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Why Choose Polyester Film Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan?

The future of the polyester film market in Pakistan seems to be attractive, with opportunities in the industrial, packaging, and electrical industries. This marketplace’s most significant growth drivers are the increasing demand for flexible packaging.

This article will provide you with a brief overview of Pakistan BOPET film’s best manufacturing companies.

You choose Pakistani industries because of their low prices and high-quality products. Other than these, Pakistani industries also provide you with the films having:

  • Excellent transparency
  • Uniform thickness
  • Thermal stability
  • Excellent Chemical resistance
  • Excellent Physical properties
  • High tensile strength
  • Water and gas resistance
  • Little UV permeability

To fulfill the requirements of BOPET films, many companies are working in Pakistan. Here is the list and specialties of those companies.

Astro Films (Pvt.) Ltd.

Address: 17, Banglore Town, Main Sharah-e-Faisal, Karachi-75350, Pakistan

Astro Films logo

Astro film is a famous manufacturer of BOPET films in Pakistan. It is a division owned and operated by Ismail Industries Limited. Ismail Industry was established in 1988.

This company made packaging films under Astro Films and many other products under different brand names. Ismail Industries Ltd. exported its products in >40 countries, including the USA, Africa, Europe, and many more.

The Astro Films family consists of three brands: Plastiflex Films Pvt. Limited, Astro Pack and Astro Plastics Pvt. Limited. Astro films have 80,000 tons/year production capacity with ~300 working employees. The company exports its products in more >15 countries.

Asian flexible packaging manufacturer companies export 70% of their films to Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The production capacity of BOPET films is 60,000 tons/year, CPP films are 15,000 tons/year, and BOPP films are 4,200 tons/year.

These films are used in food packaging, health, and hygiene, household products, cable insulation films, bag making, and non-food wraps.

Main Products

  • BOPET films
  • CPP films
  • BOPP films

ABN Packaging International

Address: Suite No.235, Sunny Plaza, Hasrat Mohani Road Karachi, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

ABN company logo

ABN company was established in 1995. Less than five employees are working with <1 million USD annual sales.

ABN packaging is an Export and Import based company. The company is working as a manufacturer of high-quality packaging materials and other products.

The company exports its products to central Africa, East Asia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Main Products

  • BOPP and PET films
  • PVC rigid films
  • Aluminum foil
  • Fresh food wraps
  • Packaging machines (Pharmaceutical, Food processing/packaging machines)
  • Hologram products (Stickers and 2D, 3D security labels)


Address: Jallal Street, Daewoo Express Road, Faisalabad (38000). Pakistan.

technoPET logo

Technopet was established in 2019. This young company works as manufacturer and exporter of PET (BOPET) films. The company is producing fully automatic grade PET and manual PET straps to meet the customers’ requirements.

Main Products

  • BOPET Films
  • PET Strap
  • PET Flakes
  • Polyester filament yarn
  • Polyester staple fibers
  • PET sheets
  • PET Resin
  • Towels


Address: 10th Floor, G&T Tower, #18 Beaumont Road, Civil Lines -10, Karachi - 75530 - Pakistan.

Krystofilms logo

Novated limited, a G&T group company, began producing BOPET films under the brand name Krystofilms. It is the biggest plant in Pakistan for BOPET film production, with a capacity of 30,000 TPA.

Different types of BOPET Films from 8 to 150 microns are being produced in Krystofilms. These films are used in packaging (tea, ketchup, biscuits, spices) and textile (yarns, glitters, sequins).

Less than 25 employees are working in Krystofilms with annual revenue of <5 million USD. The area of this production line is 8.7meter.

Main Products

  • High slip films
  • Metalized films
  • Chemical films
  • Acrylic films

Sumilon Polyester Limited

Address: Virginia Wadi, Delhi Gate, Surat – 395003, INDIA.

Sumilon Polyester Ltd. Was established in 1977 in India. The company has the largest supply of BOPET and Metallized films with 4000MT capacity per month. The company has its major export markets in many countries, including Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Europe, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

The company produces PET films of different lengths, widths, and microns used in different ways. The company has an annual production capacity of 48000 with two significant products BOPET and metallizers. Total 150-200 employees are in the company.

Main Products

  • Transparent Films
  • Metallized Film
  • Speciality Pet Films
  • PCR PET Films

Flex Films manufactures

Address: A-1, Sector-60, Noida - 201 301 U.P. India.

Flex Films logo

Flex Films, Indian’s most prominent packaging industry, was established in 1985. The company provides its facilities in four major continents, including North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

With a global capacity of 5,10,000 MT per annum for all types of films, Flex Films is one of the largest suppliers of thin Polyester (BOPET) Films for Packaging applications worldwide.

Flex Films has its global markets in 150 countries, including Pakistan.

Main Products

  • BOPET Films
  • Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Films
  • Cast Polypropylene (CPP) Films
  • PCR Grade Films
  • Metalized films
  • Specialty films
  • Alex coated films

Bright Industries (Pvt) Ltd.

Address: 24-25 Mohmand Plaza, Chowk Yadgar, Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan

Brightex company logo

The bright company was established in 2000 as a manufacturer of polyester films. The company has 50-200 employees. The company provides the finest products by using advanced technology. The main markets of industry are in the USA.

Main Products

  • Single-sided metalized and coated polyester films
  • Metallic yarns
  • Glitter powder in square and hexagonal shapes


Astro Films (Pvt.) Ltd proves its products in Pakistan and many other countries worldwide. And Krystofilms are highly recommended BOPET manufacturing companies in Pakistan.

These companies bring innovative solutions for their customers. Their manufacturing units are equipped with the latest machinery.

They provide excellent customer service.  You can get premium polyester films from these companies at any time.