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Why Choose Polyester Film Manufacturing Companies in France?

The future of the Polyester film market in France seems to be attractive with opportunities in the industrial, packaging, and print lamination & label industries.

The increasing demand for flexible packaging and the flat panel display marketplace is this marketplace’s most significant growth drivers.

The increased demand for BOPP films is due to its following characteristics:

  • Exceptional strength
  • Rigidity
  • Transparency 
  • Moisture roof properties
  • Uniform thickness
  • Outstanding thermal stability
  • Exceptional Physical properties
  • High tensile strength
  • Outstanding Chemical resistance 

To fulfill the requirements of BOPP films, many companies are providing their services. Here is the list and specialties of those companies.


Address: Av. de la Luz # 85,Fracc., Industrial La Luz, Cuautitlán Izcalli CP 54730 Estado de México


INNOVIA Films is a Mexico-based company providing its services for over 90 years. The company produces a range of specialty BOPP, Bubble C.P.P. films. 

In 1997, the company produced its first plant for BOPP film production.

The company holds a top global position in high-performance coated films, tobacco overwrap, labels, and security films. 

INNOVIA films have production sites in Mexico, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Poland, and the U.K. and sales offices in many countries, including France.

Innovia has >1400 employees in its six production sites with 218,000 tones production capacity & > €390 million annual turnovers.

Mexico plant has the highest production capacity of 90,000 tons of all.

Innovia Films has launched two new BOPP film ranges. 

  • Profile Strata: high barrier, mono film solutions, easy recycling 
  • Encore films: manufactured from renewable non-food based which reduce carbon footprint and fossil-based resources.  

Both ranges are independently certified recyclable.

Main products

  • Graphics arts films (P.V.C. Films)
  • Label films (cut & stack films, barrier films, linerless label films, metalized films, etc.)
  • Packaging films (high barrier, shrink tightening, lamination, high speed, digital films)
  • Tobacco Packaging films


Address: Av. San Pedro Mz. B Lote 48A, Lurín. Lima - Perú


Poligal is one of the top European manufacturers of BOPP film and C.P.P. The company was established in 1991

Poligal start its production at Poligal-Narón plant in Spain with first Brückner BOPP extrusion line.

In 2015 company started the production of C.P.P. film with the startup of a new Reifenhäuser 4.8m broad line in Poligal Arcos.

The main headquarter of Poligal is in Spain, with sales offices in many countries, including France, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, and Poland. 

All the products of Poligal are ISO 9000, ISO 22000 & B.R.C. certified.

The company has three production plants in Spain, Portugal (Arcos), and Poland (Skarbimierz), producing high-quality and reliable films.

Arcos has a production capacity of 42,000 tons/year & Skarbimierz has 45,000 Tons/year.

Main products:

  • BOPP films
  • P.P. films


Address: Kovrovy micro-district 37/3 Kotelniki, Moscow region, 140054 Russian Federation


Treofan Group is a primary global manufacturer of BOPP films in Germany. Treofan BOPP films are used for packaging, label, tobacco, and technical applications.

The company has three production sites in Germany and Italy, 11 Extrusion Lines, 1 Pilot Line for R&D& 1 Coater.

The company’s annual production is 125,000 tons of film per year in all sites & the total Capacity Output is 5.1 billion square meters per year. Approx. Eight hundred employees are working for the company worldwide.

Treofan Network of International Distribution is spread in 90 countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Treofan is a supplier of high-quality BOPP products and tailor-made, intelligent solutions with innovative strength.

Main products:

  • Packaging BOPP Films
  • Tobacco BOPP Films 
  • Label BOPP Films 
  • Technical BOPP Films

Four Seasons FZE

Address: B.C. 1301354, Ajman Free Zone, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Four seasons FZE

Four seasons is a U.A.E. manufacturer, supplier, and distributor company.

The company produces and supplies a range of Plastic Film Rolls, Polymers, Coated Fabrics, Metals Scrap, Plastic Scrap, Paper Rolls, & Paper Scrap, etc. 

Four Seasons’ main markets are in Europe, South / North America, Africa & Asia.

It is a waste management company involved in metals, plastic & papers recycling, distribution, and trading of production scrap and waste in the form of rolls.

As a reputed film company, Four Seasons provides its service in many countries, including France, Canada, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Russia, etc.

Main products:

  • Metal Scrap
  • Waste Recycling Disposal
  • Paper Scrap
  • Stock Lots Plastic/Paper/Fabric (P.V.C. Film, BOPP Film)
  • Textile Rags
  • Plastic Scrap (P.E.T. Scrap, P.V.C. Scrap)
  • Polymers (P.V.C. resins)


Address: 172 rue Saint Michel, 38850 VILLAGES DU LAC DE PALADRU, FRANCE


REXOR was established in 1954 in France, produces 50% of its income from exporting its products in >30 countries.

The company manufactures various products using its six business lines: formulation, lamination, coating, metallization, demetallization, & cutting.

As European leader of films and strips, the company has an annual capacity of 4000 tons and revenue of about Euro 20 million & 100 employees.

In 2003, Rexor S.A.S. was acquired by JINDAL POLY FILMS Netherlands. 

The development of J.P.L., with REXOR technological, creates the possibility to complete the range of P.E.T. and BOPP films. 

Main products:

  • Agri-food (Tear strip, Food Sealer Film, food barrier film)
  • Building
  • Luxury (Lamination film, Metallic transfer film, Metallic I.M.L. film)
  • Security

Toray Films Europe S.A.S. (TFE)

Address: Place d’Arménie 01700 SAINT-MAURICE-DE-BEYNOST France

Toray Films Europe

Toray Films Europe is a manufacturer and supplier of BOPP & BOPET films. The company originates from”Société Lyonnaise de Soie Artificielle” in 1929.

Toray Films Europe is a France based company providing high quality and innovative films with different brand names: Lumirror®, Barrialox®, Claryl®, Torayfan®.

As a plastic films leader in Europe, this company supply clear, matt, metalized, gold white, or silver film in various thicknesses.

Toray has eight production sites in France, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China, and the U.S.A.

In 2020 the company’s annual capital was 5 958 445 Euros with 414 employees.

The Toray Production capacity of polyester films is 35 000 Tons & 20 000 Tons of metalized polypropylene film.

Main products:

  • Polyester films (BOPET films)
  • Metallized BOPP films


Due to the continuously increasing demand for BOPP films, many companies manufacture and supply BOPP films to fulfill their needs.

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If you are looking for leading BOPP film companies in France, this list will surely help you. Toray & REXOR France-based and INNOVIA Mexico-based BOPP film companies are highly recommended in this list.

Feel free to contact any of above mention companies to meet your BOPP film demands.