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Why Choose BOPP Film Manufacturers in Canada?

There is a constant increase in the consumption of BOPP plastic films all over the world. This raised consumption of BOPP films is due to its unique features, including:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Lightweight and lower cost
  • High transparency

Several companies started their ventures as BOPP film manufacturers in Canada a few years ago due to its ever-rising demand.

The market demand for BOPP films has also increased due to their applicability in various fields of life. It is composed of non-toxic raw materials, so this film is considered the best choice for food packaging. Besides food packaging, this film is also used in various other industries.

This article consists of the list of top BOPP film manufacturers in Canada. Let’s take a look at the below-mentioned BOPP film manufacturing companies.

Vibac Group

Address: 12250 Bd Industriel, Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC H1B 5M5, Canada

vibac logo

Vibac Group was established in 1968. Since its inception, the company has built a strong reputation as a tape manufacturer.

Initially, Vibac started as a producer of cloth adhesive tapes, for the shoe industry. Then the company progressively diversified its activities in the field of packaging adhesive tapes and polypropylene film for industrial packaging.

 Since then Vibac Group has flourished both in terms of volumes and turnover, in every geographical area and field of activity.

In the 1980s, the Company consolidated its position as the leading group in the packaging and labeling industry due to investments in new production lines and strategic acquisitions.

In less than 50 years the company has achieved an annual turnover of €300 million. The company has set up six production plants in Europe and the Americas. These production units reach a yearly production output of over 3 billion square meters of adhesive tapes and 110,000 tons of film.

Main Products:

  • Packaging films (BOPP Film)
  • Carton sealing hot tape
  • Masking tape
  • Carton sealing acrylic tape
  • Specialty Films

Impak Films

Address: 445 Milner Ave #4, Scarborough, ON M1B 2K4, Canada

impak logo

Impak Films is an Australian-based business. It has headquarters in Melbourne Australia. The company has brought its model of offering cutting-edge film products to market.

The company offers the highest level of technical support and know-how with full logistics and flexible supply options to North America.

The company has offices in Atlanta, Georgia and they service all of the United States and Canada. The main focus of Impak Films is to provide customers with value-added solutions for the flexible packaging and industrial markets.

The offered products of this company are used in various fields including confectionary, Bakery, Cookies/biscuits, Condiments, Coffee, Energy bars, Dairy, Pet Foods, Dry Foods Frozen foods.

Main Products:

  • Polypropylene films
  • Nylon films
  • Cast Polypropylene
  • Twist films
  • Polyester films

CCL Industries

Address: 111 Gordon Baker Road Suite 801, Toronto, ON M2H 3R1

CCL logo

CCL Company was established in the year 1951. With approximately 22,200 dedicated employees, the company operates over 190 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

This company is regarded as a global specialty packaging pioneer.CCL is the largest label company in the world and provides innovative solutions to the Home & Personal Care, Premium Food & Beverage, Healthcare & Specialty, Automotive & Durables, and Consumer markets worldwide.

The Company is divided into four reporting segments like CCL, Avery, Checkpoint, and Innovia. Among these segments, Innovia is a leading global producer of specialty, high-performance, multi-layer, surface engineered films for label, packaging, and security applications.

Innovia has State-of-the-art facilities in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Main Products:

  • Packaging films (BOPP Films)
  • Labels and tags
  • Specialty films


Address: A - 107 - 108, Sector - IV, Noida (U.P.) India - 201301

uflex logo

UFlex was founded in 1985. Over the last three decades, UFlex has earned an irreproachable reputation defining the contours of the ‘Packaging Industry’ in India and overseas.

Since its inception in it has turned into billion Dollar Company focusing on trust, value creation for customers, quality innovation, and customer satisfaction.

UFlex provides end-to-end packaging solutions to clients across over 150 countries spanning the USA, Canada, South America, UK, Europe, Russia, CIS countries, South Africa and other African countries, Middle East, and the South Asian countries.

 It enjoys a formidable market presence and is today India’s largest flexible packaging materials and solutions company. UFlex offers technologically superior packaging for a wide variety of products such as food items, pharmaceuticals, garden fertilizers, and plant nutrients, motor oil and lubricants, automotive and engineering components, etc.

Main Products:

  • Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET)
  • Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films
  • Cast Polypropylene (CPP) films
  • Printing & Coating Inks
  • Adhesives
  • Metallization & PVDC coating
  • Gravure Printing Cylinders
  • Gravure Printing
  • Lamination

NNZ Company

Address: 136 Main St W Unit 3, Norwich, ON N0J 1P0, Canada

NNZ logo

NNZ was established in 1922. It is a multinational company owned and run by the family Boot since. Its employees create packaging solutions for their clients in the fresh produce and industrial market.

In 1922 NNZ started trading jute bags from ‘Pakhuis Libau’ in Groningen (The Netherlands), the start of a family business with international ambitions.

Today, NNZ has grown into an organization with more than 250 employees, serving clients from offices in Austria, Benelux, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the USA.

In close cooperation with our partners in 40 other countries, NNZ provides packaging solutions to a worldwide customer base.

Main Products:

  • Net packaging
  • Jute packaging
  • Film packaging ( BOPP Films )
  • Trays & cups
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Paper packaging
  • Woven bags (PP)

Mobil Chemical Canada Ltd (MCCL)

Address: 330 5TH AVENUE S.W. P.O.BOX 800, CALGARY, Alberta, Canada

exxon mobil logo

Mobil Chemical Canada Ltd (MCCL) is an affiliate of ExxonMobil Chemical Co. It has signed a manufacturing agreement with Wingham, Ont.-based Bi-Ax International Inc., under which Bi-Ax will produce biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) flexible packaging film.

 Bi-Ax is producing BOPP film on a new eight-meter film line under the technical direction and specification of MCCL. The film is produced exclusively for MCCL and sold and marketed under ExxonMobil Films product brand names.

ExxonMobil Chemical is one of the largest chemical companies in the world.  The company holds leadership positions in some of the largest-volume and highest-growth commodity chemical products in the world.

ExxonMobil Chemical has manufacturing capacity in every major region of the world, serving large and growing markets. More than 90 percent of the company’s chemical capacity is integrated with ExxonMobil refineries or natural gas processing plants.

Main Products:

  • Biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) Films
  • Biaxial-oriented polyamide (BOPA) Films
  • Blown films
  • Cast films

Oben Holding Group

Address: Av. San Pedro Mz. B Lt. 48A LIMA, LIMA

oben logo

Oben Holding Group was established in 1991. The company produces polypropylene, polyester, and nylon films used for flexible packaging; coated films for the graphic industry, and thermoformed polypropylene products.

The company opened its first manufacturing plant more than 25 years ago in Quito, Ecuador. Today, the company has 11 manufacturing plants, 2 distribution centers, and 5 sales offices within 11 countries across the Americas and Europe

The company started its first BOPP line in Ecuador followed by the first Thermoforming plant with an annual capacity of 3,000 MT and 1,200 MT, respectively.

Main Products:

  • Polypropylene films
  • Polyester films
  • Nylon films
  • BOPP Films


Vibac, Impak, and Oben group industries are highly recommended among above mentioned BOPP film manufacturing companies.  These companies provide high-quality BOPP films at reasonable prices.

You can contact any companies mentioned above to avail premium BOPP films according to your packaging needs.