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Why Choose BOPP Film Manufacturers in Azerbaijan

The BOPP film market size continuously increases globally from $24.2 billion in 2020 to an expected $31.4 billion by 2025. Due to this rapid growth, many companies are expanding their production lines for geographical & international coverage.

Among these industries, many provide their services in the Azerbaijan BOPP market to fulfill the country’s demand. The increasing demand for these films is because of their vast applications. These typical applications include packaging, lamination, and labeling. These applications are because for the following reasons;

Product Quality

BOPP films have narrow-gauge spread quality that makes them excellent sealing materials. You can use these films to improve the quality of many products. 

Extended Shelf Life

If you compare BOPP films with other plastic films, you’ll get to know the fantastic features of BOPP films that make them famous. These films will provide you with tremendous moisture & oxygen barriers in packaging applications. Because of this highly resistant nature, these films increase the self-life of products. 

Aesthetic / Graphics

BOPP films are available in countless options based on colors, properties, thickness, and printing designs. The glossy nature of these films will provide you with attractive packaging and printing facilities. Other than aesthetics, these films protect the products from water, UV, chemicals, and many other damaging materials.

Low Density

Another feature of BOPP films that makes them unique is their low density compared with other plastics. Because of the low density, these films are used in fewer amounts.


Unlike many other plastics, BOPP films are degradable. Because of their easily recycling nature, these films have no harmful impact on the environment. 

Here is a complete overview of Azerbaijan BOPP film manufacturers & suppliers for you.

Company Review

Waterfall LLC

Address: 2a Shapkina Str., Shakhty, Rostov Region, Russia, 346510

Waterfall LLC

Waterfall LLC is a subsidiary of Russian-based Company Megapolis Group. The waterfall is the largest known company for its advanced equipment and variety of BOPP films in Russia. You can get almost 30 different types of BOPP films from this company.

With an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons, the industry uses Dornier equipment in its two production lines. The waterfall produces 3 and 5 layers of 8.7 m wide BOPP film types.

In 2019-2020, waterfall signed an agreement with SOCAR Polymer (Azerbaijan) to supply high-quality BOPP films in Azerbaijan. The critical point of this agreement is the strategies for providing polypropylene for the BOPP film line.

SOCAR Polymer is the first public-private partnership in Azerbaijan’s oil and gas section that utilizes the cutting-edge technologies of polypropylene production. This company provides polypropylene to Russian waterfall LLC to produce BOPP films.

This agreement was prepared for the benefit of both Russia and Azerbaijan as a give-and-take agreement.

Main Products

  • Metallized BOPP films
  • Label BOPP films
  • Tobacco BOPP films
  • Transparent BOPP films
  • White BOPP films

Global Scraps

Address: Lot 34, Tingkat 1 Kompleks Karamunsing 88300 Kota Kinabalu Sabah, Malaysia

Global scraps

Global scraps are working as suppliers, dealers, and traders of BOPP film scraps. This company plays a vital role in the processing and trading BOPP film scraps in Azerbaijan.

The company provides a massive range of BOPP scraps to almost all the Bopp Film Scrap market segments, viz; alloy manufacturers, the steel producers, casting units, foundries, etc.

Global scrap provides its services in more than 160 countries. Those countries include Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, etc. All the products of the company are ISO certified.

You can rely on this company to meet your requirement. For further inquiries and information, make sure to check the official website.

Main Product

  • BOPP scraps
  • PVC scraps
  • PET bottle scraps
  • PET bottle flakes
  • PET films
  • HDPE milk bottle scraps


Address: Beginning of Tabriz tile road, 15th km of Tabriz-Meyaneh road, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, IRAN


Saaf Film Novin Azerbaijan is a BOPP manufacturing company in Iran. This company was established in 2009 and became functional in 2011.

The company offers BOPP films of 15 to 50-micron thicknesses for various applications, including lamination and labeling.

The company is constructed on 67,000 square meters area with 7,000 square meter area of various facilities and 27,000 square meter area of the production plant. The production is equipped with DORNIER advanced stretching line, BONFANTI packaging and storage line, and fully automated reel handling.

Fully developed and automated slitting rewinders from KAMPF and two modern metalized with the latest advanced technology from Nordmeccanica & BOBST produce 20,000 MT excellent quality BOPP films per year. Approximately 256 expert employees are working in the company.

The company is continuously trying to expand its business in the BOPP film line to provide facilities in many other countries. You can check the company’s official website for more news and information.

Main Product

  • Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene films


It’s pretty challenging to find the best supplier and manufacturer in a specific country. If you are also looking for BOPP films providing companies in Azerbaijan, we have prepared a list for your ease.

You can check the companies mentioned earlier and select one according to your preference.