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Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP Film) is a plastic film that has been stretched both mechanically and manually by using cross direction techniques. BOPP film has become one of the most eminent and enormously demanded films worldwide due to its several benefits.

BOPP films have the exceptional gloss and high transparency, giving them a fine finish. It has exceptional clarity. This film possesses the finest dimensional stability and flatness. It has a low electrostatic charge.

BOPP films exert optimum and good performance on high speeding printing. This film is also resistant to oils and grease. It possesses good puncture and flex crack resistance over a wide range of temperatures.

Like other world regions, the demand for BOPP films has also been augmented in Czechia. Various industries in Czechia use BOPP films.

Several BOPP film manufacturing companies in Czechia serve in the BOPP Film market. In this article, a list of the reliable BOPP Film manufacturing companies is given for the customers in Czechia.

Company Review


Address: Partyzánská 464, 793 05 Moravský Beroun, Czech Rebublic


GRANITOL is the largest manufacturer of blown polyethylene films and P.P.P.P. strapping bands in the Czech Republic. GRANITOL was first established in Moravský Beroun 125 years ago.

In 1895 Moritz Hansel began the “Moravian mechanical weaving factory,” which dealt with producing artificial leatherette based on nitrocellulose coatings.

In 1910 GRANITOL was founded in the family factory and further developed the production of artificial fabrics, waxed linen, and artificial leather.

Since 1967 GRANITOL has produced LDPE polyethylene films, and in 1976 it also expanded its production of H.D.P.E. films which was given the brand name MIKROTEN®.

After privatization in 1995, the company “Granitol Union” became the majority owner. In 2004, the Slovak investment group SLOVINTEGRA a.s. Became the majority owner. Since 2006, SLOVINTEGRA a.s. has been the 100% owner.

Main Products:

  • Shrinkable palletizing films
  • Films for group packaging
  • Films for the manufacture of boil-in bags
  • Building films
  • Cover films and sheets
  • Films for the manufacture of hygienic disposables
  • Laminated films (BOPP Film)
  • Laminated pet food bags
  • Mikroten®D.P.E. films, LDPE, and H.D.P.E. films
  • Polypropylene (pp) strapping bands

PENTA-servis spol. s ro

Address: Puškinova 1251, 534 01 Holice, Czechia


The Company PENTA – servis, spol. s ro was founded in November 1992. The Company is based on employees with thirty years of experience in strapping and packaging technology.

The Company PENTA-servis spol. s ro  has come a long way since its foundation. Due to the honest and dedicated work of past and present partners and employees, it is now one of the market leaders in strapping and packaging technology and packaging materials.

The Company’s success is best proved by satisfied customers who keep coming back to it. The Company started with five members based in a family house. At present, PENTA-servis spol. s ro  has 30 employees, headquarters, and a warehouse in Holice.

Main Products:

  • Binding tapes  
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Stretch film
  • Shrink films 
  • LDPE foil
  • BOPP foil 


From the above-mentioned companies, GRANITOL and PENTA-servis, spol. s are regarded as the best supplier and manufacturers of BOPP film in Czechia.

All the listed companies manufacture BOPP films as per international standards. These companies are equipped with advanced machinery.