, whether in powder, granular, or other forms. The gusset can be printed or without it.

When a bag has been constructed, the gussets or the face of a bag can be woven utilizing clear tapes, which will exhibit the product inside the bag. As a result, the final consumer can view the product without opening the bag to examine the product.


BOPP Laminated Bags with Gussets

4.  BOPP Laminated Bags with Liner

Some BOPP laminated bags come with a liner. Sealed liner made of HDPE or LDPE plastics can be added and sewn into the top hem of the BOPP bag.

It avoids the liner falling into the outer bag when filling with material and helps the moisture outlet.

5.  BOPP Laminated Bags with Handles and D-Cuts

These bags come with handles and D-cuts for easy lifting and mobility.

6.  BOPP Laminated Bags with Perforation

These bags have perforations on the sides for aeration.

7.  BOPP Laminated Bags with Window

These bags come with a transparent window either on the sides or front or back. It offers visibility of inside packaged products.

8.  BOPP Laminated Bags with Top Hemming

The bags are hemmed at the top, mainly when they are Un-laminated. Top hemming prevents eliminating the threads from the edge of the Un-laminated Bags.

Top Hemming permits the bag to be opened effortlessly from its mouth side.


BOPP Laminated Bags with Top Hemming

9.  BOPP Laminated Valve Bags

This type of bag has an opening or Valve in one corner by which the bag is filled. The Valve is manufactured with an inner flap that works as a self-closing check valve after filling. It comes with a plain valve or with an extensive inner sleeve. 

If an extended “tuck-in sleeve “is employed, the sleeve is physically folded down and back into the pocket under the sleeve for positive closing against sifting.


BOPP Laminated Valve Bags

10.  BOPP Laminated Back Seam Bags

These are prepared via the back seam construction method. These bags are made from a layer of flat-woven fabric, then folded and glued to make a back seam.

This minor change in manufacturing procedure permits more significant control over bag width and no over-lamination on the edges. 

11.  BOPP Laminated Bags with EZ Easy Open

You can open these bags from the mouth side easily. We have to hold the wide tape and pull the narrow tap.

After this, when will open the stitch easily from the mouth side of the bag. The opened bag cannot be re-stitched again, which will avoid duplication.

Advantages of BOPP Laminated Bags

BOPP laminated bags offer the following benefits:

  • Outstanding print quality and graphics effect
  • Durability and super sturdy tensile strength make sure the excellent load capacity
  • The smooth surface of BOPP film can prevent the bag from being scratched
  • It is appropriate for both hot cutting and cold cutting
  • Outstanding water resistance
  • These bags are constructed to protect the ordinary UV rays and shield your food from possible sun damage.
  • They are also resistant to bacteria and microbes, keeping out all those yucky creepy crawlers you cannot see.

Application of BOPP Laminated Woven Bag

BOPP laminated woven bags are primarily used in many applications, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemical industry
  • Food
  • Shopping 
  • Home furnishings

 Specific products can include:

  • Rice bags
  • Flour bags
  • Sugar bags
  • Feed bags
  • Fertilizer bags
  • Shopping bags 
  • Mattress bags


Finding the exact type of BOPP laminated bag for storing and shipping your items is one of the most significant decisions you will make for your business.

If you have a product that has worked for years, there are various new and innovative methods to package goods now that it is worth a second look.

BOPP bags are the best way to package your product if you transport grains, seeds, and other agricultural goods. Kingchuan can tell you about the benefits of using BOPP bags. 

Kingchuan hopes to aid you in deciding whether the BOPP bag is the correct choice for you. Moreover, Kingchuan offers high-quality BOPP lamination films that can manufacture these bags. 

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