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Flexible Packaging with BOPP Film

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Why Choose BOPP Film Manufacturers in Egypt?

BOPP Films has a high demand internationally due to escalating flexible packaging industry. The worldwide BOPP films market size is expected to grow from 24.26 billion dollars in 2020 to 31.42 billion dollars by 2025.

The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.3% of BOPP Films has been observed during the forecast year.  BOPP film offers numerous advantages. Besides food packaging, BOPP film is also used in other applications including labeling and lamination.

 Due to the increasing demand for BOPP Films, various companies have opened their BOPP Film manufacturing lines in Egypt. In this article, a comprehensive list of the top BOPP Film manufacturing companies has been provided. Let’s dive into it.

Flex Films Egypt

Address: Plot No.3 in, North Extensions Of Industrial Zones, 6th October City, Arab Republic of Egypt (Egypt).

flex film logo

Flex Films is the branch of one of India’s largest multinational flexible packaging solutions companies and global polymer science player, UFlex Limited.

Flex Films has built manufacturing facilities at strategic locations worldwide in many countries including India, UAE, Poland, Egypt, Mexico, USA, Russia, Hungary & Nigeria. It maintains proximity with clients spread in over 150 countries.

This company has one 10.4 meters and One 8.7 meter wide Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Film Line with a production capacity of 77,000 TPA.

The company will soon open its facility at Dharwad in South India, further extending our network. The company’s cumulative production capacity stands more than 5, 10,000 MT per annum with state-of-the-art packaging film manufacturing facilities in all the major continents in the world i.e., Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa,

Main Products:

  • Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Films
  • Cast Poly Propylene (CPP) Films
  • Metalized Films
  • Specialty Films
  • PCR Grade Films Asclepius
  • Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET) Films


AL RAWAG International Trading Company

Address: 9/13 Al-Oroba st. from Algeria st., New El-Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.

al rawag logo

AL RAWAG International Trading Company is a registered legal company in Egypt. Since its inception, the company has built great trust for customers about its work. The company has set its mark in the Egyptian industry

Al-Rawag has highly qualified technical staff with over 17 years of experience in the working field. The company works as sole agents for international trademarks of printing machines & packaging materials.

Main Products:

  • BOPP Films
  • CPP Films
  • BOPET Films
  • PE Films
  • Aluminum Foil

Elmaraghy Pack

Address: northern extension، KALIOBEYA، Cairo Governorate, Egypt

elm logo

Elmaraghy Pack was established in 1998. Elmaraghy Pack has been a leading company in the packaging industry for more than 20 years.

The company utilizes state of the art technology to create the highest quality of printed and stretch film in the Middle East & Africa.

The company employs 250 dedicated personnel working 24/7 to satisfy client’s needs, with a production output of more than 12,000 tons/per year.

The company innovates and develops with long-term strategies that aid clients in packaging and providing them with the necessary resources to safeguard their products in different circumstances throughout the world. 

The company also strives to develop a healthy & stable business relationship with all customers to make their experience as pleasant as possible, all while maintaining that all transactions are carried out in a smooth and efficient manner.

Main Products:

  • PVC Shrink Labels
  • Shrink Sleeve Labels
  • Shrink Wrap Labels
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Bopp Film

Taghleef Industries S.A.E

Address: Industrial Zone 4, Street 59, 6th of October City, Cairo, Egypt

taghleef logo

Taghleef Industries was established in the year 2006 in Dubai.  Taghleef is the world’s largest supplier of BOPP lamination grades and mono web films.  

Since its inception this company prioritizes the quality of its film.  Due to the best quality of its product this company has gained a good reputation not only in its home country while in other countries as well.

Taghleef Industries (Ti) has opened 11 production lines in six continents. One of its production lines is operating in Egypt. This production line is also equipped with best machinery. This manufacturing unit has a team of highly efficient workers.

These workers have wide knowledge about the production of BOPP films. This unit also has a quality control sector. This sector strictly observes the whole manufacturing procedure to ensure the reduction of any kind of defect in BOPP films.

The annual capacity of this company is 500,000mt. The employees of this company try their best to give the best output. 

This company also has distribution centers in Germany, the UK, France, Portugal, South Africa, and El Salvador, and representative offices in China, Malaysia, and India.

Main Products:

  • BOPP Films
  • BOPLA Films
  • CPP films

ICOPACK for packaging materials & printing

Address: 1st Ind. Zone, Plot 200, 201, St., No.29, 6th of October,6th of October

ICOPACK was established in 1986 as one of Faisal Islamic Bank Group Companies. This company is a producer & exporter of bi-oriented polypropylene BOPP films with thickness from 14-50 microns under the license of Sharko [UK] for packaging films.

This company has a production capacity of 6000 tons/year. There are 250-499 Employees in this company. This company exports its materials to the Middle East, Africa, and West, Europe, Lebanon, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Belgium.

Main Products:

  • BOPP Films

Final Verdict

Flex Films and Taghleef Industries S.A.E are the leading BOPP film manufacturers in Egypt.

You may choose any of these reliable manufacturers to increase your packaging business or to enhance your market value.

You can contact any of the above-mentioned companies to get premium BOPP films according to your packaging needs.