BOPP Film Manufacturers in Germany

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Why Choose BOPP Film Manufacturers in Germany?

A constant and significant increase has been observed in demand for BOPP films in Germany. This rapid increase in its demand is due to the astonishing features of BOPP films. BOPP plastic films offer:

  • High thermal stability
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Minimal moisture absorption
  • Excellent physical properties
  • Superb UV resistance

This film has now become a material with which various people come in contact regularly. This film is most widely used in the following applications:

  • Candy wrappers
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Stationery items packaging
  • Laminating and printing
  • Food packaging

Due to this enhanced demand, various companies are introducing their BOPP film manufacturing units in Germany.

In this guide, complete information about these companies is given. Let’s take a look at leading BOPP film manufacturing companies in Germany.

Treofan Germany GmbH & Co. KG

Address: Raunheim, Germany

treofan logo

The Treofan Group is a leading global manufacturer of BOPP films for packaging, label, tobacco, and technical applications. It was founded in 1969 in Germany.

The company has almost 50 years of experience in the BOPP market. It is a supplier of high-quality BOPP products and tailor-made, intelligent solutions in more than 90 countries.

The Treofan Group employs approximately 800 people. It operates three production sites in Germany and Italy. Its nameplate Capacity is 125,000 tons of film per year. The total Output Capacity of the company is 5.1 billion square meters per year.

With profound film knowledge, a wide-ranging product portfolio, and unparalleled technical services Treofan is positioned as a premium provider for FMCG brand manufacturers and their converters.

The films produced by this company are also famous in the tobacco or electrical industry.

Main Products:

  • BOPP Films

POLIGAL Vertriebs GmbH

Address: Falltorstraße 9, 63679 Schotten, Germany

poligal logo

Poligal is one of the leading European manufacturers of BOPP film and CPP Film. For over 25 years the company develops and produce high-quality films designed to improve clients’ productivity in converting and filling.

The company offers a full range of films for flexible packaging for consumer products, labels, lamination, and a variety of other industrial applications.

The company aims to be the provider of flexible packaging solutions preferred by the most demanding clients. The company is committed to sustainability across the entire life cycle of products.

The company’s industrial approach is focused on continuous improvement in the efficiency of energy consumption and raw material use, assuring the minimization of waste and emissions.

In 1997 the company opened its commercial subsidiary in Germany (Poligal Vertriebs). Besides Germany, the company has production sites in Mexico, Spain, Portugal, and Poland.

Main Products:

  • BOPP Films
  • CPP Films

CONSTAB Polyolefin Additives GmbH

Address: Industriestraße Möhnetal 16, 59602 Rüthen, Germany

constab logo

CONSTAB® has been part of Kafrit Group since 2003. Kafrit Group has six production sites and many sales agencies worldwide. With excellent service, a global presence, and reliable logistics, the company ensures a seamless supply of the best packaging films and other products.

With 50 years of experience in the plastics processing industry, the company can fall back on a high level of competence and technical know-how.

The company has been one of the leading market leaders in the production of masterbatches for biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films.

In addition, the Kafrit Group attaches the greatest importance to service for customers and has made this one of the cornerstones of the corporate strategy.

The company also considers the issue of sustainability to be important for securing our future. Approximately 120 employees work for customers at the Rüthen location in this company.

Main Products:

  • Agricultural films
  • Fibers, fabrics, and nonwovens
  • PET
  • Plates and profiles
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyethylene foils
  • Polypropylene films
  • Pipes and cables

Taghleef Industries GmbH

Address: Reutig 2, 56357 Holzhausen an der Haide, Germany

taghleef logo

Address:Reutig 2, 56357 Holzhausen an der Haide, Germany

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Taghleef Industries was established in the year 2006. It is a privately owned company that belongs to the Al Ghurair Group. It is headquartered in Dubai. Taghleef Industries (Ti) operates 11 production sites all over the world.

This company has eleven manufacturing facilities on six continents: 

  • 2 facilities in Asia/Middle East (Dubai, Oman)
  • 3 in Europe (Italy, Hungary and Spain)
  • Australia (Wodonga)
  • Africa (Egypt)
  • USA (Indiana)
  • Canada (Québec)
  • 2 in Latin America (Colombia and Mexico)

Taghleef Industries has a capacity of 500,000 mt. This industry is one of the largest packaging, labeling, and technical films manufacturers in the world.

This company also has distribution centers in Germany, the UK, France, Portugal, South Africa, and El Salvador, and representative offices in China, Malaysia, and India.

Taghleef Industries is known as an innovator in the label market. It offers the largest portfolio of standard and specialty BOPP films designed for most label application technologies.

Taghleef is the world’s largest supplier of BOPP lamination grades and mono web films. All films are ideal for common gluing systems and perform at high labeling speeds either from rolls or by cut & stack.

Main Products:

  • BOPP Films
  • BOPLA Films
  • CPP films

Zeisberger Süd-Folie GmbH

Address: Zeppelinstraße 8, 71679 Asperg, Germany

Louis and Brigitte Zeisberger founded the Schwaben Chemie Company in Schwieberdingen in 1967 and purchased the first film extruder.

Later the company was given a new headquarters in Asperg and a new name: Zeisberger Süd-Folie.

The company opened the second production site in Ludwigsburg in 2004, followed by the move into a new production and administration building in Asperg in 2014. 

Today Zeisberger is one of the leading providers in the flexible packaging sector and intends to remain so for the next 50 years.

Main Products:

  • BOPP
  • CPP
  • LD / MD / HDPE
  • Fine shrink film
  • Bio-foil
  • Barrier film
  • Sealing film


Treofan Group and Poligal are the leading BOPP film manufacturers in Germany. These companies show maximum production capacity. 

You can contact any of the above-mentioned companies to get premium BOPP films according to your packaging needs. You will get satisfactory results by using the BOPP films of these companies.