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Why Choose BOPP Film Manufacturers in Morocco?

In this article, Kingchuan has introduced the four leading BOPP film manufacturers in Morocco. These four companies are guaranteed to provide high end and quality products, excellent customer service, and reasonable prices.

Getting hands-on good quality BOPP films is crucial for business owners and consumers belonging to several different industries. 

These industries or sectors include the agricultural sector, chemicals and resins, construction industry, poultry and livestock feed, and food packaging industry, to name a few.

BOPP films are highly flexible and have numerous applications. It is the very reason why BOPP films are rapidly replacing other components and players in the international packaging market.

The demand and need for BOPP films will only increase in the years to come. If you want your business to be competitive in the market, then getting acquainted with the top BOPP film manufacturers is in your best interest.

To facilitate you in this regard, here are the reviews of the leading BOPP film manufacturers in Morocco. Please go through them and choose the one that caters to your requirements the most.   

Mondi Group

Address: Mondi Pap Sac Maghreb, Route D' El Jadida, Km 16, Casablanca 20100, Morocco


Mondi Group is a packaging company acknowledged globally for its innovative solutions and services in the packaging industry. 

The company is driven by the purpose and goal of making the world a better place by putting forward new and sustainable packaging and paper solutions.

Mondi is fueled by the company culture that includes integrity, care, respectfulness, performance, and inclusivity. The company collaborates with consumers and brands looking for environment-friendly packaging solutions.  

It creates sustainable solutions in the form of eco-friendly products that multiply productivity and the reduced impact on the environment. 

The company’s revolutionary idea or motto is to “use paper where possible. Plastic was useful” while developing packaging solutions. 

Mondi has an extensive catalogue of products and solutions covering industries ranging from agriculture, food, and beverages to pharmaceutical and personal care. The categories include flexible packaging, bags, and pouches to functional films.

Main Products

  • Poly woven bags
  • Bag in box barrier films
  • High-barrier industrial films
  • Release liners
  • Labels

Compagnie Industrielle des Fibres, CIF

Address: Compagnie Industrielle des Fibres (CIF Tanger), Compagnie Industrielle des Fibres Douar Hjar Nhal - Commune de Boukhalef Tanger, Tanger 90025, Morocco

compagnie industrielle des fibres CIF

Compagnie Industrielle des Fibres, CIF, was created in 1951 in northern Morocco and has contributed significantly to the global packaging industry ever since. The company specializes in manufacturing woven polypropylene bags and Kraft paper bags.  

CIF has a wide range of packaging products and solutions available to meet all the specific requirements and needs of the customers. 

These solutions apply to the demands of several industries that include agriculture, construction, animal food, mining, chemical, and others.

The company believes in the ever-changing and evolving technological conditions and acknowledges the corresponding demands and needs of the consumers. 

To maintain its standard, CIF keeps itself updated and well adapted on the technological front by investing in the latest lab equipment and production.   

The company assures its environmental effect to be close to none with no plastic waste, no toxic gas or liquid waste, no noise pollution, and reduced emissions of CO2. 

CIF believes in and works with integrity, responsibility, respect, collaboration, and excellence.

Main Products:

  • Polypropylene bags
  • Laminated woven bags
  • BOPP woven bags
  • Net bags
  • Kraft paper bags


Address: Multisac S.A, Quartier Industriel, Lot. n°63 et 64, Bouznika 13100, Morocco


Multisac was founded in 2006 and held expertise in woven polypropylene packaging. The company promises premium quality and innovative solutions in the packaging department.

It has a prominent national and international presence with collaborators all around Morocco and in 21 other countries. 

The export countries include 18 in Africa. The support and attainability remain uncompromised towards all the countries the company has partnered in.

Multisac effectively meets the consumers’ needs and demands in the agriculture, chemical, industrial, agri-food, and livestock feed industries. 

The company thrives on innovation. It anticipates the alterations in the ever-changing packaging market and develops solutions beforehand.

The already realized market demands and developed solutions and the collaboration and engagement between the engineers and technical sales representatives guarantee complete adaptation to the customers’ needs.

Main Products:

  • BOPP bags
  • PP bags
  • Laminated bags 
  • PE bags
  • PP/laminated woven fabric

Afrimag Glue

Address: 119 Boulevard Abdelmoumen, Casablanca 20250, Maroc

afrimag glue logo

Afrimag Glue is the representative of Rowad Plastics in Morocco. It has not been long since the company’s inception, but the leading team includes highly competent people who have experience in the packaging industry. 

The company is in good relations and collaborations with the other major companies operating nationally in the Flexible Packaging Market. 

Their expertise is in polypropylene films with transparent, white, metallized, matt, and pearlized finish.

Other product range includes polyethylene films, HDPE, and LDPE films. It offers packaging adhesives, both solvents based as well as water-based. Along with that, Afrimag Glue is also working on laminating adhesives, polyurethane and isocyanate adhesives.

For a newly founded packaging and film manufacturing company, Afrimag Glue provides excellent quality assurance, good customer service, and reasonable prices.  

Main Products:

  • BOPP packaging films
  • CPP films
  • PE films
  • Laminating adhesives
  • UV varnish
  • Aqueous adhesive
  • Hot-melt glues

Final Verdict

These four-film manufacturing and packaging companies are the best at what they do. If you search for BOPP film manufacturers in Morocco, these are your best bet.

These companies are among the leading companies in the packaging industry nationally and internationally. The top picks being Mondi Group and Compagnie Industrielle des Fibres (CIF).