Retortable CPP Film (RCPP)

  • Extreme durability
  • Outstanding heat resistance
  • Perfect for retort applications
  • Seal resistance
  • Highly transparent
  • Enhance designs
  • Perfect for sterilization and pasteurization
  • Light protection
  • Moisture protection
  • Simple to use

Retortable CPP is a polypropylene-based sealant film with outstanding heat resistance specially developed for retort applications. It has tremendous impact, seal resistance, and heat resistance up to 135 °C, which makes it suitable for packaging.

It is highly transparent. A flexible metal combined with different plastic films makes a retort pouch. The packaged food can be cooked in the autoclaved chamber and used on pre-cooked food up to 250°F temperature. It is mainly used for soups, drinks, and pre-cooked.

Recent improvements in CPP barrier film technologies by retortable CPP Film manufacturers have even brought streamlined & enhanced retort pouch designs. It is used for the sterilization and pasteurization of food products. The retort CPP film bag consists of three layers.

An outside layer of polyester film, a middle layer of aluminium foil for light, leak protection, and moisture, and an interior layer of polyolefin film for food contact and heat sealing.

If we talk about food packaging, retort CPP film pouches have many benefits over frozen food packaging and metal jars. It preserves the food’s colour, shape, flavour, and scent in an effective way.

You can get the most out of your money by buying these excellent performance food packaging. The retort bag is thinner, and it can achieve sterilization requirements in a quick way that keeps the food as close to its natural colour. It is also simple to use and secure to open.

Food is packaged so that it takes up less space than a metal can, allowing for efficient use of storage and transportation space as well as lower storage and transit expenses.

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As a leading retortable (CPP) film manufacturer and supplier in China, we make the finest quality films suitable for all purposes. Manufacturing these products per quality norms involves using top-quality components and modern machines by experienced professionals.

Easy to use, attractive, crack-resistant, long service life and lightweight features make our products popular. There are many applications for retortable CPP films, including pre-engineered building insulation, thermal insulation, foil wrap insulation, and more.

Due to their quality features, dimensional stability, clarity, thermal resistance, and moisture protection, retortable CPP film is widely used for flexible packaging and other packaging purposes.

Our retortable films have been significantly used in industrial applications and the common food packaging industry. So, book your order today and enjoy the perks Kingchuan offers to its honorable clients.

Retortable CPP Film - Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1, What Is Retortable CPP Film?

Retortable CPP Film is made from high-performance copolymers designed specifically for retort (heated) food packaging applications. The film offers superior heat resistance and barrier properties, making it ideal for protecting the integrity and quality of your food products during the thermal processing required for commercial retorts.

Q2, How Is Retortable CPP Film Made?

Retortable CPP film is a type of thermal paper that can be heat-treated to create a new surface more resistant to wear and tear. This type of film is often used in applications where high speeds and accuracy are required, such as printing and encoding. The heat treatment process initializes the fibres in the film into an amorphous structure, which makes the film much more durable against physical damage.

Q3, What Are the Benefits of Retortable CPP Film?

Retortable CPP film is a plastic film that can be heated and stretched to form a new shape. This type of film is often used in the printing and packaging industries because it has a high degree of flexibility, which makes it easy to form and customize products. Additionally, retortable CPP film is resistant to heat and most chemicals, making it ideal for food packaging applications.

One of the main benefits of retortable CPP film is its ability to create custom-sized products. This type of film can be easily stretched to create products with specific dimensions, which means businesses can cut down on the materials they need by creating smaller packages. In addition, retortable CPP films are also resistant to moisture, which means they can be used in humid environments without fearing damage.

Q4, What Is the Risk Associated with Retortable CPP Film?

Retortable CPP film is a plastic film that’s been heat-treated to make it more resistant to breakage and chipping. The benefits of retortable CPP film include improved product quality, shorter lead times, and reduced costs. However, there are also risks associated with retortable CPP film.

One risk is that the heat treatment may weaken the film’s structural integrity. If the film breaks, it could release toxic chemicals into the air or water supply. Additionally, if the film becomes damaged during production or storage, it could lead to safety hazards.

Another risk is that the heat treatment may damage the environment. Retortable CPP film releases toxic chemicals when it breaks down, which can harm plants and animals in the surrounding area.