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Why Choose BOPP Film Manufacturers in Brazil?

The current demand for BOPP and BOPET films in Brazil stood at 150.91 Thousand Tonnes in 2020.

It is forecast to reach 258.04 Thousand Tonnes by 2030. It is anticipated to grow at a healthy CAGR of 5.25% until 2030. 

The rising demand for BOPP film mainly comes from the pharmaceutical industry, where these films are employed as high-quality packaging material.

BOPP film maintains the physical and chemical properties of the drugs. 

The expansion of ready-to-eat foods in the country also contributes to the increasing demand for BOPP films.

The growing application of films in the electronic and electrical sector, which is utilized as a laminating and packaging material, also boosts the Brazil BOPP and BOPET films market growth. 

To fulfill this increasing demand for BOPP film, several companies have opened their production units for manufacturing high-quality BOPP film.

This article comprises the details of these companies. 

Continue reading to know more.

Company Review

Vitopel Company

Address: Rua Irma Ferraresi, s/Nº Votorantim – SP – Brazil CEP: 18115-350

vitopel logo

As Vitopel do Brasil, the company started its operations in 1985. Over the years, the company has been progressing constantly and sustainably. The company currently operates four production lines at two plants located in the State of São Paulo:

  • In Mauá 
  • In Votorantim

The company is the primary provider of solutions in Bi-oriented Polypropylene – BOPP with an essential and expressive global presence.

As a superior in the manufacture and sale of BOPP, the company offers a broad portfolio of products, including metallic, opaque, matte, and transparent films.

The company has a structured and consolidated commercial operation in Brazil; however, for more than 30 years, it has developed relevant commercial relationships with a wide variety of clients in different regions of the world.

Main Products:

  • BOPP Film

Polo Films

Address: Rua Dr. Renato Paes de Barros, 750, 16th-floor Itaim Bibi - Sao Paulo/SP CEP: 04530-001

polo logo

Polo Films is a pioneering company in Brazil’s BOPP (Bi-oriented Polypropylene) manufacturing sector.

The company was incorporated in 1980. It has gone through many transformations and adaptations to ensure it is always prepared to fulfill the market’s demands.

The company inaugurated the first Tenter-Frame Line (flat process) operation in Montenegro (RS) in 2000.

Then the company expanded its capacity with the second high-speed Tenter-Frame Line in Montenegro (RS), which opened in 2005.

In 2008, the company started operating its third line in Montenegro (RS), increasing its nominal production capacity to 78,000 t / year.

The company has completed 40 years of stories with many learning and achievements. Everything the company has achieved to date has only been possible due to a team of excellence, in addition to customers, partners, and suppliers with whom the company joins forces.

Main Products:

  • BOPP Films

Tecnoval- Valgroup Company

Address: Highway Deputy Osvaldo Junqueira Ortiz Monteiro, 66 Parque das Rodovias, Lorena/SP

tecnoval logo

Tecnoval was established in 1995, in the city of Lorena/SP, as part of Valgroup. The company stands out in the flexible monolayer and laminated packaging segment, serving different types of use.

In 2005, the company opted to verticalize BOPP production, one of the raw materials most used in its process, with a plant in Itamonte, MG.

In this trajectory, Tecnoval has developed based on a mindset focused on Innovation and Sustainability.

Tecnoval was the 1st company in Latin America to invest in a system for the total recovery of solvents used in the process, no longer emitting such gases into the atmosphere and reusing them in production.

The company operates in different printing technologies, using Rotogravure and Flexography in heptachromy, and for the lamination process, with solvent-based or solvent-less adhesives.

The company continually invests in state-of-the-art machinery, seeking greater productivity, waste reduction, and employee safety. Tecnoval is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and FSSC22000 certified.

Main Products:

  • BOPP Film


Address: Rod. SP 147, KM 103,3 Limeira – SP Brazil

limer cart logo

The LIMER-CART is a leader in delivering biaxially orientated polypropylene (BOPP), having as leading suppliers Vitopel and Polo. The LIMER-CART was founded in 1991. It is located in Limeira (SP), city.

It is strategically located next to the most modern and vital highways in the state, facilitating distribution to the main consumer centers around the country.

With a total area of 23.300m², with 8.800m² of built area, the company covers activities such as storage, production, expedition, and administration. The company can meet and accompany the fast-growing demand for flexible films.

The experience acquired almost 30 years of experience in the distribution segment of flexible films allowed this leadership to pursue service excellence and invest in technology upgrades constantly.

 It provides customers the most extensive stock of the market, with the most varied types of BOPP film, thickness, and width coils, combining modern rewinders, fleet, integrated business management system, and technical support.

Main Products:

  • BOPP Film


Vitopel and Tecnoval companies are highly recommended among above mentioned BOPP film manufacturing companies in Brazil. These companies offer premium BOPP films at reasonable prices.

You can contact any companies mentioned above to get high-quality BOPP films in Brazil according to your packaging needs.