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Why Choose Polyester Film Manufacturing Companies in the USA?

The future of the BOPET film market in the USA seems to be attractive, with opportunities in the industrial, packaging, and electrical sectors. The most important growth drives for this marketplace are the increasing demand for flexible packaging and the flat panel display marketplace.

In 2020, the demand for BOPET and BOPP in North America stood at 1.44 million tons. The rapid urbanization and industrialization activities also contribute to the increase in demand for BOPET films.  Because of increasing demand, many companies in the USA manufacture BOPET films to meet the demand. If you are looking for the best BOPET film manufacturing company in the USA, this article will quickly provide you with the related information.

Kingchuan China is a trusted business center for BOPET film suppliers. Since 1992, Kingchuan has provided high-grade, flexible packaging products in the world’s major continents. Kingchuan utilizes first-class raw materials for high-quality polyester films production. The quality control unit of Kingchuan checks every minute detail to reduce the chance of defects.

The increased demand for BOPET films is due to its following characteristics:

  • Dimensional and chemical stability
  • Excellent transparency 
  • Uniform thickness
  • Electrical insulation 
  • Highest tensile strength 

To fulfill the market requirements of BOPET films, many companies have established in the USA. Here is the list and specialties of those companies.

Flex Films

Address: 1221 North Black Branch Road, Elizabethtown, Kentucky (KY) 42701, USA

Flex Films logo

Flex Films was established in 1985. It is Indian’s most prominent packaging industry. The company provides its facilities in four major continents, including North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe, as UFlex Limited.  

The production capacity of Flex Films is 510,000 MT/year with BOPET films supply. As a supplier, the company works under the brand name FLEXPET. 

FLEXPET films production capability is 350,000TPA (770 million lbs/annum) across the six manufacturing locations worldwide. It’s one of the biggest BOPET film manufacturing companies in the USA.

Main Products

  • BOPET Films
  • BOPP Films
  • CPP Films
  • PCR Grade Films
  • Metalized films
  • Specialty films
  • Alex coated films


Address: 145 Wharton Rd, Bristol, PA 19007 USA

Dunmore logo

DUNMORE Corporation was originated in 1970 in the USA. Approximately 22 employees work with an estimated annual revenue of 70.0M.

The company has three manufacturing facilities in the USA and Europe.

Dunmore film, fabrics, and foils are being used in almost 25 countries in the whole world. These products are being used in packaging, automotive, aircraft components, spacecraft applications.

Dunmore is a leading manufacturing company for metalized, laminated, and coated films, fabrics, and foils in the USA.

Main Products

  • Metallized Packaging Film
  • Coated Packaging Film
  • Laminated Packaging Film
  • Foils
  • Fabrics

Polyplex Corporation Ltd. (Polyplex)

Address: 3001, Mallard Fox Drive N W Decatur, Alabama – 35601 USA

Polyplex Corporation Ltd. logo

Polyplex is the world’s seventh-largest company for producing polyester (BOPET) films. The company has a worldwide presence with 1950 customers in 75 countries, including American, the Far East, the Middle East, India, Europe, and the subcontinent.

The company has its distribution units in processes in six countries, i.e., USA, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Netherland, and India.

Polyplex moved nearer to its North American customers in 1996 through Spectrum Marketing, Inc. It is a joint project based in Texas, Fort Worth, for distributing warehousing Polyplex products. This unit was developed in 2006 and renamed Polyplex (Americas) Inc.

The annual revenue of polyester film’s USA LLC Manufacturer is $100-$500 million with 100-500 employees.

Main Products

  • SARAFIL (BOPET, BOPP, CPP, Blown, Sustainable and Holographic films, TMP)
  • Sarasota (silicone coated films)
  • Salam (polyester thermal lamination, thermal insulation)
  • Saraprint (inject film, polyester master plate


Address: 2115 Linwood Ave, Suite 310, Fort Lee, NJ, 07024. USA

Polinas logo

Polinas is the first BOPP film manufacturer of turkey. The company was established in 1982 and started its production in 1985.

The production area of the company is 175.000m2. Total 770 employees work in all company lines.

The company is a part of Yildiz Holding, the top manufacturer for BOPET, BOPP, coated, and torn tapes. The company has one of its lines in the USA with Polinas Plastic of America Inc.

The company has 50tons/year BOPET films capacity and 200tons/year capacity in exclusive products. The company ranks in the top 10 companies worldwide.

Main Products

  • BOPET Films
  • Metalized films
  • Coated films
  • Barrier films
  • Tear tapes
  • Holographic films

SKC Inc.

Address: 1000 SKC Drive, Covington, GA 30014, USA

SKC inc. logo

SKC was established in 1976. It became the first polyester film developing company in Korea in 1977 and the 4th largest PET maker globally.

Almost 3,500 employees work effortlessly for the company.

SKC Inc. is the American film division of SK Group. In 1985, The company started to export PET film from Korea to the USA.

In 1986, SKC developed a sales and services branch in the USA to further accommodate the American market. The SKC flourished in the mass production of packaging shrinkable films, that is the world’s second most needed product.

Main Products

  • PET films
  • Videotapes
  • Polarizer protective film
  • Shrinkable films
  • Polyimide films


Address: Alcalá la Real, Jaén, SpainAvenida de Iberoamérica, 56 E-23680 Alcalá la Real – Jaén, Spain

Derprosa logo

Derprosa was established in 1988 in Spain. The company became a part of Taghleef Industries in 2014. Derprosa manufactures and markets polyester films for packaging, graphic arts, and labels.

In North America, Taghleef Industries directly markets its films through its own company – Derprosa specialty films in the USA. Derprosa has over 200 direct employees, with Taghleef Industries employing 2700 workers. 

In 2005, the company manufactured and commercialized new transparent and metalized polyester films (BOPET).

In 2013, Derprosa™ set up in the USA under the name Derprosa™ Specialty Films LLC to continue consolidating their international expansion.

Derprosa operates 14 external warehouses; 4 of them are in the USA.

Main Products

  • Laminating films
  • BOPP


From all the companies mentioned in the article, SKC Inc. and Flex Films are highly recommended BOPET film manufacturers in the USA.

These companies bring innovative solutions for their customers. Their manufacturing units are equipped with the latest machinery.

So what are you waiting for?

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