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Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET) is also recognized as Polyester plastic film. BOPET film is a kind of plastic polymer. It possesses astonishing qualities that make it remarkably versatile for numerous applications in the medical industry.

BOPET film is well-known for providing optical clarity, mechanical and physical strength, and chemical and thermal stability. Melinex® and Mylar® PET films are the perfect substrates for an extensive range of applications.

BOPET films stop a product from migrating or evading from the enclosed packaging and entering the environment. It also defends against outside influences that could go into a package and cause a harmful effect on the products.

In Spain, various BOPET film manufacturing companies have opened to fulfill the requirements of a wide range of clients. In this article, the most reliable BOPET film manufacturing companies in Spain are mentioned.

Company Review


Address: P.I. Ctra. C-35 km 66’147, Sector 2, P5 Sant Feliu De Buixalleu, 17451 Girona, Spain

retal logo

RETAL has been offering a wide range of packaging solutions to various customers for over 20 years. The company has 11 production sites in 9 countries. The sales area of this company encompasses above 70 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Through combined capability and dedication to responsible development and manufacturing, the company delivers trustworthy value to customers in the food and beverage sectors internationally.

RETAL offers a huge collection of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) preforms for packaging, transporting, and storing various products. In addition to standard preforms, RETAL manufactures custom preforms tailored to individual customer needs.

Main Products:

  • BOPET Film
  • APET Film

POLYETHYLENE heat shrink film

Complejos de Vinyl SA (Covinil SA)

Address: C/Rienda, 4 Polígono Industrial El Palomo 28946 Fuenlabrada (Madrid),Spain

covinil logo

Complejos de Vinyl SA (Covinil SA) was established in 1975. They are dedicated to the manufacture of various plastic films for the food packaging industry.

Covinil designs and transforms products from raw materials into the final product. They complete the process entirely in their facilities with the help of specialized technology in film extrusion, printing, and metallization.

These films are sold all over the world under the brand name CECRONIL ®. In addition to extrusion plants (PET, UPVC, and CPP), Covinil has facilities for gravure printing, metallization (total, strip, and AlOx), embossing, and laminating. These films are employed for different types of flexible packaging.

Main Products:

  • PET films
  • UPVC (polyvinyl chloride without plasticizer)
  • CPP films


Address: Sta. Agnès de Malanyanes, La Roca del Vallés. 08430 - Barcelona, España.

adhesivos logo

ADHESIVOS CORPORATION, S.A. was established in the fifties. The company began its work with two different product lines including:

  • The coating of plastic film
  • The die-cutting of insulated and sound-absorbing pieces

Over time, the corporation has undergone a constant development. It is altering according to the present requirements of the market in Spain. The goal of the company is to increase productivity, improve finished products, and offer a better service -like the reliability and punctuality of deliveries.

They manufacture a wide range of protective auto adhesive films: solvent or water-based. They are composed of polyethylene plastic film, but also of polypropylene and polyester.

 This last material is used to avoid the possible damage to the surface required to protect, giving the protection film an excellent quality. Nowadays, their products compete not only in the Spanish market but also in the European one.

They are used in several and varied industries which are shown above in “OUR SECTORS”. To give a few specific examples: the lamination, electronics, automotive and shoe industries form part of the company’s main activity for the last thirty years.

Main Products:

  • Polyethylene plastic film
  • Polypropylene plastic film
  • Polyester plastic film

Trading Films

Address: Carrer de Barcelona, 1, Nave B, 08850 Gavà, Barcelona, Spain

trading films logo

Trading films was founded in 2015. The young manufacturer specializes in thermoplastic polymers in 4 business domains, flexible packaging (food packaging), industrial packaging, graphic arts industry, and labeling.

The company seeks to provide impeccable service and support to its customers with the promise of exclusive attention and consultancy as well if need be. They offer slitting and rewinding, micro-perforation, macro-perforation, and sheeting.

The company is currently working in collaboration with reputed film manufacturing companies like Kolon Industries South Korea, ensuring the excellent quality of its products. 

Main Products:

  • BOPP (polypropylene) Film
  • PET (polyester) Film
  • BOPA (polyamide) Film
  • Aluminum foil
  • Bioplastics


Complejos de Vinyl SA (Covinil SA) and ADHESIVOS CORPORATION, S.A. is the leading BOPET film manufacturers in Spain.

You may choose any of these reliable manufacturers to increase your business or enhance your market value. You can contact any of these companies to get first-class BOPET films according to your packaging requirements.