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Why Select BOPP Film Manufacturers in China?

The enhanced consumption of BOPP films is due to their characteristics. BOPP films are non-toxic and safe to use. These films can protect the packaged material for a long duration, and these are less expensive. 

With the ban on plastics, the demand for plastic packaging faced a downfall. Thanks to the biodegradable solution, the plastic packaging industry has aroused. China is playing a significant role in producing eco-friendly plastic films. Furthermore, China recycling plants significantly contribute to the recycling of plastic waste. 

Ecommerce websites are one of the major players in the distribution of plastic films.

The reason to select BOPP film manufacturers in China is that they offer low-price and high-quality BOPP films. By reading this review article, you will be able to choose a BOPP film supplier that meets your requirements quickly.  

Company Review

Qingdao Kingchaun Yuanrong International Trading Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 904, Unit 1, Huawo Building, No.179 Shenzhen Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao, P.R. China

Kingchuan packaging

Kingchaun is a newly established trading company. It has been the distributor of plastic films since 1992. Kingchuan has six branches in different cities of China, i.e., Jining, Qingdao, Jinan, Zhengzhou, and Wuhan.  

As one of the leading BOPP film manufacturers in China, Kingchuan Packaging offers the most cutting-edge, high-quality products along with the best customer service in the industry. Kingchuan has achieved this milestone through the flexible cost structure, state-of-the-art technology, and proven processes. 

With over three decades of experience, in-depth knowledge of markets and materials, and long-lasting collaborations with clients has enabled Kingchuan to offer an innovative plastic film that not only meets but surpasses clients’ expectations.

Main Products: 

BOPP Film, BOPET Film, CPP film, BOPA film, P.E. film, and aluminum foil.

Jiangsu Shukang Packing Material Co., Ltd.

Address: Shuangliang New Material Industry Park, Ligang, Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China


Jiangsu Shukang Packing Material Co., Ltd. is an advanced enterprise wholly-owned subsidiary to Jiangsu Shuangliang Group Co., Ltd.

The company specializes in constructing BOPP films. It has four highly developed automatic production lines made in Bruckner of Germany. Its slitting equipment was prepared in Atlas of England at international levels.

The annual production output of Jiangsu Shukang is about 120,000 tons, making it one of the best BOPP film manufacturers in China. Shuangliang BOPP film is diverse in numerous series. Jiangsu Shukang BOPP films possess various characteristics like resilience, glossiness, clarity, heat stability, etc.  

Its high-ranked BOPP films are extensively utilized in drink, food, and cigarette packing. They are also valuable for trademark printing, anti-counterfeit packing, book glazing, etc.

Main Products: 

BOPP films and their countless variations


Address: No. 889, Jingshui Road, Kedong Industrial Zone, Shaoxing, Zhejiang



Kinlead is considered one of the chief BOPP film manufacturers in China. The company has five BOPP production lines with an annual capacity of over 180,000 metric tons. 

It has established its three factories in Dalian, Shangyu, and Shaoxing. These three factories provide 25,000 Metric tons of CPP films. Additionally, it is equipped with high-speed metallizers and some other downstream production lines.  

It exports its products to over 70 countries, including Japan, Asia, Africa, America, Europe, and other regions. Due to the best quality of its products, it is a first-class supplier of packaging material in the world.

Main Products: 

BOPP film, CPP film, and metalized film

Wenzhou Gettel Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Address: City Longgang Demonstration Industrial Zone (harbor Road) Among Avenue, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China


Gettel Group Co., Ltd. is among the most named BOPP film manufacturers in China. It has been working as a distributor of packaging materials since 2004. 

It is regarded as a well-known trademark in China. The company introduced its 8.2-meter width BOPP film line in Germany. 

Gettel built its three production lines in Anhui Province, Jiangsu Province, and Zhejiang Province. These production lines had an initial annual output of 31,500 MT. The company is operated according to the modern enterprise management system. 

It has passed the evaluation of the ISO9001:2000 certificate.

Main products: 

BOPP film, CPP film, and their variations

Yem Chio Co., Ltd.

Address: 6F, No.423, Sec, 3 Ming-Chi Rd., Taisan Hsiang, Taipei Hsien

YC Group

YemChio Co., Ltd. was established in 1978. The company is considered an expert exporter of Bopp films in Taiwan. It built five factories and 30 offices in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. It produces 100,000 tons of BOPP films annually. 

Yem Chio offers mass production of packaging products. Its Bopp films are highly recommended due to their unique properties.

These films help pack foodstuff, medical products, and industrial items.

Main Products: 

BOPP film, garment film, heat sealable film, and metalized film

ZhongshanWing Ning Film Ltd.

Address: 88.Wingning Industrial North Road, Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China

Zhonshan Wing Ning Film Ltd

ZhongshanWing Ning Film Ltd. was established in 1987. It is among the leading BOPP film manufacturers in China. 

The company introduced seven automatic production lines in Germany, Japan, and Britain. It improved its annual production capacity from 3000T (1989) to 130000 T (2017). 

After 30 years of development, the company’s capital assets have increased up to 800 million RMB. It has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

Above 400 people are working in this organization. Its high-quality materials are used in laminating, printing, and packaging, etc.

Main Products: 

BOPP films and their variations

Anhui Guofeng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Address: Mingchuan Road 1000, High & Tech Development Zone, Hefei City

anhui guofeng

Anhui Guofeng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has been working as a distributor of plastic films since 1998. Its registered capital is 4.2048 billion RMB. The company is known as Anhui Guofeng Group Co., Ltd. 

It has established many other branches for the production of variable products. Guofeng films are placed in top position in China film industry with an annual output of 100,000tons.

It has achieved ISO14001 Environment Management System Certificate, Q.S. Quality Safety Certificate, and many other certificates. Above 1,500 people are part of this company. 

Main products: 

BOPP and BOPET films 

Chintec (Xiamen) Plastic Film Technology Co. Ltd.

Address: Unit 1505-1 No.521 Middle Gaolin Road, Huli District Xiamen, China


Chintec was established in 2008 in China. Initially, they just prepared CPP films. Later on, for their stable customers, they started manufacturing BOPP and POF films. With time and consistent working, Chintec has been listed among the leading BOPP film manufacturers in China.

These plastic films are widely used for packaging, laminating, protecting, and decorating. Chinese produces green environmental protection and unique functional plastic films. 

Its products are qualified with many certificates like MSDS, FDA ROHS, etc.

Main products: 

CPP films, BOPA films, BOPP films, and P.E. films

Shantou Lifeng Plastic Film Co., Ltd

Address: Xiehe Industrial Park, Laimei Road, Fengxiang Street, Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province

Shantou Lifeng Plastic Film

Shantou Lifeng Plastic Film Co., Ltd is an industry and trade integrated enterprise with 30 years of experience in plastic film trade and bag production. The company has a professional production team and an excellent sales team.

Shantou lifeng is one of the leading BOPP film manufacturers in China. Its films are extensively utilized in food packaging, cosmetic packaging, cigarette packaging, electronic packaging, gift packaging, and catering packaging.

Main products: 

BOPP film, stretch film, and CPP film

Xiamen Xinwang Advanced Materials Technology CO., Ltd.

Address: Xiamen City, Fujian Province


Xiamen Xinyang advanced materials technology Co. Ltd started working in 2004. It is considered one of the earliest composites materials manufacturers. With the experience of 15 years, it improved the quality of its products. 

It has passed ISO9001:2008 certification. It is equipped with an advanced computer driving production line. It exports its products to Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Spanish, Asia, the Middle East, etc. 

Its products are used in sports, automotive components, aeronautical materials, marine areas, windmills wing.

Main products: 

BOPP, vacuum bagging, nylon tube, and release films

Final Verdict

The companies mentioned above are trying their best to fulfill the requirements of their clients. The BOPP films manufactured by Kingchaun, Jiangsu Shukang, and Kinlead companies are comparatively more famous among customers due to their lower rates and unique properties.

You can contact any suppliers mentioned above. They provide the fastest delivery. You will get satisfactory outcomes by utilizing their products.