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Why Choose BOPP Film manufacturers in Romania?

The current demand for BOPP and BOPET films in Romania stood highest in recent years. One of the most growing industries is food packaging, which uses BOPP films due to their favorable properties and is replacing cellophane in applications.

The growing demand for BOPP film mainly comes from the pharmaceutical industry, where these films are active as high-quality packaging material. BOPP film balances the physical and chemical properties of the drugs. 

The development of ready-to-eat can foods in Romania also contributes to the increasing demand for BOPP films.

The growing use of films in the electronic and electrical sector, where it is applied as a laminating and packaging material, is also boosting the Romania BOPP and BOPET films market progress. 

Companies Reviews


Address: Soseaua Galati, Km.5 FOCSANI; Vrancea; Postal Code: 620043


With a headquarter in FOCSANI, Balcanic BOPP SRL is an active BOPP manufacturer in Romania. This company started its operations in 2002, and over the years, it has been growing sustainably and constantly. 

The company currently operates in the plastic packaging sheet and film, including the laminated manufacturing industry. The company is the primary benefactor of Bi-oriented Polypropylene – BOPP solutions with a significant and expressive global presence. 

As a spearhead in the manufacture and sale of BOPP, the company offers a broad portfolio of products, including metallic, matte, opaque, and transparent films.

The reported net sales revenue of Balcanic BOPP SRL shows an increase of 14.77% in 2020. Its enterprise net profit margin also showed progress by 2.16% in 2020. 

Main Products:

  • BOPP Film
  • Stretch Film


Address: entrust bolivard cresendence Zip/Post Code: 546

The company was established in Iasi, a city in Romania. Treplastikkscrap is a pioneering company in Romania’s BOPP (Bi-oriented Polypropylene) manufacturing sector.

It has gone through many evolutions and adaptations to ensure it is always equipped to fulfill the market’s demands.

This manufacturing trading company deals with the scape of plastic packaging material like BOPP film scrape, pet film roll scrap, motherboard scrap, eps block scrape, and used conveyor scrape. 

Truplastikkscrap has completed years of hard work in this field with many learning and achievements.

Everything the company has achieved to date has only been possible due to a team of professionals, in addition to customers, trading partners, and BOPP film suppliers with whom the Truplastikkscrap joins forces.

Main Products:

  • BOPP Films
  • Pet bottle scrape
  • Hdpe Bottle scrape
  • LDPE film scrape
  • Pet film roll scrape


Address: 1A Banu Stepan Street, Craiova


MOVIPLAST was founded in 1993 in Romania and has quickly become the top supplier of Bopp products in Romania. The company is the most significant production point as over 2300 tons of polyethylene and polypropylene are produced every year. 

In 2003, the company became ISO 14001 certified, and OHSAS 18001 was certified in 2005. MOVIPLAST was the first company in Romania to invest in a system for the total recovery of solvents used in the process. They also desire 100% quality management. 

MOVIPLAST functions in more than 12 extrusion lines for LDPE foils, four printing machines in six colors, shopping bags, and twenty-nine machines for making sacks and plastic bags. 

The company incessantly invests in state-of-the-art machinery, seeking greater efficiency, waste reduction, and employee safety. It is the best flexible packaging manufacturer and supplier in Romania and is famous for its commercial department.  

MOVIPLAST not only supplies its products in Romania, but it also exports 30-35% of its production to different countries like France, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, and Bulgaria. MOVIPLAST mainly works with the automotive industry in the Romanian market, which uses packaging material to deliver its products. 

COFACE awarded MOVIPLAST the EXCELLENT SME ROMANIA certificate in 2018 for performing and dealing with Safe Signed technology. 

Main Products:

  • BOPP Film
  • Polyethene foil
  • Polyethene bags
  • Shopping bags
  • Household garbage bags
  • Polyethene sacks


Balcanic BOPP SRL and MOVIPLAST companies are highly recommended among above mentioned BOPP film manufacturing companies in Romania. These companies offer top BOPP films at reasonable prices.

According to your packaging needs, you can contact any companies mentioned above to get high-quality BOPP films in Brazil.