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Why Choose BOPP Film Manufacturers in Turkey?

Like other countries, the market demand for BOPP packaging films in Turkey has also increased rapidly in the past few years.

BOPP packaging films are now widely used by various industries, including food, pharmaceutical, electronics, etc.

It possesses the following properties:

  • Highly transparent
  • Resistant to impacts
  • Stiffness properties
  • Barrier properties (odor, gas, water vapor, etc)

All of these outstanding properties regarding BOPP film make them a number one choice in the packaging industry. BOPP Films are available in many types, including:

  • Glossy film
  • Matte film
  • Printable film
  • Tape film
  • Lamination film
  • Heat sealable film
  • Holographic film
  • Pearlized film

The demand for BOPP film is increasing due to its usage in various applications. To meet the requirement of customers, various companies are establishing new BOPP film manufacturing units in Turkey.

This guide comprises the description of these BOPP film manufacturing companies. Let’s learn about the aspects of these companies.

Polibak Company

Address: AOSB 10000 Sokak No: 4 Çiğli 35620 İzmir, Turkey.

polibak logo

Polibak is the leading plastic film manufacturers in Turkey. It has been high-quality packaging films since 1994 in its facilities, established on an area of 180.000 m2 in the Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone.

Polibak has a production capacity of 130,000tons of BOPP, 36,000tons of metalized BOPP, and 3,000tons of CPP films per year in 3 production units located in the same zone.

In 2015, Polibak was awarded category A award for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Operational Excellence. Polibak is the first and the only company among BOPP film manufacturers to receive this award.

Polibak was 401st in the list of 500 Large Industrial Organizations of Turkey in 2010, 285th in 2013, 290th in 2014, 268th in 2015, and 178th in 2020.

Main Products:

  • BOPP Films
  • Metalized BOPP films
  • CPP Films
  • Other products

Aselplast AMBALAJ A.Ş.

Address: Başpınar (Organize) OSB Mah. 3. District 83303 No. Cad. No:

aselplast logo

Aselplast is a company that aims to have a say in the sector. This company takes firm steps towards its goals with its product-oriented packaging production, reasonable prices, high quality, and innovative production policy.

Additionally, it is an institution that respects society and nature. This company adheres strictly to ethical values, attaches importance to education and human resources development.

It has long-term goals and has adopted making material and moral contributions to its country and nation.

Main Products:

  • PE Shrink film
  • BOPP film
  • Stretch film

Özer Ambalaj

Address: Merkez Mah. Ziya Gokalp Cad., No:8, Floor:2, 34522 Kıraç-Esenyurt / Istanbul

ozer logo

Özer Ambalaj was established in 2001. It has taken its place in the packaging industry, particularly the printed and unprinted BOPP films for lamination and packaging.

This company has grown rapidly. It has become a solution partner for many companies around the world.  Özer Ambalaj plays an active role in the international market as the pioneer of the sector. Almost 50 employees are working in this company.

Since the day it was founded, Özer Ambalaj has become one of the most progressive companies in the sector with its expert staff, wide machine park, state-of-the-art production line, and flawless transportation system.

Main Products:

  • BOPP
  • BOPA
  • Cast packaging films

Polyplex Corporation Ltd.

Address: Polyplex Europa Polyester Film San. ve Tic. A.Ş, 3. Sok, Avrupa Serbest Bölgesi No:4, 59830 Ergene/Tekirdağ, Turkey

polyplex logo

Polyplex is among the world’s largest manufacturers of thin PET films. It was founded in 1984 in India. In 2002, Polyplex restructured the polyester industry value chain.

The company set a global benchmark for efficiency by commissioning an in-house metallizer at Khatima with a capacity of 4,800 tons per annum.

This company has 1000 plus employees working all over the world in different units. In September 2013, PE incorporated a 100% owned distribution subsidiary in Turkey by Polyplex paketleme çözümleri sanayi to facilitate better market reach in the local Turkish market.

Main products:

  • PET
  • CPP
  • BOPP films

Polilux Plastik Film San.Ve Tic. A.S

Address: Ulaş OSB Mh. 105 Sok. NO:3/1 59930 Ergene Mahallesi, Ergene Sk., 59200 Tekirdağ, Turkey

polilux logo

Polilux is a new and innovative BOPP Manufacturer in Turkey. It was founded in 2016. Since its beginning, Polilux has continued to enrich its services and provide its customers with excellent quality products.

This company has an annual capacity of 30000 MT. Polilux is also equipped with a state-of-the-art 8000 MT metalizing machine.

Polilux delivers solution-oriented services and high-quality films used in flexible packaging, labeling, and textile applications with different thicknesses.

Main Products: 

  • BOPP films
  • Metalized films
  • Textile flexible packaging film

Super Film Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş,

Address: Başpinar (Organized) Osb Neighborhood Oiz 2nd Region Haci Sani Konukoğlu Bulvari No:1 Sehitkamil/Gaziantep - Turkey

sanko logo

Super Film Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş started its journey in Gaziantep in 1993 that turned into production with the BOPP 1 line in 1995 with a production capacity of 15,000 tons.

In 1995, the company established its BOPP 2 line 1997 and achieved a production capacity of 30,000 tons. Being Europe’s leading flexible packaging film producer, the company continues to shape the sector by reaching an installed capacity of 125,000 tons of flexible packaging film at the beginning of 2012.

The company also produces films with increased protective properties by coating aluminum packaging films with its five metallization machines with a capacity of 29.000 tons/year.  SUPER FILM has an adhesive tape production facility with a production capacity of 300,000,000 m²per year.

It is one of the leading packaging film manufacturers in the world. It produces a wide variety of packaging films under one roof. The company aims to offer all film types to its customers by increasing the product variety in the production and presentation of Flexible Packaging Films.

In addition to Turkey’s first and only extrusion (thermal) coating line, Super Film Company invested in a new coating line with a capacity of 12,000 tons/year in 2015.

Main Products:

  • BOPP films
  • BOPA films
  • BOPET films
  • Cast films
  • Coated films


Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Cumhuriyet Cad. No: 2-26 45030 Manisa / Turkey

polinas logo

Polinas was established in 1982. It is among the pioneers of BOPP film manufacturers in Turkey. It started production in 1985. It is linked with Yıldız Holding, which is one of the leading food groups.

Polinas acquired Nuroll SpA Company (BOPET film manufacturer) in 2011. Today the company has a capacity of approximately 20.000 tons/year of BOPET film in plain and metalized films from 8 microns up to 75 microns.

Polinas is also a leading company in Europe and ranks among the top 10 companies in the world. It has a total capacity of 200.000 tons per year. It gained a capacity of 40.000 tons/year with its new BOPP investment completed in the first quarter of 2015.

Main Products:

  • BOPP
  • Metalized films
  • Coated films
  • Holographic film
  • Tear tapes

Quan Dian

Address: Dian Chang Road.

Quan Dian is one of the famous BOPP film manufacturers in Turkey. This company deals with all kinds of BOPP film and BOPP tape. The company employs high-quality raw materials for manufacturing these products.

The manufacturing unit of this company is equipped with up-to-date machinery. It helps to produce the packaging films as per the customer’s demands.

Main Products:

  • BOPP film
  • BOPP metalized film
  • Printed BOPP film
  • BOPP packing tape
  • BOPP pearl film
  • BOPP adhesive tape
  • BOPP jumbo roll
  • OPP film and tape

Final Verdict

From above mentioned BOPP manufacturing companies Polibak and Polilux are highly recommended. Their BOPP Films are highly admired among customers all over the globe.

According to your packaging needs, you can contact any above mentioned BOPP film manufacturers in Turkey to get high-quality BOPP films.