Interesting Factors behind the Popularity of BOPP Labels

BOPP Film stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film. BOPP is a polypropylene film stretched in both machine and cross directions during manufacturing. 

Clear BOPP film has become one of the most famous packaging films in the world. BOPP film is an exceptionally versatile film.

This film has a better gloss and clarity, making it perfect for creating labels and packaging. BOPP film is also preferred for making labels due to its water and tears resistance. 



BOPP film comes in various forms, including:


What Is a BOPP Film Label?

BOPP labels are very famous and extremely useful. These are thin, however strong, non-toxic, food-safe, moisture resistant, and product resistant. 

BOPP labels are perfect for household products due to their moisture and solvent resistance properties. BOPP films can also label some food & beverage products due to their acid resistance. 

BOPP labels

BOPP Labels


Why Is BOPP Film Good for Making Labels?

Specific properties of BOPP films make them favorable for constructing labels. 

BOPP Film Properties:

  • Excellent clarity of BOPP films allows brands to attain the “no-label” look.
  • BOPP films possess UV, Water, and chemical resistance. Due to these properties, BOPP films are appropriate for even the moist environments and most acidic products. 
  • It has outstanding printability.
  • BOPP film features high rigidity that makes BOPP labels easy to die-cut and dispense.


Which Factors Make BOPP Labels the Most Popular?

The popularity of BOPP films has increased enormously over the past two decades. BOPP film has become a leading material for digital labels and tags.

The reason is its adhesive, durability, and barrier properties. BOPP is highly versatile, making it a top choice in the label printing industry. 

Below is a description of some benefits that BOPP labels offer. 


Compared to the labels made with other materials, BOPP labels can cope with cold water or high moisture levels without eroding.

Due to this property, BOPP labels are the best option for manufacturers whose products are mostly exposed to moisture. 

Variable Transparency

One of the best properties of BOPP film is its variable translucency. BOPP labels can be white, clear, or metal-colored.

The clear BOPP labels are utilized mainly by food packagers and manufacturers who want customers to see their products via the clear label. On the other hand, white-colored BOPP labels are frequently used for lip balm and other hygiene goods.

Low Toxicity

The primary reason for using BOPP film with labels for food and hygiene products is its low toxicity. BOPP labels do not release any dangerous gases.

Moreover, polypropylene flakes or dust are not detrimental. So there is no need for safe handling with BOPP film labels. 

Strong Adhesive Properties

One of BOPP’s greatest assets is its Adhesive strength. When consumers spend money on BOPP labels, they can be relaxed.


Because, they know that they have chosen a label that exhibits stellar peel adhesion characteristics, even with tags prepared for curved or round glass bottles.

Impressive Durability

Durability is the keystone of longevity. BOPP film is well-known for its strength and capability to bear significant wear and tear.

The main qualities of BOPP films are better stiffness, high tensile strength, outstanding optics, and superior water vapor barrier properties.

BOPP label is far more durable than paper labels due to their plastic-based construction. Furthermore, leading label printing companies alleviate their printed designs to boost other BOPP labels’ durability and resistance to the elements.

Resistant to Solvents and Acids

BOPP Film is an excellent option for labels due to its resistance to solvents and acids. It is best for the labels applied to household products.

It is also suitable for certain foods and beverages like tomatoes, beans, coffee, some citrus fruits, etc. These items emit some harmful gases that can deteriorate the non-BOPP labels. 

A Captivating Appearance

One of the best features of BOPP films that you cannot ignore is their gorgeous appearance. BOPP films offer higher clarity and gloss and have a higher tensile strength, ideal for digital printing. 


The Versatility of BOPP Labels:

Various options are available in BOPP labels, including:

  • White BOPP labels
  • Metalized (silver & gold) BOPP labels
  • Clear BOPP labels
  • Squeezable BOPP labels

White BOPP Labels

White BOPP label is the most common label with sturdy enduring adhesives or removable adhesives for required purposes.

White BOPP label is preferred for health & beauty, cosmetic, and personal care labels. It is also frequently used for food labels.

Due to its non-toxic nature and moisture resistance, BOPP labels are not affected when they contact water or oils.

White BOPP Lables

White BOPP Labels

Metalized BOPP labels

Metalized BOPP labels usually come in two colors, i.e., silver and gold. 

Silver BOPP Labels:

Silver BOPP labels offer the same outstanding product/moisture resistance and durability as white BOPP labels.

These labels have a silver metallic finish. You can add flair to your label design with standard silver or a chrome/mirror-like finish.

Gold BOPP Labels:

You can use eye-catching shiny gold labels to elevate your brand packaging. The strength and product/moisture resistance of Gold BOPP labels is similar to white and silver BOPP.

These labels have a luxurious and reflective gold finish.

Gold BOPP Label

Gold BOPP label

Clear BOPP labels

Clear BOPP labels offer the graceful no-label look adored by spirit, food & beverage, wine, cosmetics, health & beauty, and personal care goods companies. 

Clear BOPP Label

Clear BOPP Label

Semi-Squeezable BOPP Labels

You can use these BOPP labels for containers that twist with use and handling, like a lotion tube. However, these lotion tubes require fully squeezable labels but BOPP labels are not fully squeezable.

For these containers, labels made from polyolefin and polyethylene film are preferred. 



If you want to give a gorgeous look to your brand’s products, then you must prefer BOPP labels. BOPP labels ensure durability and excellent barrier properties. These labels do not fade with time. So your product will remain its shiny appearance.

There are several BOPP film manufacturers all over the region. Kingchuan is the best BOPP film manufacturer in China. So you must select the labels made by BOPP films offered by Kingchuan to get good results. 

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