CPP Anti Fog Film

  • High performance
  • Low Temperature Anti-Fog
  • Good transparency
  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • Exceptional heat and cold resistance
  • Excellent Dimensional Stability
  • Perfect chemical resistance
  • Non-toxic and tasteless
  • Good printability
  • Easy to process

The best solution to keep edibles safe from fog inside the packaging!

Films made with CPP (Cast Polypropylene) are resistant to low temperatures and impact. Therefore, there are fewer chances of damage to the products packed in the anti-fog CPP film.

CPP-based films are glossy and have more clarity than polyethylene films. They are odorless, have high heat seal strength, low fogging effect, and good low-temperature flexibility.

CPP fog resistance plastic film is appropriate for a wide range of sealing applications. They prevent misting of clear lidding usually observed in refrigerated food products. Typical applications of CPP anti-mist films include fresh veggies, meat, microwaveable meals, edibles that require refrigeration, and flower packaging. 

CPP antifog lamination films are ideal for both peelable and lock seal applications. Anti fog CPP film improves product visibility and promotes consumers’ readiness to purchase. Moreover, the upper layer of CPP anti-fog film is corona treated and therefore has high prinability to meet the customer’s requirements.

Kingchuan’s anti mist films are soft and flexible. Hence, wrapping them around fruits and vegetables in variable shapes and styles is more convenient.  Above all, these films make storage convenient and without any negative effects. Anti fog films are certified by the food industry and can bear the lamination and sterilization process easily.

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Ruling among the Best CPP Anti Fog Film Manufacturers: Kingchuan

Kingchuan was incorporated in 1992. We are among the renowned anti fog CPP film suppliers and manufacturers in China.

Our films are designed with high precision and manufactured using high-grade raw materials and innovative technology under the supervision of skilled professionals following industry standards.

We have built a strong infrastructure that is essential to the success of our company. Our products are fairly priced, and we always meet our deadlines.

Our extensive experience and advanced machinery allow us to design and create high-quality products for our clients. We also have access to top-of-the-line infrastructure that helps us to keep improving our manufacturing capabilities.

Boost Your Market Value with Kingchuan: The Wholesale Anti Fog Film Suppliers and Manufacturers

Our CPP anti fog films are available in various specifications and can be customized to meet the precise requirements of our clients at affordable prices. So, get ahead in the game of CPP anti fog films by selling them in the market and enhancing your market value.

Our standard operating procedures, raw materials, and attention to detail help us produce good quality finished products on time. By taking several quality measures, we have ensured that the specific requirements of our esteemed clients are being met in the most cost-effective manner possible.

We always adhere to international standards in our production process and offer favorable business terms to our customers. Our products always undergo stringent quality tests under the supervision of experts to deliver flawless products.

Our team of professionals can help you design custom anti fog, anti-mist films that meet your specific needs. So, don’t wait and contact us now to give your career the wow factor it deserves!

Your Ultimate CPP Anti Fog Film Suppliers

Kingchuan’s CPP films conform to industrial norms and standards. They are manufactured using superior-quality raw materials from reliable sources to ensure high clarity and tensile strength. Our food-grade films are widely used in various industries like food packaging and other commodities.

They are mainly used for packaging on high-speed FFS Machines. The quality of our films is superior to all the other films, and with the assistance of experienced professionals, we make sure there are no flaws in making them.

Committed to enhancing the distribution of our products, we have incorporated the implementation of the latest technology and methods for developing and testing products. The active support provided by our experienced workforce and the advanced manufacturing unit has helped us meet our customers’ requirements enormously.

Equipped with all the latest equipment, our products undergo quality checks throughout the production process till the final delivery of the product. Our offered range of anti fog CPP films is widely acknowledged for high strength, tear resistance, recyclable nature, fine finish, and tamperproof sealing.

China Anti Fog Film - Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Is CPP Anti-Fog Film?

CPP anti fog film is a special type used to coat the inside of windshields and other glass surfaces. This film helps prevent the formation of condensation and fog on the glass, making it difficult to see through.

CPP anti fog film uses a special adhesive that bonds to the glass surface. Once the film is applied, it must be replaced periodically to maintain its effectiveness.

Q2, What Are the Benefits of Anti Fog CPP Film?

CPP anti-fog film is a polypropylene (PP) based material used in various applications requiring an optically clear, moisture-resistant surface. CPP anti-fog film has many benefits over other materials, including its resistance to fogging, clarity, and durability.

· Resists Fogging

CPP anti-fog film is specially treated to resist fogging, making it ideal for applications where moisture is present. This treatment prevents water droplets from condensing on the film’s surface, which can cause optical distortion.

· Clarity

CPP anti-fog film is optically clear, meaning it does not distort light. This makes it an ideal material for applications where optical clarity is important, such as medical devices and packaging.

· Durability

CPP anti-fog film is very durable, making it ideal for applications that expose the film to wear and tear. This durability also makes CPP anti-fog film ideal for reusable applications, such as food storage containers.

Q3, How to Use CPP Anti Fog Film?

CPP anti fog film is a polymeric material that coats the inside of lenses and other optics to prevent them from fogging. It is available in two different formulations: one with glass and one with plastic. The film is applied to the lens surface using a squeegee and then cured with ultraviolet light. It can be removed from the lens surface with alcohol or acetone.