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Why Choose Bopp Film as Your Food Packaging Material?

Bopp film(Biaxially oriented polypropylene film), a water and moisture barrier polymer is extensively utilized in soft drink plastic bottles because of its outstanding performance. Polypropylene is a high-performance thermoplastic manufactured from ethylene glycol and dimethyl terephthalate. It is an excellent option for high-performance plastic films and sheets. Its high melting point makes it ideal for high-temperature sterilizing applications. 

Bopp film offers superior tensile strength, dimensional stability, minimal moisture absorption, and outstanding physical property retention across a broad temperature range. It possesses excellent UV resistance, outstanding optical clarity, high gloss, and acceptable gas barrier characteristics. 

The global “Polypropylene Films Market” is projected to expand steadily by 1.57mn MT between 2021 and 2026. It highlights essential market characteristics, focusing on high-demand areas, geographies, and applications. Durability, lightweight, and flexibility are the common factors increasing the demands of Polyester films. It is also easier to open, transport, store, and reseal flexible plastic packaging such as thin Bopp films. Thus, increasing packaging material usage is anticipated to drive the worldwide Bopp films market over the forecast period.

Top Bopp Film Suppliers in The UK:

National Flexible

Address: 2 Battlefield View, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD11 2PT

National Flexible

It was founded in 1993 by National Flexible, which is now a major UK supplier and distributor of specialty films, polyester, and laminates. Flexible films, such as those offered by National Flexible, are without a doubt the most adaptable presentation and preservation packaging media available. National Flexible has a wide variety of films on hand, allowing packaging technologists to find a solution for every packaging issue. Their provided polyester films are suitable for packaging requirements that include food items and pharmacy.

Featured Material:

  • Skin Film
  • Laminated Film
  • Polyester Film (PET)
  • Environmental Film
  • Specialist Polypropylene
  • Oriented Polypropylene Films (OPP/CPP)

Lohmann Technologies (UK) Ltd

Address: 25 Kelvin Drive, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK5 8NH / Great Britain

Lohmann Technologies

Lohmann The Bonding Engineers started working in the early 1990s and emerged as a leading global manufacturer of high-end adhesive bonds. They provide Mylar® and Melinex® Polypropylene films. These are flexible, extremely robust, and long-lasting. Their tensile, rip, and impact strength are all very strong, and these films are transparent and made from explicit Bopp films. They maintain their toughness and flexibility at temperatures ranging from -70°c to 150°c.

Mylar A is a flexible, robust, and durable Polypropylene film that is versatile because of its strong tensile, rip, and impact strength, dielectric strength, and temperature durability.

Melinex® is a heat-stabilized, optically transparent bioriented polypropylene film that may be pre-treated on both sides to improve ink and lacquer adherence. It has a wide operating temperature range and excellent electrical insulation characteristics.

Featured Material:

  • Mylar®
  • Melinex®
  • Bopp Film

Pro Shim Supplies UK Limited

Address: Pro Shim Supplies, UK 1a Delphwood Drive, Sherdley Road Ind Estate, St Helens Merseyside, WA9 5JE

Pro Shim

Pro Shim was founded in 1988 as a sole proprietorship and re-organized as a limited liability corporation in 2002. Pro Shim’s Bopp film is a flexible material extensively utilized in a broad range of industries. Compared to other commodity resins with comparable performances and price ranges, oriented polypropylene film materials from Pro Shim have superior chemical resistance and are solid and durable.

Pro Shim also provides Polyester and PVC films in any width up to 1650mm because of their in-house slitting and rewinding capabilities. Their Polyester and PVC products are available in any desired roll size.

Featured Material:

  • PET
  • PVC
  • BOPP Film

ZULU Packaging Ltd

Address: 17 Pennington Place, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 0AQ, United Kingdom.

ZULU packaging

In September 2002, Zulu Packaging Limited was formally established as a private limited company and it is providing a wide variety of papers, films, and materials. When it comes to supplying flexible substrates to converters of flexible packaging and self-adhesive laminates to end-users, Zulu Packaging Ltd acts as an agent for a variety of distinct but complementary Global manufacturers and distributors. A virtual distributor, Zulu Packaging imports supplies and holds stock on behalf of clients, managing the whole supply chain.

Featured Material:

  • BOPP
  • PET
  • CPP
  • PE films
  • Plain & Printed Laminates
  • Metalised Papers


Address: Unit 1 Rivermead Dr, Westlea, Swindon SN5 7EX, United Kingdom


Cadillac Plastic is a primary global provider of high-performance plastic films and film adhesives. They offer polyester films in brilliant white, optically clear, and black. They may be treated to improve ink and coating adherence. This may also enhance handling, abrasion resistance, static dissipation and offer a sealable heat surface. Cadillac Plastic represents and gets film from major industry suppliers.

These Polypropylene films provide excellent temperature and chemical resistance, stability, and mechanical strength. In addition to graphic arts, release films are available for packaging and electrical insulation. They may be used for everything such as:

  • Windsurfer sails
  • Fingerprinting kits
  • Dart flights
  • Car wing mirror warmers

Featured Material:

  • Hard Coat Polyester Films
  • BOPP

UK Insulations Limited

Address: UK Insulations Ltd, Syke Mill, Belthorn Road, Belthorn, Lancashire, BB1 2NN

UK Insulations

The UK, a supplier of electrical insulating materials, was founded in 1997 and has become an industry leader. It may help you choose the suitable material for the job, so you receive the most value for your money.

The excellent tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas and scent barrier characteristics, and electrical insulation of the UK’s top brand Bopp film make it a popular choice. Food and medicine packaging, industrial and consumer products packaging, and everything in between can utilize their polyester film.

Featured Material:

  • Mylar®
  • Hostaphan®
  • Melinex®
  • Bopp Film

Accrued Plastic Ltd

Address: Accrued Plastic Ltd. Heasandford Industrial Estate, Widow Hill Road, Burnley, Lancashire, BB10 2BQ

Accrued Plastic

Accrued Plastic Ltd is a private company that was established in March 2000. Initially, Accrued was set up to help the UK flexible packaging industry. Its primary tasks were to dispose and recycle the packaging waste and redundant packaging of the main industry.

Its recycling segment continued to thrive and account for about 40 percent of Accrued Plastic’s sales. Bopp is known in the industry as Polypropylene, and it is a versatile film used in many flexible packaging applications, including laminating.

Accrued provides a comprehensive range of services to the packaging sector, ranging from the supply and conversion of BOPP film to the collection and disposal of waste products.

Featured Material:

  • Polyester Film (PET)
  • Label Films
  • BOPP
  • CPP

A Warne & Co Ltd

Address: Unit 11, Nelson Trade Park, The Path, London SW19 3BL, United Kingdom

A Warne

Since 1926, A.Warne has been the leading seller and converter of plastic films in the United Kingdom. They are the top plastic film suppliers in the United Kingdom, transforming existing materials or producing whole new films to meet your specifications.

Custom-made eco-friendly plastic films can be produced to meet your unique requirements or for a specific project. A.Warne is the market leader in custom plastic films, specializing in biodegradable, compostable, recycled material, and recyclable films. They utilize cutting-edge technology in the application of specialty coatings, tiny laminates, and conversions.

Featured Material:

  • Polyester (PET)
  • BOPP
  • APET
  • LDPE 
  • PLA
  • PVC
  • PRET


A popular biaxially oriented polypropylene film offers excellent dimensional stability, outstanding mechanical strength, and a high degree of creep resistance.

It’s chemically resistant, has a low moisture absorption rate, and works well as an insulator in electrical applications. All the suppliers mentioned above and producers provide the best quality Polypropylene films at an affordable price and impressive customer support for UK buyers.