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Suppose you search for a new flexible packaging film that would be a more reasonable substitute for cellophane. In that case, biaxially oriented polypropylene overwrap film (BOPP) is an ideal fit for you.

BOPP films are the precise packaging solution for your company’s packaging requirements. There are some recyclable BOPP films currently available, and they would be a good choice for your packaging needs.

 If you are looking for a less expensive alternative to cellophane, BOPP film is a good choice. BOPP film possesses higher strength than other plastic films. BOPP Film is the best food-grade packaging film with superior barrier properties to other plastic films.

BOPP film is an excellent solution for numerous applications. It is one of the most extensively utilized packaging products in the food industry in Cyprus.

Due to the enhanced demand, various companies are introducing their BOPP film manufacturing units in Cyprus. In this article, we will tell you about the top BOPP film manufacturing companies in Cyprus.

Company Review

M&G Interpack Package Suppliers LTD

Address: 30 Tripoleos, 2235, Nicosia, Cyprus

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M&G INTERPACK PACKAGE SUPPLIERS LTD is the leading company in packaging. With experience over a decade, the company has managed to build an environment of trust, faster services, and close ties.

The company believes in long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with its suppliers and customers.

 This company considers its goal the preservation, safe transport, and proper presentation of customers’ products. Its vision is to provide solutions that support and empower customers to achieve high-quality results.

Main Products:

  • BOPP Film/tape
  • Vacuum pouches
  • Stretch film
  • Tapes
  • Shrink film

Geobios Ltd

Address: Dali Industrial Area Panagra 3A str. 2540 Dali - Nicosia, Cyprus


Since 1988 Geobros Ltd has been providing high-quality services on specific raw materials for printing and art. In addition, the company creates a production unit printing on adhesive tapes.

In the last few years, the production unit has become bigger, starting to print on a special material plastic card with an offset machine.

The company’s sales reach the first position in the market because of quality and delivery time. Generally, Geobros Ltd offers overall project solutions in our section, from the design to the end of the production.

The company offers printing of High-tech plastic for expanded usage. This includes blank or magnetic stripe cards, Proximity (RFID) Cards (both Lo-Coercivity / Hi Coercivity). The company uses an Offset machine with the latest printing standards for CYMK and qualifies with a smaller dot printing for the best results.

The company provides high-quality adhesive tapes. These tapes are offered in White, Brown, and Clear colors at this company. The offered widths of these tapes are 25mm, 38mm, and 50mm. The lengths of tapes range from 50m to 550m, and thickness ranges are0,32 and 0,35 micros.

Main Products:

  • High-quality PVC and P.P. (BOPP) Acrylic adhesive tapes
  • Plastic cards

Co-Pack Packaging Ltd

Address: Lozanis 5, Nicosia, Kaimakli, Cyprus

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The company was established in 1971. The company works as an importer of Packaging materials and related machinery. Since its inception, the company has focused on the quality of its products.

This company has a team of highly experienced and professional employees. These employees have proper knowledge about the manufacturing of these products.

The company is equipped with advanced technology and machinery. It is considered the best seller of BOPP films and PA/PE materials in Cyprus. The company also works as a converter of packaging films and producer of Pouches.

Main products:

  • BOPP films
  • PA/PE materials
  • Pouches


Geobros Company and Co-Pack packaging are highly recommended among BOPP film manufacturing companies. These companies provide high-quality BOPP films at reasonable prices.

These companies provide the clock supply of the BOPP films in Cyprus. You can contact any companies mentioned above to avail premium BOPP films according to your packaging needs.