Advantages of the Ultra-High Sealing Strength of BOPP Heat Sealable Films

Suppose you are looking for a packaging film with high heat resistance and high sealing ability. Then this article is knowledgeable for you as it comprises the description of the BOPP heat sealable films. This film can fulfill your packaging requirement.

Biaxial-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) is a significant product in the packaging field. It is a waterproof and high mechanical specification material. BOPP film comes in many varieties. 

Heat sealable film is one of the most significant types of BOPP film.  

This heat sealable film is meant for advanced packaging, labeling, and decorative wrap-ups of different products. This film’s custom thinness and transparent coating have turned it amongst the premium picked choices by the companies looking for advanced packaging solutions. 

If you want to know what this material is or are curious whether heat sealable films are the perfect packaging solution for your products, then continue reading this article. In this guide, you will get the answer to all your questions about “Heat Sealable BOPP film.” 

This guide is prepared by efficient team members of Kingchuan who know everything you need to know to decide if heat sealable films are the accurate packaging film for your products. 

What Is Heat-Sealable BOPP Film? 

Heat sealable films are specialty multi-layered BOPP films employed for packaging products that need higher heat levels than traditional flexible films.

This film is manufactured with an external coating that stops the film’s core from melting. It avoids harm to the film during the heating procedure. In general, the core is either polypropylene or polyethylene.

Moreover, there is a layer of sealant within the film. This sealant possesses a lower melting point than the rest of the film and permits the seal to remain intact. It led to a firmly sealed final product.

Usually, heat sealable films are custom-made to order for whatever the material is. Heat sealable films are available in a wide range of laminations and customized to match the heating necessities of the packaged product.


Heat Sealable Bopp Film

Ultra-Intense Heat Seal

Suppose you are looking for packaging film to package classified or extremely private products. In that case, you must use a heat-sealable BOPP film with an ultra-intense heat seal. It is employed to ensure that the seal bonds strongly and stays together. 

This seal prevents the capability to see confidential material. In this regard, the seal will be greater than those of traditional packaging films.

Distinguishing Features of Heat-Sealable BOPP Film

When there has to be some confidential or significant packaging needed, in that situation, an elevated intensity seal is utilized to keep the seal bond firm and keep it together. Then, in that case, heat seal works as the best film.

Another feature is that it is not that costly compared to cold seal films. The heat seal film is made accessible in an extensive range of laminations to secure the product and optimize the film according to the requirements of the product.

Some of the main features that differentiate these packaging & lamination films from others are:

  • Transparency and clarity are flexible. 
  • Highly stretchable 
  • Strong dimensional steadiness (Excellent Dimensional Stability)
  • Excellent Surface Treatment Retention(Aureole treatment on either or both sides of the film) 
  • Waterproof
  • Assure safety to the products packed in them
  • Well-balanced rheology to enhance an improved thickness profile
  • Low tackiness at sealing jaws
  • Low blooming and thus good optical properties
  • Stable surface properties, perfect for metallization

Advantages of Heat Sealable BOPP Films 

Heat Sealable Films comprise an outer coating that stops them from melting the film’s core and destroying it. The center is frequently polypropylene, and there is a sealant layer inside the film with a lower melting point.

It works well to keep the seal integral and pack the product firmly. Using a heat-sealable BOPP film for your confidential product will provide the following advantages:

  • This film features low Seal Initiation Temperature (SIT).
  • Outstanding hot-tack performance is one of the best properties of this film.
  • Heat sealable films offer more fantastic optical properties.
  • As evident from the name, this film has excellent seal strength.
  • It provides easy stretching.
  • Due to its good barrier properties, it is best for packaging bakery goods.
  • It possesses excellent slip and antistatic properties.
  • This film is best suited for printing applications due to its excellent adhesion of inks and adhesive on the treated side

What Are the Applications of Heat Sealable BOPP Films?

Heat sealable biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films are widely used in a variety of modern applications, including:

  • Printing and lamination films: Their strong ink adhesion properties are used as printing and lamination films.
  • It is also used as a metalized barrier film.
  • This film is used in Stationery. 
  • Flower sleeves formation also utilizes Heat sealable BOPP film.
  • This film is also used as Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape.
  • BOPP heat sealable film can also obtain cable wrap and insulation applications.
  • It is widely used in the Packaging and pouching of snacks bakeries.


Applications of Heat Sealable Film

Things to Remember While Using Heat Sealable BOPP Film

  • Heat is essential for Heat Sealable Films, but not in cold seal films; thus, it is significant to maintain the precise temperature of the sealing surfaces. Here are three things that you must consider while producing a seal with this film and they are:
  • The period for which the machine jaws require to keep the sealing material together must also be considered.
  • The most significant is the pressure that has to be implied on the sealing product.


These days heat-sealing biaxial oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films are extensively used as packages due to their size-stability and non-toxicity.

To get the finest and smart packaging solutions, you must consult with a famous manufacturer or supplier of quality BOPP films. Kingchuan is amongst the trustworthy brands which bring you a comprehensive series of custom-designed quality packaging films.

At Kingchuan, we offer a wide range of high-performance heat sealable BOPP films in China, ideally suited for heat-sealable bags, overwrap, pouch, lamination, and ultra thin-film applications.

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