BOPP Film Manufacturers in Uganda

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Why Choose BOPP Film Manufacturers in Uganda?

BOPP films have a significant number of applications and use. It is used not in some two or three but various industries.

With time, BOPP films have been quickly replacing other materials actively used in the packaging market. 

This increasing use and popularity are because of the blend of great qualities in BOPP films. Some of those remarkable properties are given below:

  • Extremely durable
  • Great moisture barrier
  • Eco friendly
  • Lightweight 
  • Anti-static

This article reviews the top BOPP film suppliers and manufacturers in Uganda. These companies offer excellent quality, customer service, and reasonable pricing.

Luuka Plastics

Address: Luuka Plastics Limited, 375 Ttula Rd, Kampala, Uganda

luuka plastics logo

Luuka Plastics is serving in the packaging industry with international standards. It was founded in 1986 as a trading company but started focusing on packaging in 1993.

The company is the biggest and most trusted name in Uganda regarding packaging. It works on flexible packaging with polyethylene and polypropylene materials. 

It is serving quality products and services nationally and in other countries in East Africa. Those countries include Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, and Congo in Central Africa.

The company assures international quality standards while manufacturing and exporting all of its product ranges and services. The product range includes customized packaging services encompassing many industries. 

Those industries include food and beverages, pharmaceutical and medical sectors, hygiene products, cement, plastics and polymer, chemical, and various others. 

Luuka Plastics offers packaging solutions with top-notch laminates, films, foils, shrink sleeve labels, and various kinds of bags and pouches. 

The company has put together a team of skilled professionals experienced in the manufacturing market. It thrives on innovation and makes sure that all manufacturing procedures are eco-friendly. 

Luuka Plastics is striving towards expanding and improving the local industries. Its objectives include providing its customers, packaging materials locally, hence at reduced prices. And also by reducing delivery costs and time. 

Main Products:

  • PP woven bags
  • HDPE woven bags 
  • Polypropylene fabrics
  • BOPP bags
  • Laminated bags
  • PP woven sheet
  • Tubular PP woven roll

Auromeera Industries (U) LTD

Address: Auromeera Industries (U) Ltd, Plot 19-25, 27 - 43, 29 -31 Masese Industrial Road, Near Bidco (U) Ltd, Jinja, Uganda

auromeera industries logo

Auromeera Industries is a global plastic and chemical products manufacturer and exporter based in Uganda. The company produces chemical products like sodium silicate, solid, and liquid. 

Along with that, it offers plastic packaging solutions nationally and internationally. Auromeera Industries is driven by a mission to establish trust and reliability with its customers. 

It strives to advance competitively to cater to all the requirements of the consumers effectively. The company makes sure to keep environmental safety in check. It has a Green Policy that embodies its beliefs and principles of recycling and reuse. 

All the production processes are by the environmental policy of the company. There are no toxic emissions or wastes omitted during the manufacturing processes.

All the waste that is omitted or is collected from around is recycled and reused. The company culture is collaboration, respect, and equality of all. 

Main Products:  

  • Laminated films and bags
  • BOPP films and bags
  • Shrink film
  • Polypropylene woven bags
  • Polythene films and bags 
  • Sodium silicate (solid and liquid)


Those mentioned earlier and reviewed companies are Uganda’s top BOPP film manufacturers. These companies are supplying quality products and services locally and exporting internationally.  

The motivation with which these companies work is to contribute and develop the local packaging industry in Uganda to meet world-class standards.