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Why Choose BOPET Film Manufacturers in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a land of 90 million inhabitants with a growing industrial sector. Almost all industries need packaging materials for their sector.

In 2020 an international processing and packaging exhibition and conference was held in Vietnam. The conference aimed to exhibit advanced technology and solutions to environmental problems.

No one can stop the use of plastics, but using eco-friendly plastics will change the environment completely. Using BOPET plastics have the following benefits.

  • Biodegradable
  • High tensile strength
  • Transparency
  • Reflectivity
  • Gas and aroma barrier properties,
  • Electrical insulation.

To meet the BOPET film requirements, various companies have opened their production, trading units of BOPET films in Vietnam.

This article comprises the list of leading BOPET film manufacturers in Vietnam. Let’s take a look at these companies.

Peiyu Plastics Corporation

Address: No. 18-2, Lane 86, Fongjiang Road, Taishan Township, Taipei County, Taiwan, TW, Taiwan

Peiyu Plastics Corporation – PYPC was established in 1978. Peiyu plastic is a manufacturer, distributor, and trading company. In Asia, it is one of the largest plastic films suppliers. The annual sales of the company are 40,000 tons worldwide.

The company has its Main markets in Eastern Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Western Europe. Total 101 to 500 employees are working in Taiwan and Vietnam company branches.

The company’s production capacity is about 500 tons of PET and 2,500 tons of PVC monthly. The PVC produced in the company is 15mm – 0.8mm thickness and maximum 1600mm wide. Plant total covering area is 43,500meter square.

The range of PET is 700mm wide and 0. 2mm – 1.2mm thick. The company produces 30,000 tons of PVC films of Japanese state of the art annually. About 500tons of PET Films are produced monthly.

Main Products

  • Rigid PVC Film / Sheet
  • PET / GAG / PETE / G-PET / ABA/ R-PET / APET / PETG Film / Sheet
  • PS Film / Sheet
  • PP Film / Sheets
  • Soft (Flexible) PVC Film / Sheet
  • PVC Laminated Tarpaulin
  • Veneers
  • Vinyls
  • PVC Spongb50e
  • PVC / PE Strech Film, PE / EVA Film

Minh Phuong Packaging company Ltd

Address: B2/7Z4, Hamlet 2, Vinh Loc A Commune, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Minh Phuong logo

Minh phuong packaging company Ltd was established in 2009. The company products are used in manufacturing agricultural, electronic devices, food, seafood, confectionery, electronic devices, and frozen and aquatic products packaging. 51 to 100 employees are working in the company.

Main Products:

NTC Import - Export Service Supply Joint Stock Company

Address: Kim son building, vinh5a8 tuy industrial zone, Hanoi, Hanoi, Vietnam

NTC import – export service supply joint stock company is located in Vietnam. The company was established in 2009. The company’s major business is trading—the company supply PET Films script in the main markets of Southeast Asia.

The company has 5 to 10 employees working in it with a total sale of $17,045.

Main products:

  • Plastic Pet script

Truong Nam Company Ltd

Address: No. 29 / 28 Doan Thi Diem St. , Ward 1, Phu Nhuan Dist, Hochimin

Truong Nam company is a Vietnam company established in 1999. Almost 51 to 100 employees are working in this company. The main markets of the company are in Eastern Asia, Mid East, and Southeast Asia.

The major business of the company is trading. This company is forwarding foreign trading and services in Vietnam.

Main Products:

  • Lubricant
  • Plastic Film
  • PVC Film
  • PET Film
  • Wallpaper

Giang Trung Quan Production Trading Service Company Limited

Address: 175 / 9 Co Giang St. District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


The giant trung company is a trading Company. It was established in 2003 with 5 to 10 people working in it. The main market of the company is in the south-east Asia region.

The company has an importer and distributor role in printing paper, plastic films as PVC, Laminated plastics, PET, printer material, moisture-proof materials, and Bopp films.

The company has its importer market in China.

Main products:

  • Tracing Paper
  • PET Film
  • Inkjet Paper
  • Inkjet Film
  • Printing Paper
  • Aluminum Coil
  • Waste Paper
  • BOOP Film
  • PVC Films

An Viet Plastic Co., Ltd

Address: 18/4 Nam Lan Hamlet, Ba Diem Ward, Hoc Mon District Ho Chi Minh City

an viet logo

An Viet Plastic Co., Ltd was established in 2006. The company is the leading manufacturer of PET plastics. The company manufactures plastic films and packaging products that are used in industrial and food products.

The company has almost 30 employees working in it. The company’s major export markets are in Japan, Korea, the USA, and Australia.  This company provides great quality with the “Prestige, Quality” slogan.

The company provides PET plastic films with 0.15-1.5mm thickness in different colors.

Main Products

  • Fruit plastic packaging (plastic boxes for fresh fruit, plastic trays used in agriculture and animal breeding, seafood plastic trays, food plastic trays, and boxes)
  • PET plastic films (color types of PET film, opaline PET film)
  • Another plastic packaging (electronics goods tray)

Sumilon Polyester Limited

Address: Virginia Wadi, Delhi Gate, Surat – 395003, INDIA.

sumilon logo

Vietnam has a major export market of Sumilon Polyester Ltd. The company was established in 1977. The company has the largest supply of BOPET and metallized films with 4000MT capacity per month. Other export markets of the company are in Bangladesh, Europe, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Turkey.

The company produces PET films of different lengths, widths, and microns used in different ways. The company has an annual production capacity of 48,000 with two major products BOPET and Metallizers. Total 150 to 200 people are working in the company.

Main Products


Vietnam is trying to find solutions for their plastics or recycling related issues. If you are in Vietnam and you want something that will not harm your environment for your business. Then use of BOPET films in manufacturing is the best.

This article is especially for Vietnam resident who find difficulty in choosing the best BOPET film industry is their country. My recommendation is the well-known companies Giang Trung Quan Production Trading Company and Piety plastics Corporation are best for your business.