Fantastic 10 Hot Stamping Design Ideas

The printing of specific designs on invitation cards, business cards, holiday cards, or book covers has been quite popular since the 19th century.

It is done by a printing process called hot stamping or hot foil stamping. Hot Stamping has evolved, and many different ideas are being utilized to improve it. 

In this process, dried ink or foil is applied on any surface through heat and high pressure. The purpose of this is to add elegance and charm to the item being stamped.

You can do the hot Stamping on plastics, woods, leather, paper, fabric, glass, etc. 

In this article, I will share how BOPET hot stamping film is used to stamp different items. 

Hot Stamping Process

Hot Stamping is done through the Hot Stamping machine.

In this process, a die is heated. It is then stamped with high pressure to bind a layer of foil to the substrate. The hot stamping foil is permanently printed on the surface of the material. 

The BOPET hot stamping film is used as a base in this process. This film adds three layers to the substrate:

  • Pigmented or metallic coating, 
  • Adherence layer, and
  • Release layer.

The pigmented layer proved color. The adherence layer adheres the foil to the substrate, while the release layer helps release different layers from BOPET to the substrate surface. 


Hot Stamping Process

Application of BOPET Hot Stamping Film

BOPET stands for biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate. It is a polyester film made from stretched PET used for packaging, covering and insulation.

The BOPET hot stamping film decorates different paper or card items like banknotes and invitation cards. They are customized into different designs like the company logo on business cards or an invitation written on wedding cards. 

The hot Stamping is done in various colors like gold, silver, bronze, rainbow, or any customized color or design.

1.  Business Cards: 

A business card represents not only you but also the business you are working for. A well-decorated business card can tell a lot about your business. The BOPET hot stamping films are used to customize any hot stamping designs for your business cards. 

2.  Wedding Cards:

A beautiful wedding card is every couple’s dream as the wedding is a special day of your life. You want each and everything related to it to be perfect.

Then why not a beautiful and eye-catching wedding invitation card?

The BOPET hot stamping film is also used to customize those beautiful wedding cards. 


Hot Stamping on Name Card

The BOPET hot stamping film is not limited to decoration only. It is also used in the covering or packaging of different items. 

So make your day special with the BOPET hot stamping cards and gifts.

3.  Book Covers:

Never judge a book by its cover. You may have heard this phrase a lot. But, nowadays, it has become a trend to design beautiful covers for the books so that it catches the reader’s attention.

The BOPET hot stamping film gives a mirror-like effect to book covers to style and decorate them. 


Hot Stamping on Book Cover

4.  Fabrics:

Fabrics like T-shirts and others are also hot-stamped through BOPET hot stamping films. Many designs are being printed on them like a logo, a quote, a picture of some celebrity, or whatnot.

It is pretty in nowadays to design customized T-shirts for best friends or couples etc. 


Hot Stamping on a T-Shirt

5.  Packaging of Food Items:

The white BOPET film is used for the lidding of dairy products. At the same time, the metalized BOPET hot stamping film is used in the packaging of frozen, canned foods. 


Hot Stamping on Food Canes

The BOPET hot stamping film is also used in making hot stamping labels for different products like:

6.  Skincare and Cosmetic Products:

BOPET hot stamping films make the labels on skincare products like shampoos, face wash, body wash, toners, serums, etc., and Cosmetic products. Every brand has customized labels for its products.

Watch this video for how to apply hot Stamping to packaging products?          

7.  Medicines:

Bopet hot stamping films are also used in the pharmaceutical industry. The containers of medicinal products like syrups, tablets, capsules, etc., are all labeled according to the company they are manufactured in. These labels are designed and customized through hot stamping. 


Hot Stamping on the Packaging of Medicines

8.  Metallic Balloons:

Customized balloons like metallic balloons are pretty popular. They are used in almost every event, be it a birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, weddings, anniversaries, or other occasions.

You can also gift them to someone. Hot Stamping customizes these metallic balloons through BOPET hot stamping film.


Hot Stamping on Balloon

9.  Insulation:

The BOPET hot stamping films can also be used for insulation. They make the spacesuits that astronauts wear and proximity suits that firefighters use. They help keep the radiation off the astronauts and keep them warm in outer space. In addition, the firefighters are insulated against the high heat they are distinguishing. 

10.  Glass Bottles:

Beverage bottles made of glass look elegant and classy. Though plastic bottles have replaced glass bottles, some beverages are still served in glass bottles. These glass bottles are decorated with BOPET hot stamping films to give them that classy touch, e.g., such as wine bottles and perfume bottles. 


Hot Stamping on Perfume Bottles


The use of hot Stamping has immensely increased in the modern days. Its utilization was limited to cards or letters in the previous century.

But now, the field of hot Stamping has expanded to other materials too. The diverse use of BOPET hot stamping film has helped improve many areas like the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

If you want to customize your products through hot Stamping, this article may help provide different ideas. 

For more information, you can contact our team 24/7.

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