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Why Choose BOPET Film Manufacturers In India?

BOPET film has higher tensile strength, crystal clear appearance, and low moisture absorption compared to other plastic films. It is an ideal film for sterilization as it has a high melting point. Due to these exemplary properties and the need for time, the demand for BOPET films is increasing rapidly.

The growth rate of BOPET film demand in India is approximately 10% per 5 years. India is one of the countries that manufacture and supply BOPET films in great quantity. However, with the growing demand, new manufacturers and the existing ones are expanding their production capacity.

China and India are the top producers of BOPET films. Both countries are fulfilling the global demand of packaging industries. So, it is a wise choice to select BOPET film manufacturers in India for your business.

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Why Choose BOPET Film Manufacturers In India?


Address: Head office Noida, India 05, Third Floor, Bhanot Corner, Pamposh Enclave, Greater Kailash - I, New Delhi - 110048, India


Uflex is one of the leading manufacturers of BOPET films in India. It serves various industrial sectors. It was established in 1985. The company generates $162.9K in revenue per year.

More than 6,000 employees work efficiently to provide innovative, high-quality products manufactured with advanced and world-class technology. Uflex is the world’s largest supplier of BOPET films and other different packaging applications. We supply our products globally.

Uflex has various national and international awards regarding the technology and equipment of certified plants that produce BOPET and other products worldwide.

Main products:

BOPET films, BOPP, CPP, and PET

Jindal Poly Films

Address: Plot No 12, Sector B-1, Local Shopping Complex, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


Jindal poly films is a polyester manufacturer since 1974 but started production of BOPET in 1996. It is the 8th largest BOPET film manufacturer in the world. Jindal has more than 5,000 employees who effortlessly work and have provided a wide range of versatile products and solutions for more than six decades.

Their vision is for constant organic and inorganic growth by innovative products and consistent quality per our customer’s demand. Jindal’s BOPET films provide an extensive range of food packaging, industrial lamination, and pet food application.

With its wide and extensive range, it is undoubtedly one of the leading BOPET film manufacturers in India.

Main products:

BOPET, BOPP, PET, CPP, Thermal films, and NTR

Aria International

Address: 418-419, Suneja Tower-1 Distric centre Janakpuri New Delhi -110058


Aria international was founded in 2017. It is one of the leading manufacturers of polyester films, BOPET films, BOPP films, and other packaging materials in India.

Aria offers a diverse and innovative, comprehensive range of products to different industries like textiles, medical, decoration, labeling, and packaging. Our products are produced under international quality standards. BOPET is manufactured with stretched polythene terephthalate.

It is transparent, flexible, challenging, and has excellent stiffness. Aria’s vision is to give the best services to their customers in terms of quality and efficiency. Also, to become a Preferred Global Supplier in the packaging industry in India.

Main Products:

BOPET, BOPP, CPP, and Polyester

Sparsh Industries

Address: Sparsh House, Plot No. 165, Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi, India


Sparsh group has been one of the best BOPET film manufacturers in India. It has been working since 1975. The group serves various products like tea, cement, fertilizers, and chemicals. We offer multiple services and flexible packaging under one roof.

Sparsh’s vision is to expand business towards modernizations and diversification to meet our customer requirements.

We manufacture BOPET films with excellent strength and high stiffness. The films are available in a wide range regarding thickness, widths as per the demand of customers.

Main Products:

BOPET films, Metallized films, PET, and CPP

Rainbow Plastics

Address: 45-A, Giriraj Industrial Estate, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai - 400093, Maharashtra, India


Rainbow plastics started in 1995. It is among the most named BOPET film manufacturers in India. It serves globally and has more than 100 employees who work efficiently and provide products worldwide.

The company manufactures a broad and diverse range of products like tapes, sheets, bags, and packaging films. Rainbow plastics perform several quality measures to ensure the standards of customers’ requirements.

Go and catch the best packaging and other products to boost your business with Rainbow plastics.

Main products:

BOPET, BOPP, HDPE, LLDPE, and Polyester films


Address: B-37, Sector - 1, Noida - 201 301 Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India


Polyplex is among the leading manufacturers of BOPET in India. It was established in 1984. Our manufacturing plants are also placed in Thailand and Turkey. More than 1900 employees work effectively in more than 83 countries across Asia, the East, the Pacific, and the Middle East.

Their polyester products like BOPET and others are manufactured with a wide range of versatile designs and thickness surface properties covering all customer requirements.

Polyplex is one of the top five global producers of plastic and polyester film manufacturers. Our BOPET is reliable, valuable, and cost-effective.

Main Products:


Gaware Polyester

Address: Polyester Film Plant, L-6, Chikalthana, M I D C Industrial Area, Dr. Abasaheb Garware Marg, Maharashtra 431210, India


Garware originated in 1933 and served as one of the best manufacturers of BOPET films in India. We help our products in more than 80 countries across the globe.

Around 300 or more employees working in Garware produce innovative, customized, specialized, and modern polyester films to serve their customers and clients.

Garware’s been serving products globally for the last five decades. Our vision is to get advanced performance materials to promote our products.

Main Products:

BOPET, Linear sheet, Lidding films, Thermal lamination, and Co-polyester


Address: 21, Ring Rd, Mahadev Nagar Society, Sagrampura, Surat, Gujarat 395001, India


Sumilon was founded in 1970 and is one of the most trusted manufacturing companies of BOPET, Polyester, and PET films in India.

Sumilon is the only company that has all facilities to produce BOPET under a single roof. The market share of the company is 35% of total sales in India.

After installing the new BOPET manufacturing line, our capacity increases from 700MT per month to 3000MT per month. Sumilon provides high-quality, reliable services and the best solutions to their valued customers.

The company aims to be the leading BOPET film manufacturers in India.

Main Products: PET, BOPET, and PCR

Star Flexi Films

Address: 73 Bora Bazar, Surana Sadan, 1st Floor, Fort, Mumbai - 400001 India.

Star Flexi films have been among the leading suppliers and manufacturers of BOPET films in India, since 2009. We offer innovative, diverse products and fulfill our commitment to deliver quality in India and worldwide.

Star Flexi provides an excellent appearance and high-quality transparent and metalized polyester films. The BOPET films are used to laminate cosmetics, shampoo, snacks, washing powder, food products, and other items.

Star Flexi’s BOPET has high strength and various dimensional and chemical stability used for different industrial functions.

Main Products: BOPP, PET, BOPET, and CPP


Address: Anant Plaza, IInd Floor 4/117-2A, Civil Lines, Church Road, Agra - 282 002, Uttar Pradesh (INDIA)


Vacmet is a leading producer of polyester films like BOPET in India. It was founded in 1993. Amazingly, it operates from 5 different manufacturing sites in India. Vacmet’s provide good quality, excellent hardens, high stiffness, cost-effective and eco-friendly products to their customers.

It serves a diverse range of products in textiles, labeling, packaging, decoration, pharmaceuticals, and medical. Vacmet cooperates with Venoflex Company to deliver and distribute their products in the international market.

A wise choice is to boost your business with Vacmet polyester films, BOPET films, and other products.

Main Products: BOPP, BOPET, Metallized films, and coated films

Final Verdict

Vacmet India, Aria International, and UFlex are significant players in BOPET film manufacturing in India.

You may get good products for your business market growth and boost your revenue by choosing one of the above-mentioned manufacturing companies.

Select the best-suited BOPET film manufacturers in India and get a chance to enhance your business growth!