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Why Choose BOPP Film Manufacturers in Finland

The popularity of BOPP films is no joke as the FilmFilm provides such an eco-friendly approach along with useful features. A major amount of this FilmFilm is being used in many different applications.

It might be difficult for you to find the most appropriate options when it comes to BOPP manufacturers and suppliers in Finland. Here, we have prepared a complete list of the best BOPP companies that will provide you with the desired products at reasonable prices and high quality.

You can check the portfolio of each company by clicking on the links given below. So, let’s have a look at the details!

Company Review

Tatrafan Film

Address: Lutsk, Rivnenska str. 76А 43020 Ukraine

Tatrafan Film

Tatrafan FilmFilm is a Ukraine-based joint venture company. This company was formed by the two largest industrial film and packaging companies, Raniplast & Chemosvit. Both of these companies work as the best players in their respective areas and fields.

RaniPlast Group is a key player in plastic products supply in Scandinavian countries and is among the 20 best producers in Europe. This company was established in 1955, with its main headquarter in Finland. This company serves almost 50 countries in the global market.

Chemist Group is a network of different companies associated with the sales, manufacturing, and conversion of flexible films. The major manufacturing plants of this group are in Finland, Ukraine, and Slovakia. The majority of products of this group are being used in the electrical and packaging industries.

Main Products

  • Role packaging (grocery, coffee, tea, drink labels, vegetables, fruits, sanitary packs, confectionery, dairy products, snacks, deep-frozen products)
  • Bags (Bread and bakery products, meat and poultry)

Borealis AG

Address: St.-Peter-Strasse 25 4021 Linz, Austria

Borealis AG

Borealis AG is a European market leader in fertilizer, plastic recycling, and chemical field. This company was founded in 1994 with its headquarters in Austria, and now it’s the world’s 8th largest manufacturer of polypropylene & polyethylene.

Being the leader of polyolefins, Borealis is offering its customers anan effective range of BOPP films for multiple applications. The net profit of this company is 589 million EUR with 6.8 billion EUR sales revenue.

Borealis serves almost 120 different countries all around the globe & 6,900 experienced workers are working in this company. To supply the products, the company is working with two of its joint ventures; US-based Baystar & UAE-based Borouge.

You can check the company’s official website for more information and products detail.

Main Products

  • Polyolefins (consumer products, automotive, energy, pipes & fittings, new business development)
  • Base chemicals (hydrocarbons & energy, melamine)
  • Fertilizers

Flex Films

Address: A-1, Sector-60, Noida - 201 301 U.P. India.

Flex Films

Flex Films is India’s largest and world’s one of the leading FilmFilm manufacturing industries, serving almost 150 different countries (Finland) on the major continents. This company is an arm of Uflex (packaging materials & Solution Company).

Uflex is a vertically integrated corporation with an annual profit of > USD 1 billion. The major products of uflex include coated and metalized films, PET resin, inks & adhesives, rotogravure cylinders, pouches/bags, & many others.

Flex films were established in 1985 to serve packaging films in the global market. Its network is extended to Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and the Middle East. The manufacturing plants of this company are in India, Nigeria, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Mexico, UAE, USA, and Egypt.

Flex Films, India’s largest packaging industry, was established in 1985. The company provides its facilities in four major continents, including North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe, as UFlex Limited. 

The BOPP film production of flex film is going under the brand name FLEXOPPTM. FLEXOPPTM films have 149,000 TPA annual capacity and an 8-75 microns thick film range in their portfolio. The BOPP film of this company has a huge range, including Pearlized, Heat-Sealable, White Opaque, Plain, and Cavitated.

Due to the product’s quality, flex films have gained multiple national and global awards like AIMCAL, WPO, & FPA. You can check the further details on the company’s website.

Main Products

  • BOPP Films (packaging, label, industrial, sustainable films)
  • Metalized films
  • PCR Grade Films
  • Specialty films
  • BOPET Films
  • Alex coated films


Address: Joreni Pac Lomma AB / Upssala AB Kontorsgatan / Trädgärdsgatan 11 234 34 Lomma / 753 09 Upssala Sweden


For the past 50 years, Treofan Group has been working as a leading global manufacturer of BOPP films. The majority of its products are being used for packaging, technical, tobacco & label applications.

The company has three manufacturing plants in Germany and Italy with approximately 800 experienced workers. Other than the plants, the company has one pilot and coater line & 11 extrusion Lines.

Treofan was established in 1969, and now it has a 5.1 billion square meters per year total capacity output. The annual production of the company is 125,000 tons of FilmFilm per year.

Treofan is serving >90 countries worldwide, including Finland, Russia, Germany, South Korea, UAE, Sweden, and many more. Due to the high-quality, tailor-made products & intelligent solutions, the company has ISO 9001:2015, ISO 50001, and BRC quality management certificates.

You can check the future details on the company’s official website.

Main Products

  • Packaging BOPP Films
  • Tobacco BOPP Films
  • Label BOPP Films
  • Technical BOPP Films

Final Verdict

When it comes to BOPP film production and supply in Finland, you can trust many globally known companies like Treofan and flex films for quality and timely delivery. We have provided you with complete details of these and other companies that will surely help you with your BOPP film companies’ research as a Finland buyer.